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86 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“Even after reading reviews, I was surprised by how much I liked this place. They have 28 taps, roughly half of which are local(ish) brews, with the rest being mostly good US beers and a couple awesome imports. Like their motto says, "No crap on tap." Food was shockingly awesome and really inexpensive. They do samplers at $8/4 tasters. A little high, but a really good option. Really nice place if you’re even remotely in the area...“
maxwelldeux 2677 days ago
72 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“This place is great ... a coffee shop by day, a nice beer tavern by night. Quality taps change frequently. The food is Ok to good. Unfortunately the service can be slow (understaffed?). The best "beer bar" I’ve found locally so far ... will keep after it.“
Braudog 2677 days ago
78 /100 107 W HONEYSUCKLE ST
“Tiny taproom out in Litchfield Park, just a few minutes from the other beer destination out here - Ground Control. 6 of the 8 taps were on, and based on the tiny brewing system in the back, that’s not bad at all. I was the only visitor in there at opening on a Friday, so I got to have a nice one-on-one conversation with the brewer/proprietor. Nice guy, couldn’t have been more sincere and willing to discuss his business. The beers are all good, too. There’s no food, no frills. Just a new, clean, cozy taproom. Great spot to stop by if you’re out here, for a few beers and good conversation.“
phaleslu 3011 days ago
90 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“I had a dilemma - my basketball team was playing at noon EDT - 9 am out here - and I needed a place to watch the game. Good thing Ian was at the tasting where I asked if there’s a place that would be open. Ground Control has a coffee shop in front, and a restaurant and bar in back. He fired up the TV (and taps!) for me. Problem solved. I hung out for about an hour after the game, too. They’re currently expanding to 28 taps, but the 25 there are all very good. Nice mix of local, regional, and national crafts represented, with a couple nice Euros for good measure. There are some bottles in the coolers and a vintage bottle list, too. The food is good and food prices are cheap for the quality. They whipped up a nice breakfast burrito for me; not bad with a flight of beers! I had a great experience here and imagine you will, too. This part of the area has a reputation for being a beer desert in a literal desert, but this place is an oasis. Excellent.“
phaleslu 3011 days ago
74 /100 107 W HONEYSUCKLE ST
“Mainly a small taproom, although, they have some sandwiches for food. Early beer is good, can’t wait to try more styles. Nice service, good prices, pretty cool place.“
JPDurden24 3059 days ago
84 /100 107 W HONEYSUCKLE ST
“So this place is tiny and in an off beaten area of the Phx metro...if you can call it that. Its a hike. But wow the place is nice. Good beers, samplers, glassware and really nice service. Very local crowd who were all having a really nice time. I will be back!“
daknole 3089 days ago
92 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“Sure I am biased since I am now employed there but this has always been my favorite local watering hold and glad to see word is spreading about this place. Best kept secret in the valley.“
thebitterendaz 3433 days ago
90 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“Coffe? Beer? Wine? Good food and great service? Why thank you! See Ian when you go, he will hook you up!“
daknole 3433 days ago
98 /100 4860 N LITCHFIELD ROAD
“Six rotating beers on draft Tippel Karmeleit, Hoegaarden, Schneider Weiss, Great DivideOaked aged Yeti, Steamworks Cunductor IPA, Trappists Rochefort 10 starts out the beer list, monthly beer tasting“
teamrassas 5178 days ago
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