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72 /100 313 N GILBERT
“Completely empty on a mid-week lunchtime. A few good taps on, and no problem with freshness. Enjoyed some hard to find state taps that they put on.“
Sammy 356 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Nice brewpub setup with loads of seating both inside and out, misters on the porch for the hot summers in the southwest, loads of wood and a fun yet family vibe. Service was great, friendly, fast, and knew the beers very well. Selection was awesome, styles across the board, trending towards the new school stuff, but still some solid staples there as well, and all were above average. Food was solid, upscale gastropub fare with farm to table type feel. Definitely stop here, likely the best spot in the Phoenix area.“
jbruner 518 days ago
78 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“I stopped in for a mid afternoon lunch with Patty and Kara. Nice big new clean place. They had 22 beers on tap but disappointed no wheat beer for Patty and no stout for me! I did have a very nice NEIPA and Porter. Nice hamburgers for lunch“
Ron 631 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Visited on a Thursday during lunch in February 2019. The place was quite large and kind of lavish. The service was nice and the beers good. It was nice to sit on the patio in the sunny weather. Not crowded at all during our visit. I would not hesitate to visit this place again.“
gyllenbock 694 days ago
78 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Very crowded brewpub! Had to wait for a while to get in which in itself isn't an issue, but the girl who stood in the door kept letting others in that came after us which bothered us quite a bit. Once we got in we sat at a table in a darker part of the restaurant which was nice but very loud. The beers were great of course and the food was really good too.“
Kristophe 861 days ago
88 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Visited as they were opening on a Friday at 11 AM. For a little while I was the only person here, but that changed over the course of a couple hours, they filled up. I did flights of 5 to sample all that I was interested in. The quality of the beers was outstanding and the service was top notch. For food, I tried their tacos. They have three kinds and I had one of each. They were all great. Prices were fair for everything. Would recommend if you are in the area.“
JStax 935 days ago
84 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“If you're in the Phoenix area I really recommend you to visit Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. The beers are amazingly good. They have more traditional American style beers as well as more experimental and sour beers. Flight of 5 available. Momma Ware's Artichoke Dip was also amazing. Kid friendly and great service. Definitely worth a visit.“
rosenbergh 943 days ago
92 /100 720 W RAY RD
“Great food and beers.“
MeadRates15 991 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“For some reason I expected a hole in the wall, but this place is big, with indoor and outdoor seating with lots of great beers on tap. The food was very good also. Well worth a visit.“
Iphonephan 1012 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Large restaurant/pub with a sperarate tasting room and pub (w food) with plenty of outdoor seating. Too big to still be the cool hip place, but for this non-local, the selection was awesome. Good to great beers across the board. Unique twists as well. Didn't eat, but the food has a good rep. Friendly service too.“
slowrunner77 1199 days ago
94 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Awesome place, and despite employing misters on the patio, we opted for indoor seating, seeing as it was 113 F outside. The service was superb, even discounting our bill a bit because the waiter forgot to bring the hot sauce he asked my wife if she wanted. The beers are great and the food better than most brewpubs, featuring local ingredients and interesting combinations.“
BeerandBlues2 1266 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Honestly, I didn’t love their beers. They use very interesting ingredients, and you can tell that they are skillfully made, but I found them to be a bit on the dry side, almost salty. This place has a cool ambience, and the service was practically impeccable. The food was also really good. All in all, its worth the stop.“
Naven 1404 days ago
92 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“My favorite place during a one-week beer hunting trip in the Phoenix area. Just an excellent brewpub that comes with the additional bonus of having many cans/bottles to bring back home and share with friends. Very modern and to my tastes selection that fits the desert temperatures very much: wild ales, sour ales, various pale ales, a few bottled Belgian inspired ale and limited, but high quality stouts. Litterally, I would have been happy with any beer on the draft list and was very satisfied with everything I’ve tasted. The food, if not particularly adventurous, was excellent, high-quality ingredients and tasty. The service was stellar, very accomodating in considering our request to switch places and regularly making sure we had everything we needed. Good atmosphere, I like the tree in the middle of the bar, beer enthusiasts dominated crowd. Every aspect of my experience was good to great so if it’s not world-class, it’s close enough.“
