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72 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“Located downtown across the street from Pint House so easy to hit both. Enjoyed my visit, food was good, staff were friendly. The Prison beers were not that good except for the Sally porter which was very nice. The guest beers had some good choices. My favorite place in Yuma.“
KPD 518 days ago
64 /100 265 S. MAIN STREET
“Stopped in for dinner in a nice place in downtown Yuma. Few folks having beers after work - had pizza and salad for dinner- was pretty good. Draft list had lots of AZ and west coast beers. Decent place for a cold one.“
KPD 522 days ago
60 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“The only brewery in Yuma that I could find, in the old downtown area. Standard brewpub vibe inside, production area overflowing on to the bar area, tables along the shotgun wall, beer paraphernalia everywhere. Oddly, they did not have any of their own beer when I went though, which is a shame because don't know when I'll ever be back.“
jbruner 603 days ago
100 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“Best Craft beer selection in Yuma. Tons of drafts you can get your Growler filled. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.“
PellicleSampler28 1136 days ago
74 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“Yuma is not necessarily known for its beer scene but this little brewpub by the Main Street turned out to be quite nice. It was kid friendly although the waiting times were quite long. We had a sandwich, fries and a salad. All pretty tasty. The beers were tasty as well. They had 10 of their own beers on tap as well as 10 visiting ones. They serve flights. If you happen to be in Yuma this is a recommended place to visit.“
rosenbergh 1472 days ago
76 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“Visited September 3, 2016.

First stop once crossing the border into Arizona. Yuma is a quiet little town but there are a couple of beer spots right here on Main St. Across the street is the Pint House and a couple doors down is a beer and wine place. At the brewery there is a small (7 bbl?) brewery with a large open dining room, a bar, and in the back a patio. They have about 20 taps, most of which are house taps but they also have a few guest taps. The range of beers covers a large spectrum. They have the basic lineup of things like blonde, hefe, porter, and brown ale. When I was there they also had some left over anniversary beers like a wheatwine, cherry saison, two different barrel aged coffee stouts, and a "double apricot blonde ale". I spotted other saisons as well. The beers are kind of meh. The service was friendly enough but they were busy. The poutine appetizer was filling and pretty good.

Not sure when I’ll ever be in Yuma again, but if I do take I-8 I’ll stop in again for a flight and an appetizer.“
t0rin0 2105 days ago
80 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“Interior is well-lit and clean, and offers plenty of seating. Service is impressive - I had no trouble putting in my orders. They offer their own beers and some from other craft brewers in the Southwest. Food is quite tasty - the fried avocado wedges are a must. Get imprisoned here.“
Cybercat 2180 days ago
78 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“This oasis in the desert is one of the few breweries for a good while and is located in downtown, main square Yuma. The inside is large and was hopping on a Friday night. We split a plate of good BBQ and enjoyed the three house beers. There are several other taps of craft beers from all over the US and the server team kept interest in us.“
BeerandBlues2 2642 days ago
80 /100 265 S. MAIN STREET
“Good specials as I had myself a $3 Full Sail Oktoberfest while waiting in downtown Yuma. Also amazed at the list of beers which are nicely sorted out into the proper style categories. From memeory I’d say there was at least 30-40 beers on tap with a large percentage being IPA’s and a good selection of Stouts and Porters. Definitely be back here when I return to Yuma. Can’t go wrong for beer in downtown Yuma as it’s right across the street from the Prison Hill Brewery!“
Reimer96 2734 days ago
82 /100 278 S MAIN ST
“Great little brewery for the people of Yuma! On a trip here to see the Grandparents for Christmas and was really surprised to find this place! The puns they use in creating their beer names and food menu items go great with the name of the brewery and are clever. The staff was very attentive to the customers and have great knowledge of the product they are selling and the history of the brewery(Only opened in August 2014 but still). Made the customer feel at home and could answer any questions coming from this beer geek. Even heard servers telling other staff and giving them information on beer in general and their beer in the background when needed! Now onto the beer...great prices at $3 a pint during happy hour for the house beers and the quality of the house beers were a nice surprise for such a new brewery...After inquiring I guess the head brewer came from another big American craft brewery(can’t remember now which one though) so it’s no wonder the quality is at least average at best. Loved the "Whoop Ass Winter Warmer" they had as a seasonal at the time. Seating includes seats up at the bar or seats that overlook the small brewery. In addition to the 4 brewery taps they had another 10 rotational taps from other American craft breweries like Rogue, Anchor, etc. that constantly rotate. Great start for craft beer in Yuma!!“
Reimer96 2740 days ago
54 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“I’m stuck in Yuma for work, so I thought I’d check this place out. Average place, average prices, selection barely better than what you can get in the supermarkets. Not bad, but not worth seeking out, even in Yuma.“
annunz123 3636 days ago
56 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“(First time on site. Hope i did this right.) I’ve lived in yuma for a couple years, and beverage house has always been the standard for interesting beers, pretty much whatever you’re looking for. The owners are always friendly, and helpful. I’ve never asked them to order anything, but I’ll bet they would try. Generous selection at good vale. Good sale prices on various brands.“
IPApattie 3859 days ago
60 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“Nice selection of craft beers. Best selection in Yuma from what I saw in my short visit.“
thedanimal 4481 days ago
62 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“Nice selection for the most part. Only a couple surprises. (Dogfishhead)“
fidel 4756 days ago
44 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“For a beer geek struggling with Yuma as his only access point to beer, finding this place was nice. Mostly widely accessible beers, but a full range of New Belgium (no Folie) and Stone. Definitely the place in town to go.“
auerbrau 5540 days ago
60 /100
Beverage House (Beer Store)
166 W 32ND ST
“Hey this place isn’t worth coming to Yuma for but if you are here its got the best selection in town. New Belgium, Stone, Rogue, regional micros & imports are fairly well represented. Special case lot orders are welcomed.“
billk 6369 days ago
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