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76 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“Random since it was right distance from last stop and not too far from highway. Standard industrial area location and decor is nothing to speak of. Friendly folks working there and decent amount of beers on draft which were decent. Reasonable prices.“
Jow 278 days ago
80 /100 110 NEWFIELD AVE, SUITE 2
“Visit Date: 11/24/20 New brewery that opened up during the pandemic in the industrial part of Edison near Expo Center. Would prob be a 1 minute drive from Cypress, but since the roads don't connect you have to go all the way around (15 minutes?) to hit them back-to-back. Inside they've got a small bar and a few seats in the taproom area, plus some additional seating in the production area. Outside they have a makeshift parking lot beer garden set-up and occasionally get food trucks (no idea if this will stick around or it's just a Covid thing). Also, they started doing comedy shows at the brewery recently, though I have not attended. One bartender and the brewer / owner were working, and both were very friendly. My first visit the beers were kind of hit or miss, but I'm expecting they'll be more dialed in by now, as you could see the promise. Will have to head back over here again soon and see what the beers are looking like now.“
ben4321 467 days ago
58 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“Small tasting room in an industrial park. Showed up right as they opened on a Saturday so had the whole place to my self. Not too many beers on tap with a few empty lines of beer that kicked. Did mention that they are expanding. Below average beer with nothing that really wanting me to come back.“
hopdog 1942 days ago
68 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“Came here on 30.3.2017. This brewery, located in an Industrial area, seems to be the closest one to the Newark airport (20 miles). They just have expanded form a 2 barrel to a 20 barrel brewhouse. They have 8 beers on tap. Had a blueberry Weizen and a Double IPA (Insane in the Grain). Later one was very good. Service was attentive and gave me a brief brewery tour.“
Schlenkerla 2013 days ago
68 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“Interesting, tiny little brewery that was on the way back toward Hudson County after our Demented visit. Tasting room is small and quite warm. Crowd wasn’t my favorite. Pretty crowded for a weekend on the early afternoon side. They make some really weird beers here, with some working well and some not working at all. Seems like one of those spots where they just throw everything into any kind of beer and don’t repeat stuff very often. Not many flagship / 4 ingredient type stuff at all. Overall, it’s a decent spot with hit or miss beers and pretty good service. Worth a stop for sure just to see what weird stuff is on.“
ben4321 2264 days ago
66 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“In an industrial area this place is a little on the soulless side. The owner was around and was very confident in hi beer, unfortunately he only had 2 on tap as everything was sold out. He gave us samples for free and talked about how much he spent on barrels. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, he was a bit too close. Hard to say much about this place without much beer or ambiance so I will leave it at that.“
Ferris 2280 days ago
76 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“New brewery opened just this past summer. It’s a small place in an industrial park. They had 8 beers when I visited. The west coast IPA and the double IPA were my favorites...but I also enjoyed the rye saison. The balance of the beers were good but not that special. I think this is a very good opening effort...and my guess is they’ll get better with time...which of course is now a requirement since the NJ brewing industry is finally heating up and providing some strong competition.“
PRBeer 2549 days ago
52 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“It was really small and had a small beer selection.“
johnbeere 2551 days ago
74 /100 30 NIXON LANE, UNIT E
“Visited a week after opening. Located in a beer-deprived part of NJ, so worth checking out for that reason alone. Had 7 beers on tap, which was a lot more than I expected given their size and the fact they just opened. Small but stylish tap room. Clean and new facility. One of the owners used to be a manager at JJ Bittings and the beers reminded me a little of the brews there. Styles that don’t really excite but are decent enough representations. Friendly staff. Flight of 4 for $6.“
jtclockwork 2641 days ago
60 /100
Liquor Locker (Beer Store)
“Odd store. They have an unusual number of ancient beers that have been rotting on the shelves for years. Some are marked from the 1990s and they are beers that really shouldn’t be aged like lighter Belgians and IPAs. Don’t think you’ll find any gems though. The vultures picked anything worth taking years ago. So unless you are looking for something odd and awful like Michelob Cherry Lager from 2007 you should probably scroll past.“
jtclockwork 3148 days ago
64 /100
Liquor Locker (Beer Store)
“VERY good selection of Belgians (trust me), at good prices. Alas, only a few miles down Oak Tree Rd. from the infamous Oak Tree Liquors, but this place has many that OT doesn’t have (including my very first beer, lifetime, a Straffe Hendrik from Bruges). Nice surprise find--I’ll definitely go back“
ectuohy27 4476 days ago