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66 /100 810 SEWALL AVE
“nice enough looking working brewery that you get to walk through until you hit the taproom that is all moody blues and almost yellow submarine like. PRETTY COOL and good music from that era. girl at bar was pretty decent company and knew about beers though distracted.beers are pretty good and reasonably priced though a little pricey for the area. went on a Sunday afternoon but one could feel a fun vibe from the place.“
BREWMUSKCLES 1470 days ago
62 /100 802 2ND AVE
“I did not like the ambiance. kinda 2 bit and sterile glass storefront Euro make believe from times ago and modernized....RIGHT it made no sense. Service was pretty good seemingly friendly duo lady alway seemed to raise her voice when she wanted payment. they had a pastry cb2 that was darn good beer and the had a beet blonde that was interesting. open and honest people give this establishment a chance but then again we are in the times of bullshit. and the brown brew was pretty good. they do have a few clunkers.“
BREWMUSKCLES 1470 days ago
96 /100 527 LAKE AVENUE
“Can’t really add to anything the other posters had to say but I just wanted to get a more recent review up. Went on the night of July 1 - a hugely busy summer weekend. The place was packed but the bartenders were still able go give intelligent advice about what to order. My buddy and I were able to get away from family obligations during a weekend visit to the shore. Being in our mid 50’s we were probably 20 years older than most of the other people there. Great German selection on draft. I did not pay attention to the other beers but there are plenty of very good non German beers available. I didn’t eat anything and my buddy paid so I can’t rate the food or prices. I don’t get to this neck of the woods very often but will definitely return next time I am in town. I think my wife and teenage kids will like it and I want to try the food.“
jmcinerny 1857 days ago
72 /100 810 SEWALL AVE
“Great space with room to grow...large warehouse building with lots of unused space so far...and tall enough ceilings for 30 bbl fermenters. Parking can be tough on a busy night as their lot fills up fast as well as the dead end street leading into their lot. There is an outdoor patio which unfortunately gets the full midday sun but then the shadows a bit too early in the later afternoon. I love the entrance thru the brewery and past a brewery tour wall, all the brewing equipment, and some really nice larger musician type pictures (owner and investors are musicians). The taproom itself perfectly matches the warehouse theme...including some pallet and cable reel "furniture". They had 5 beers on tap, an XPA, a pale ale (east coast style), a stout, a traditional blonde ale, and a session pale ale (west coast style) called 4:4. All were good...but I thought the 4:4 was the best of the 5. None were extremely strong...but the place is new and given the investment in equipment and the experience level of the owner (very nice guy by the way) as well as the competition of nearby Dark City...I would expect them to only get better. I will check back in few months (Asbury is a frequent destination of that’s a sure thing).“
PRBeer 2130 days ago
70 /100 810 SEWALL AVE
“Not to easy to find off of Main Street. Only a few blocks from Dark City, so both can hit easily together. Just have to turn downa side street/alleyway into the lot and then you find the entrance. Huge spot. Looks like they could have a very large capacity easily here. Through the brewery with a nice artsy wall explaining the process (another good fuck you to the dumb tour law) you head all the way back into a dark tasting room. A bar up front with lots of homemade seating and lighting all around the place. I like the work they did to make it feel homey. Service was very nice, beers were pretty mediocre. 5 available on my visit.“
ben4321 2137 days ago
76 /100 802 2ND AVE
“This is a cool spot right on the corner of Main Street in the yet-to-be gentrified part of Asbury Park. Looks like an old store front was made into a brewery, with windows all around the place. Mix of decent to good beers here. Nice service. They do the NJ requisite tour by handing you a sheet of paper, which is just about right considering how dumb that rule is. Reasonable prices. Beers are good. In a few years I’m guessing this will be a great location, for now it’s easy to get to. Definitely worthy of a visit.“
ben4321 2137 days ago
74 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“A neat old storefront, 3 I think, with brick walls and a massive amount of homemade signs with odd sayings. Hipster but draws wide crowd. Service is good considering crowd. Rotating draft list is pretty good. Food is above average. Surrounding area has plenty to do food and bar wise so if your hitting Asbury hop to this one.“
