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54 /100
The Beverage Place (Beer Store)
111 ARIZONA 260
“Has the largest selection of craft beer, spirits, and wine in Payson by far, but that isn’t really saying much. The two older folks, a supposedly married couple who have a pension for mumbling, running the establishment seemingly have no idea what they’re doing (you ask them if they have stored simple things, such as Jolly Pumpkin, Mikkeller, or Maker’s Mark, and it becomes plainly obvious they don’t know of any brand names save for Bud and possibly Jim Beam). Big enough space but it could be used a lot more effectively. They host wine tastings four times every month in the back of the building which is an idea more liquor stores should be catching onto. All in all, I see potential here however I don’t see them applying it to the future. Also, the taxation in small towns, especially Payson, is ludicrous. I only wished the service, atmosphere, and selection was good enough to stick around, sadly all of those could definitely be improved. Payson is an older-folks community, one that has many a resident frequently going to church. It’s no surprise The Beverage Place is as mediocre as it is.“
radarsock 3147 days ago
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