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12 /100 639 BAYWAY AVE
“I wish I could say I had the same experience as the other customers. As a first time customer I am badly disappointed. I ordered half a case of wine that I really wanted and got an email confirming my order the next day so I assumed that the wine was mine. 2 days later I was told. "We cannot fulfill your order." Now you may dismiss this as just someone with unrealistic expectations. I am not. I am an everyday consumer just like you and like you-I hate being taken advantage of. Don’t take my order and confirm it via email and then tell my you can’t fill my order with a lame excuse like..."Our on line system does not give us real time information." Let’s get real. That is what computers do. What kind of bad business practice is that? How do you take the order and confirm it and then say you can’t deliver what was promised. I won’t do business here again and hope you think twice.“
Winelover1717 3893 days ago
74 /100 639 BAYWAY AVE
“Price, price, price--cheapest by far in the tri-state area for what it sells. Broad selection of imported beers from everywhere (esp. cases of Russian/Ukrainian/Lithuanian beers), lots of microbrews, seasonals, etc. Surly service and always crowded, but close to the highways and the prices really really can’t be beat. Go here for things you enjoy drinking in quantity, and go to Oak Tree only if Bayway can’t get it“
ectuohy27 5275 days ago
74 /100 566 RT. 1&9 SOUTH
“Ahh yes Terminal One...this is probably your safest bet for a few beers and good food inside 5 minutes from the airport. Being a woman I wouldn’t go alone but it’s always fun to toss back a few with co-workers after a long day.“
Bonster 5406 days ago
80 /100 566 RT. 1&9 SOUTH
“For the area you are in, this bar is the best place around. If you may have a long layover at EWR, you may wish to take a short taxi ride here for much better food and a pretty good beer selection (macros mostly) at much better prices than the airport. There are some local findings on tap, and they rotate. Some strange, Portugese brews in bottles as well. Always a great place to unwind after work, and the human scenery is nice!“
coldbrewky 6035 days ago
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