Rastacouere 1412 days ago
74 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“I like the place, the staff and food were excellent, the beer was solid, I thought their standard beers, like Rincon Red, were better the some of the more unique beers they were brewing. Good stop.“
KPD 1451 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Solid brewpub pumping out solid beers. I was impressed with this place the minute I walked in the door. Very cool, outdoor-like feel to it. Good music. Good beer. Good food. Not sure what else you could ask for.“
dinkle50 1625 days ago
80 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Went on a Monday night in July a few hours before close. Cool atmosphere, but nothing insane. Lots of good sours on tap. Flights were big (6 pours, generous pour-tions). Good sours on tap. Waitress messed up the order on my cousin’s flight a bit but the bartender helped us out. Pretty friendly overall. Good for sours and some cool funky brews.“
SG111 1638 days ago
88 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“What an awesome place. A little out of the way but totally worth going to. The interior is darkly lit, with lots of seating, including some bar spots. Service couldn’t really be better, with endearingly friendly service. Since I went for a can release, they took even better care of people in line making sure we had water and even handing out some watermelons. Beer quality is the best in town. All except the BA beer on tap were available in flights of 5 x 5 oz’ers. What an awesome place.“
mcberko 1641 days ago
92 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“One of Arizona’s best breweries, seems a bit small when you get there compared to their outstanding reputation. That feeling quickly subsides as you walk in and are greeted by their friendly and knowledgeable staff, a great beer selection of varying styles brewed on site and food on par with the quality of the beer. Highly recommended.“
h0ppingmad 1805 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Visited on a winter Monday. As others noted - it feels like a Texas Roadhouse or some such was converted, not in a negative way at all. Outdoor/Indoor mix of seating. Selection was very well-rounded, and got the sampler to start. Brett Wit and Grapefruit Gose were two of the best beers I’ve had anywhere in a long time. Saison was kind of a mess, both IPA’s I tried were well above-average. Burger was solid. Kind of out of the way down in Gilbert, but worth the drive from anywhere in the valley, really. Highlight of the places I have seen in the area.“
alagnak 1814 days ago
80 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“This was a short Uber ride from where I was staying. Nothing Wilderness about it except the name, of course. Plenty of parking if you have to drive here. Nice patio outside with lots of nooks and crannies. The small taproom is on your left as you enter, space for only half a dozen or so true beer geeks to sit. The brewpub itself is straight ahead, larger, lots of restaurant tables, bar tables and a much larger bar. Both taproom and brewpub had the same ten beers on offer when I visited, so no advantage one over the other in that respect. Beers were tasty, food was fine. Flights of five four ouncers. Good, attentive service. Worth a trip, but maybe not as exciting as I had hoped.“
Travlr 1828 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Visited on a Tuesday evening for taco night, met up with Ibrew2or3 and JPDurden24. Easy to find along a main boulevard. Appears to be in a renovated chain restaurant and the renovation is amazing. Large patio are as you walk in, and the bar and restaurant beyond. Tons of space and seating, and a very open feel. 9 house beers during my visit, which I was told was lower than normal. I had two IPA’s which were both way above average. Tacos were cheap and tasty - normal menu was available as well. Service was prompt. Overall a fun place to hang out with great beer.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1830 days ago
76 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Very good stop for service and for approachable beers. Upcoming“
Sammy 1833 days ago
88 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Fairly sprawling place with a separate taproom from main bar/restaurant area. Staff was awesome. Food is great. Beers are well above average with a couple true gems. Must stop.“
DCLawyer 1857 days ago
