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78 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“We stopped in here since it was pretty close to our usual quarterly trip to Ridgefield to go to the H-Mart there. Turns out there’s an H-Mart in the same plaza as this (but I like the Ridgefield one better), which is great if you’re in need of some specialty Korean groceries. The place itself is large and open and offers a fairly solid selection of well known and smaller local craft beers. Jake really knows his stuff and was happy to talk beer with me for a while. One of the first places that I’ve found that while they don’t offer bottle prices on many things, allowed me (after clearing it with him first) to make my own six of stuff that wasn’t marked for that. So I got to leave with a nice amount of beer instead of nothing, which is what often happens at places that only offer six pack prices. Customer service was great here. I’ll be back.“
j12601 4433 days ago
96 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“Great store, Jake the owner is a great guy very knowledgeable and helpful.“
HSF 4764 days ago
70 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“Good place the guy jon is very nice if you catch him on the right time you can sip some beers with him. they sellout quickly from many items so get there quick if you want something they stock heavy on some. but never more than a case of the 750 boys. they do have a few nice ones but like i said they fly fast. best around me but wish they kept stock“
harmfuldrunk 5856 days ago
64 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“Former wine store with some beer has transitioned into a wine store with a very decent selection of micros and foreign brews. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgable and will assist you in making your selection. Unfortunately, they will not break up sixers, but thet do have some 22oz. and 750ml to choose from. UPDATE 7/12/07: WENT BY TODAY AND IT IS EMPTY. WEBSITE STATES NEW MANAGEMENT“
Thaichile 6099 days ago
64 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“There to check it out and see what this place has become. Real nice selection, of most NJ available US micros, and a decent selection of imports. They have many trappists including the Rocheforts, Thomas Hardy’s, and many Belgian 750’s. You won’t necessarily find anything too rare, but you will be able to pick up some decent brews for a tasting.“
MaiBockAddict 6265 days ago
72 /100 102 LINWOOD PLAZA
“This was a wine store that jumped into the craft beer and are doing a bang up job. The help is great, if they do not know something, are not afraid to refer to some who may. Very nice place and they are working on their already nice selection. Tell them ratebeer sent you, Jonny will like that.“
Lou18 6319 days ago
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