njnut 2169 days ago
92 /100 527 LAKE AVENUE
“A awesome place to add to a great town. Large German draft beer selection, plenty of bottles too. American craft well represented. Food is great, make sure to try the pretzels. Outdoor deck on roof. Family style seating. Seats at the beer. German beer hall down to a tee they even made the restrooms look German. Can be crowded but if you go at the right time it’s not bad. Service is friendly and good. A must try in Asbury.“
njnut 2169 days ago
58 /100 810 SEWALL AVE
“Down in the rear of a parking lot on what I’d call an alleyway. In a old industrial building you enter from the back of the brewery into the working end pass the brewing stainless and into a departed walked tasting room. Tasting room is darkly appointed and seating is pallets with cushions and a wall of bar stools. I thought it was neat but it would put off my wife for sure. One oft putting thing for me was that a lot of people walk to the Parks two breweries and I know it not their trash but walking down that alleyway to the breweries "gates" and past that stinky trash on the sidewalk is just gross and maybe just a bit to industrial. I’m keen to see this young brewery grow, selection was limited and generic named.“
njnut 2179 days ago
76 /100 802 2ND AVE
“I drove to wrong area thinking it would be in the rebuilt part of the city, it’s not, but I hope this helps in expanding that effort. The tasting room looks like it’s in an old clothing store judging by the all glass walls and terrazzo floors. Pallets and reclaimed wood used throughout. Neat mural on one wall. Staff friendly. standing bar, metal drums to stand around and glass wall surrounded by stools and a rail. Two "complaints" are there is one outside sign, on what I think is the side street, with the tinted windows I walked right by. There is only one TV draft list even though the bar wraps around in a L shape. These are more suggestion then complaints. Beer is an interesting selection from good to above average. They had a small cooler of cans available. Interesting place in a great city.“
njnut 2179 days ago
66 /100 810 SEWALL AVE
“Went on second day of opening. Cool place on the inside. Owner was very friendly and greeted us when we got there. Only 4 beers on tap to only complaint was the amber ale was kicked from opening day, but still paid $7 for a flight of 3, which I thought was steep. Beers were decent enough. I’d like to come back as the progress and put out more styles.“
Ed5388 2201 days ago
68 /100 802 2ND AVE
“Nice stop if your in Asbury. Neighborhood is slightly shady, but location is nice inside. Decent selection of beers, most above average.“
Ed5388 2207 days ago
80 /100 802 2ND AVE
“Cool space, friendly service. Reasonable prices. Beers range from ok to very good. Nice spot to visit and I think long term it’s going to be an excellent brewery.“
conway 2221 days ago
80 /100 527 LAKE AVENUE
“Amazing venue in Asbury Park not far from the fact from the 3-4 spectacular decks you can see the beach and the Casino! Large German beer hall with first class construction down to every detail and although a German beer hall..there are some good craftbeers here too. If coming at a popular time...expect sizable crowds...especially during the warm weather. Try the food...drink the beer...bring friends...great addition to the burgeoning Asbury resurgence.“
PRBeer 2302 days ago
72 /100 527 LAKE AVENUE
“This place is a lot of fun. Large beer selection, mostly of German classics and more common American crafts. Food is excellent if you’re into German food (the pretzels are especially great). My biggest complaint is that it’s extremely noisy in there at times, to the point where you can barely hold a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Great spot for some day drinking or a big group function.“
conway 2330 days ago
82 /100 802 2ND AVE
“Visited here the 2nd weekend of January which was their 2nd weekend open. The outside is all glass and in the daytime you can’t see night you can (and the reverse from the inside of course) the moment there are no exterior signs for the brewery. The décor is pretty the wood...the large Dark City name on the bar (which you really don’t notice if the bar is crowded)...and especially the Dark City mural on the wall (I was told while there that Dark City is a nick name for Asbury Park...something I did not previously know). The place was pretty crowded the Saturday afternoon I visited. I tried flights of all available beers (7 or 8 I believe). I enjoyed City Limits APA the best...but found the Charrette Belgium RIPA very good too. I think most will also enjoy the Populous coffee porter. It looks to me that Dark City has launched with a very fine effort and should do well in Asbury Park which is fast becoming a NJ craftbeer haven (Brickwall Tavern & Asbury Festhalle).“
