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“River Horse has definitely come a long way since the present owners purchased it in 2007 from the original owners who started back in 1996. First of all the Lambertville location is no more. As of summer 2013 they are now in a new expanded facility (25,000 sqft on one floor vs the previous 10,000 sqft on two floors) in Ewing, NJ just north of Trenton. They have a tasting room and tours which I took today. They had 6 beers on tap as well as a few more available in bottles. The brewery features a number of very nice wall paintings (think very cool grafitti) as well as stand alone artwork celebrating the brewery themes and all things hippo. They even have an arcade size hungry hungry hippo game in the tasting room! This is a nice brewery to visit...and they are open on Sundays which is convenient.“
PRBeer 2526 days ago
“Really cool rustic building. Only got to try the samples in the tasting room as they weren't doing tours on Father's Day. 4 samplers for a dollar. Was really packed when I was there, but was an overall nice atmosphere with a good group of people behind the counter. Would love to go back and get the brewery tour one day.“
Ed5388 2778 days ago
“This is a production brewery that is a 10 minute walk from Triumph. Tours are offered on the hour. Tastings are $1.00. The staff is really friendly. Good local vibe.“
Cletus 3016 days ago
78 /100 1400 PARKWAY AVE
“Excellent array of beers on tap. There’s something for everyone. Yea its on the end of a strip mall which is not too exciting but the ambiance inside is rustic and classic of a pub. Great chicken parm subs. I get that pretty much every time. Service is pretty good even when its busy. Gotta deal with snotty philadelphia sports fans from time to time but whatever. Free shuffle board, darts and pool tables available. Plenty of entertainment.“
Fech 3212 days ago
“Set along the Delaware River in NJ, this place is as good as it gets in New Jersey. They offer 4 beers for a buck which is a great value. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They have a selection of bottled beer for sale and you can mix and match. The usual T-shirts and other novelties are available as well. A nice place to stop and then go over the river in New Hope for lunch at Triumph.“
keepersj12 3507 days ago
“Nice little brewery. Went with wife, sister and brother in law. Got the guided tour, the tour guide was friendly and informative. They had 4 beers on tap and a gift shop. Every beer I sampled was solid. Only cost $1 per person. Town is nice, if your in the area, go for it.“
MadIndian 3562 days ago
“small brewery in a nice little town on the river. Didn’t do the tour but it appeared to be self-guided. Not much to say other than it’s worth while stopping in, trying out what they have on tap (4 taps) and pick up some goodies to support a small brewer.“
BiddleBrau 3793 days ago
76 /100 1400 PARKWAY AVE
“Always 24 beers on tap with a least 2 rotating feature taps. Comfy local bar with a wide selection of great food. (i know somebody who comes from Ireland for their Nachos!) great soups and Sammiches. outdoor deck in the summer - sometimes has bees. Regular nights for College, Poker, major sporting events. pool tables, dart boards, shuffle-board, super-jenga, e-games & juke-box. free wi-fi!“
iggynelix 4099 days ago
“go on a weekday and ask for a tour. small spartan brewery with a small staff making quality local brews. typically 4 on tap for tastings, try them all. love the winter beers here.“
iggynelix 4103 days ago
“Relaxed atmosphere. Small self guided tour set in an old brick building. I had passed this place tons of times but never bothered going in because I was never too thrilled with their beer. I’m glad I wandered in though, my friends and I got a few free samplers and the brewmaster was really cool to hang and talk to. I really enjoyed the big vanilla body of the Tripel Horse. Definitely going back, not a bad place to take a cheap date.“
Bonster 4134 days ago
“Great place! Just a self-guided tour, but you come here for the tasting anyway. This is my favorite Jersey brewer so far, and they are very friendly to top it off. There may not be very much to taste, but they’ll open bottles of other stuff if you ask. I tried somewhere around 8 of their beers while I was there. Very nice.“
wilsomb 4230 days ago
“Cool place. I came for an open house, every one was friendly, gave me a realy informative tour. Definetly improving sience the new owners bought it in early 08. New beers comin our in the brewers reserve seires are cool. look forward to the next“
fizzban 4411 days ago
“Brewery tour. Very small, expected it to be a little bigger, a little difficult to get to, behind all of the antique stores in Lambertville. Staff is very friendly, self-guided tour but you get the picture. It’s a nice little extra bonus if you’re hanging out in either Lambertville or New Hope.“
NJJereme 4592 days ago
“This brewery is one of the nicer microbrew facilities I’ve seen, unfortunately they weren’t too keen on letting us walk around for the self tour on the day I was there, because they were bottling. Geez, don’t you think that’s the kind of thing people want to see on a brew tour? Guess they only let you wonder when nothing is running. Boring, but maybe it’s their insurance policy or whatever? Place is really nice though, lots of little touches that really make it visitor friendly. Things like clean bathrooms, seating, etc. Then there’s the beer........trying all the beers for free is always the best, but trying them all for a buck is pretty damn cool, too. The nice older lady working the bar even opened bottles of what wasn’t on tap, just for me. I thought that was really nice, considering I was there on a Tuesday at about 12:30 in the afternoon. Only bad thing I can say is that the awards on the wall are for their packaging, and not for their beers......which subtly lets you know the beers themselves aren’t too special.“
HoppityHop 4995 days ago
“Always start here and stop for the sampler when I’m thru town. The sampler is $1. Repeat $1! Repeat again ONE DOLLAR!! Thanks River Horse. I have also been to events here. The staff and crew are always nice, friendly and cordial and the brewery is into being part of the community. Yes the brews could be a scale up, but I’m rooting hard for them. Pick yourself up a variety pack, share it with friends and you’ll be happy, happy, happy.“
iratherbe 5651 days ago
“I like this place, the brewmaster gave my friends and I a tour and answered all the questions we had. It’s a small brewery but in a cool old brick building and the tour is fun. I really think this brewery is worth the trip, it’s just a fun place to visit with your friends.“
Shottberg 5655 days ago
“my first brewery visit, no tour guide, cool i hate when people try to talk your ear off, was getting served samples while young girl bartender is also drinking, thought it was wierd, but cool, loved 1 of the beers i sampled of the 4, 2 were ok, and 1 i didnt like. walked out with a case of special ale, and a shirt from suvenior shop. it was cool, id have to visit another.“
stegosaurus 5697 days ago
“There is nothing typical about a self-guided tour. Then again, I’m not really interested in brewery tours anyway ("here’s our fermentor" "ooohhh"). I’ve never come across a River Horse beer from a bottle that I liked much, although at the brewery the beers seemed at least drinkable.“
willblake 5701 days ago
“Self guided tour? 1 dollar for the samples? Drunk female bartender? If that is what you are looking for in a brewery, this is the place. But seriously folks, it is a nice looking building and the woman was three sheets to the wind and did not even care about the dollar. She did pour me the same beer 3 times when I was asking for another one. And gave my girlfriend beer after beer though she was saying she did not want any. Decent place average beer.“
tsarman 5723 days ago
“Very typical brewery, was there on an open house event, took the self-guided tour of the building, not really a whole lot to see, some of the areas were ropped off, sampled the beers they had available on draft, nicely brewed beers by the way, the Hop Hazard is great, nice location near the river, close to all the spots in nearby New Hope, nice place to stop in and check out “
obxdude10 5734 days ago
“Trypical brewery, with a tour-waiting area and gift shop up front. Samples available. This place does not make anything that turns me on. Worth checking out if anything.“
MaiBockAddict 5920 days ago
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