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68 /100 1072 ROUTE 83
“Stopped by here after Glasstown on the way to my shore vacation. Drove right past it - located in the back with small signage. Found the beers to be average with nothing really wowing me, but nothing bad either.“
hopdog 1662 days ago
76 /100 1072 ROUTE 83
“Nice launch and early effort from a new craft brewery in NJ...opened in 2016. I enjoyed my visit here. Great people...nice layout...good value. The beers are not bad at all for a startup. I have no doubt they will get better. I enjoyed the Angry Osprey the most. I will return in several months to see how well they grow...but for now I recommend a visit here if you are a NJ craft beer fan. If you are not from the area and not a huge craftbeer fan...wait awhile till they get more beers and more experience. Oh!...and...they have a Crowler machine! Kudos for that!“
PRBeer 1738 days ago
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