PRBeer 2397 days ago
68 /100 208 BOND STREET
“This place is more of a dive bar than traditional craft beer spot, but they have 3 local crafts on tap each time I’ve been there. Service is friendly and quick. Burgers and snacks are awesome and super cheap. Right around the corner from Brickwall Tavern so it’s a nice stop if you want a cheap burger and a Boat Beer.“
conway 2907 days ago
80 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Great spot in Asbury Park. Is it a little hipster-ish, a little overdone? Yep. Still, you could do a lot worse. Go for the beer and the great, diverse menu. Well thought out beer selection makes this place a Must Stop. The food is great and the service is decent - when you can find a table. Make sure you go early because you might have to wait.“
jdb288 3206 days ago
82 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Cool spot. Extensive tap list that they keep updated constantly on Facebook. Good vibe. Friendly service. Food is good and has a good selection of snacks/bar food if you don’t want to eat a meal. Beers can be a bit pricy. Happy hour is a great deal but only available at the bar. They also do a good job of pulling in some stuff that’s rarer for the area. Definitely the best craft beer spot I’ve been to in the Asbury area.“
conway 3239 days ago
84 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Stopped here on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. The place was busy but not full. We enjoyed a really great meal and some fantastic very enjoyable conversation with the staff and patrons. The atmosphere here is great...especially at the bar. The food is a mix between upscale bar food and good hearty fare. This is a great place to visit and certainly the best craftbeer destination in Asbury Park. I highly recommend a visit here.“
PRBeer 3240 days ago
82 /100
Watermark (Bar)
“Absolutely stunning location for a bar/nightclub right on the water in Asbury Park.with an upstairs outdoor lounge overlooking the ocean no less. Since this is more of a nightclub than a beer bar...the value is not high...but they really do have some nice craftbeer selections...especially in bottles. The decor of the place is great. Like any good nightclub...there’s a DJ and dancing and several lounge areas. Again, this place is more about the atmosphere and music than the beer...but look at it this way...if you want a craftbeer bar...this isn’t it..."but"...if you’re heading out to a beautiful nightclub on the would be very hard to find one with some great craftbeers The Watermark.“
PRBeer 3361 days ago
74 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Went for a friends 30th birthday. Very nice place (went on a Friday and was so packed could barely walk inside). I understand the place was packed and staff was busy, but took me close to 15min standing at the bar to get a drink (and was told by one bartender He'd get my drinks after he served a customer, only to be ignored another 10min while he helped out more people). Basically here's my rundown: Drinks: great selection of craft beer, but at $9+ a pint was a little pricy. Food: had an amazing burger and cup of chowder, and was very reasonably priced. Atmosphere: small, but overall very nice and relaxing feel. Service: Eh.“
Ed5388 3381 days ago
74 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Nice beer bar with a decent selection. The atmosphere and food are inviting as well. A good place to drink good beer. I would go there again.“
Jester750 3434 days ago
80 /100 522 COOKMAN AVE
“Now here is a reason to head down to Asbury Park again! In a really nice redone section of town AND AMONG some NICE EATING ESTABLISHMENTS resides a spot that me and the wife have really come to enjoy. The Brickwall is a loose enough spot like a bar but upscale enough for the family. the place is big enough and has very good food, very good service and most importantly some good brews on tap and some decent bottles. The place is stocked with pretty, well mannered and friendly ladies which I find a big plus, hey even the wife likes them. ecclectic menu to please everyone the place turns into a bit of a club at night. well done food, nice decor and cold beer. The beer flights at $15 seems a little dear that withstanding a must in the area.“
BREWMUSKCLES 3678 days ago
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