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“Little startup brewery on the main drag in town. There was parking in the back, but I'm not sure if it was for employees only or not. Odd hours. Make sure you check to see what they are currently before planning a trip. Beers were above average for the size of the brewery. I had a pleasant experience.“
jtclockwork 1227 days ago
“Nice little new startup a mile from my house. Decent beers that are named after local places with 1 or 2 that are really good. Friendly service with, a relaxed, fun atmosphere. 4 ounce samples, flights, and pints are available for all 6 beers but, growlers for only 4. (Depending on availability). They are only open a few hours a week right now. Over time I think their beer will get more interesting and their hours will expand. It’s definitely worth checking out.“
John25 2190 days ago
“Very nice startup brewery a little off the beaten track near the shore (if that’s even possible...I’m a born in Jersey resident and hadn’t previously heard of a town called Belford near the shore)...easy enough to find though...and well worth the visit. This place is small...but a storefront all the beer making is around you when you are visiting and sampling...but it’s not a’s definitely an old store...which makes it fun when you take the "tour" you can pretty much just turn or walk a few feet and you can see everything. I love how they have the fermenters in the storefront window. The owners have been life long Belford residents...that’s why they wanted the brewery in their town. Interestingly, they name all of their beers after Belford of course I asked what they will do when they run out of names from such a small of the fellows laughed and said don’t worry...I know enough places in this town that there’ll not be a The beers here are good for a startup...they need to get even better though if they want to grow and be guess is they will. I highly recommend a visit here to support this new brewery.“
PRBeer 2260 days ago
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