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84 /100 1057 NJ-34
“New spot that opened up fall of 2020 during the pandemic in an old movie theatre. A rare NJ brewpub! Food is by Talula's, so mostly pizza and some other stuff that rotates, as well as popcorn to tie in with the movie theme. They have since also added a Monday beer garden (2:00 on) with live music and a limited menu, but apparently I can no longer update places, so I won't make that change. They also still have the old big screen, and host movie night a few times a month. Early on they were canning most everything, but now it is more of a draft spot with some limited cans. Beers have been really impressive so far, especially for a new spot making quality beer right out of the gate. Hitting all the styles, leaning toward IPA, but with some quality decocted lagers, pastry stouts, and even a smoky delight among the styles they have hit so far. Food is really tasty as well.“
ben4321 373 days ago
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