84 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Stopped in for lunch during the week. There is a taproom as well as a brewpub, but the taproom hours are a little odd (opening several hours later than the brewpub). 10 taps in the brewpub (taproom has more, I was told by the bartender). Flight of 5 for $8. Burgers were quite good. Bit of a sportsbar feel.“
Bacterial 1936 days ago
100 /100 777 S GILBERT RD
“I was amazed when I first walked into this gas station. Besides the friendly customer service as I was immediately greeted when I walked in. They have the biggest draft beer selection I have seen over 39 beers on tap as well as 100s of cigars. Mix that with competitive liquor prices and even a carwash! Definitely a store you need to check out.“
JamesC12345 1978 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Love that this place is in the state, but it might as well be on the other side of the planet! Super solid brews, none of which were below solid. Staff is very attentive, and you can’t go wrong with growlers to go! Love the mad scientist mentality of the brewers. They are never afraid to attack a unique style or barrel age anything! Heard the food was amazing, but haven’t stayed long enough to try anything. Should definitely stop by the place if in the area...worth the visit for sure!“
BOLTZ7555 2000 days ago
84 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Last stop of the evening, last place whale to slay. First off, I was surprised as hell when I first saw the place. Yes, I know it was not actually in the wilderness, but I guess I didnt realize that its a large and obviously well funded brewbup operation. This place would rival the chains in the slickness of presentation. It was doing a brisk business at 8PM on a Sunday, but there were spots in the lot and at the bar. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food was really good (I had pulled pork). They had 10 of their own beers on tap while I was there, and were selling them in flights of 5. Of course I had two flights :). None of the crazy stuff was on, but the DIPA was in, as well as a smoked gose. Beers ranged from awesome to Meh, but none were really flawed or anything. I did think that the coffee stout had a hint of sourness, but it was great last time I tried it. Both the IPA and DIPA seemed a bit old school to me. Is this God’s gift to brewing? No, but they have generally solid beers and try a lot of different things. Well worth the visit for sure.“
bytemesis 2005 days ago
68 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Had time to kill before my flight in Phoenix so stopped by for a late lunch. Kind of a strange ambiance. Feels like a mix of a Buffalo Wild Wings and a brewery. Strange that they have empty beer bottles in the bathroom. Looks like trash. The beer was good though and the food wasn’t too bad. I’d say it is way way overhyped.“
Art 2071 days ago
76 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Une brasserie bon enfant qui se veut familiale avant tout. L’éclairage est tamisé, la déco néo-rustique et la sélection modeste à mon passage mais qui peut offrir plus à ce que je comprend. Je ferais pas de détour mais les options sont rares en Arizona alors ça change la donne. Ça passerait complètement inaperçu en Californie, Oregon ou Illinois disons.“
Marheb 2100 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“They usually have between 5-8 of their own beers on tap, a list that is always rotating. They update their tap list on their website daily, so check it to see what’s on tap and on deck. The service has been very good each time I have been here. No matter if it is crowded during lunch or a weekend. The food is really good (onion rings are amazing) and they have lunch specials most of the week. The beer is my favorite in the area and I like the fact that they brew styles that aren’t typically big in the US. A must visit if you are visiting the Phoenix area.“
sturmthis 2135 days ago
80 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“I dig it and they did there best withthe strip mall game. Taco tuesday was good and a cheap meal. Beers were varied and good with thebitter killing it. Pretty cool stop.“
Reynolds314 2138 days ago
76 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Visited March 13, 2015.

This was a quick stop to kill an hour while waiting for the family to get back so we could go to dinner. I probably should have suggested this place as the burgers looked really good, though I didn’t try them. Next time. The place is right off Country Club Dr / hwy 87 next to a gas station. It’s in a strip mall so not really in the wilderness as the name implies (though admittedly I don’t know anything about the area, so maybe there is a wilderness preserve nearby). Plenty of patio seating outside and during my visit (happy hour) the place was pretty full. Luckily a seat opened at the bar. You can see the brewery tucked away in the corner beyond the bar (small, maybe 7bbl). Fairly nice place in terms of atmosphere and décor.

The beers certainly aren’t bad but I didn’t think they were all that impressive. Certainly better than the Desert Eagle beers I had right before though. I was a bit confused by the wit and the Berliner. The wit was super murky and sour but the Berliner was clear and only lightly soured. According to their menu the wit spent time in barrels that came from Russian River (the ones used for Sonambic, which is blended to become Beatificaiton) which would explain the sourness but not the overall ugliness. The IPA wasn’t bad. The bitter made me laugh as it was 6.3% ABV. In any event the beers are OK. The prices on food were a bit high as they were on beer but nothing too outrageous. Parking was easy and the service was friendly, albeit a little slow in getting my order. I’ll stop back in to try the burgers next time I’m in town but I wont be making a trip all the way from California just for the beer here.“
t0rin0 2138 days ago
82 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Short review: This place lives up to the hype. We stopped by for a quick draft at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon ... there was a wait for tables, and a crowd at the bar. A great indicator. We had two beers, and both were excellent. The bearded (male) and hot (female) staff were all over it. Cool vibe. Good-looking food (didn’t try yet). Looks like a needed expansion is coming soon. A+. Brewery #705.“
Braudog 2153 days ago
“Holy singles heaven! I made my own case of 54* beers (49 from AZ) I hadn’t tried. Large store, typical ambiance and a pretty great selection. I will definitely be coming back on my next trip.“
ajnepple 2161 days ago
86 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“A little loud, even on a Monday night. The beers were all good, albeit overrated on this site. Good bar food as well, definitely worth a stop. Update: I came on a Friday, mid-afternoon and the place filled up rather quickly. I sampled 15 beers and pretty much enjoyed all of them. Flight pours were amply sized and nicely priced ($8). In my two trip to the PHX area, this is my favorite place to grab a beer.“
ajnepple 2161 days ago
60 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Small suburban location that’s expanding next door in early 2015. Kettles and fermenters in the open space inside the front door. Burgers and fries and tacos on the menu. I think without the local homers this place would have rightly been deemed another mediocre brewery making nothing special. Three beers had mild diacetyl and the porter was astringent and coarse. Honestly I feel like if I didn’t know their reputation I would be MORE harsh in my reviews... they basically make sub-3 beer across the board and it’s a complete head scratcher how they are regarded so highly, even with the influence of local over-rating. One of eight beers was enjoyable, a dry Quad.“
3fourths 2206 days ago
80 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“About twenty minutes from the airport area so we went in for a burger and beers. 9 on tap and I had several, all quite nice. Only downside I guess is that it’s a pretty generic mall pub feel but everyone was super friendly.“
dresden 2210 days ago
94 /100 1464 E WILLIAMS FIELD RD, STE #105
“Great cigar bar! Good local selection on tap.“
Shakeywaits 2219 days ago
80 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“The last stop in Arizona before heading back to California. Gotta go out with a bang, I suppose?

Pretty good selection of beers on tap, nine during my visit. They pretty much run the gamut in terms of styles that you might find at a brewery these days. Probably the best beer on my visit was the framboise. Though the coffee stout was excellent as well. Other beers kind of varied in enjoy-ability.

They do kind of go with the rustic, outdoors theme here, which is cool. We got a small bite/appetizer while we tried the beers (opted for their herbed fries which were pretty good, but you better like rosemary). Seems like more of a burgers and fries kind of place than Fate.

Probably one of the two best known places in the area, but I felt that Fate was a better option just because of the quality of the beers. I would be cool with having either of these as a local hangout, though.“
brokensail 2236 days ago
74 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Pretty good selection of their beers and some decent food.“
jeremytoni 2277 days ago
78 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“Nice place to visit while in the area...but definitely not a destination craftbeer location. Some will like the décor...others not...I agree with the reviewer who says they may not have quite figured out what the theme or at least the execution of it should be. Having said that...the beers were a notch or two above average...good but few were highly memorable. The service was very good...nice and friendly staff...the food on the other hand...although enjoyable...did not rise that far above a TGIF’s or the like. Again...if in the should visit at some point...but not really for the craftbeer traveler in town for a short time. I hope I’m not being too harsh...but I did arrive here directly from the must better well as weekend exploring the San Diego craftbeer scene (nuff!)“
PRBeer 2321 days ago
“Beer sections are oddly segmented. Could be much more organized. Can be hard to find something in specific. Lots of singles. Prices look good. Impossible to leave empty handed.“
beerbaaron 2396 days ago
66 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“This is a cool place -- it’s a cozy brewpub with neat wood taps. The service is very good here, pretty fast and knowledgeable. The selection when I went wasn’t great, with a mediocre selection of styles and no guest taps. Value was good enough, prices were fine. Enjoyable place to hang out.“
Caytinator 2430 days ago
88 /100 721 N ARIZONA AVE, #103
“WOW! this could now be the best place in AZ-they have an incredible imperial IPA, great session pale ale and very solid lite ales. I didnt have all their beers the day i was there, but what i had was fantastic! Atmosphere is cool-seems to be a converted applebees or something of that nature. I had a great time here with great friends. I will definately go back to this place when in town!“
Terminus 2431 days ago
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