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82 /100 426 SAND SHORE ROAD
“Solid place with good beers. Friendly service. Enjoyed the sampler and brought home a few bottles. Definitely worth a return.“
alobar 1472 days ago
70 /100 426 SAND SHORE ROAD
“Modern taproom. Nice friendly staff. Beers still need a little work. The one IPA was decent enough.“
jtclockwork 1856 days ago
“Right around corner from Man Skirt. Different lines for growlers v. flights. Strawberry Berliner was world class and amongst best NJ beers I’ve had in a long time. Lots of English styles otherwise.“
jtclockwork 1856 days ago
80 /100 144 MAIN STREET
“Ambiance leaves something to be desired. Reminded me of a high school cafeteria. But beers were solid. Mostly English styles, but very well done. A surprise for sure.“
jtclockwork 1856 days ago
80 /100 426 SAND SHORE ROAD
“This is how you open a place and don’t bother messing around with being small for a while. I assume they have some room to grow here, as the place is huge. They are making a ton of beers too. Large tasting room, plus a second area in the brewery part with a second bar and a bunch of picnic tables. You can fit a crowd in here and it wouldn’t feel crowded. Beers were pretty good overall, and pretty interesting. I’ll happily return.“
ben4321 2139 days ago
78 /100 144 MAIN STREET
“Nice spot in "downtown" Hackettstown. It’s about a 1 minute walk from Czig Meister if you are interested in a double stop. Of the 3 breweries in town this appears to be both the smallest as far as the tasting room and number of taps. 5 beers available on my visit. Not as faniced up in its look either, but what they lack in asthetics doesn’t bother me at all. The beers are of good quality, and the service is good too. “
ben4321 2148 days ago
“Really impressive new brewery in Hackettstown, which somehow has 3 breweries. Great town for a brewery day, but back to this spot. I was impressed. Great looking place, with lots of open air spice inside and plenty of seating plus a nice outdoor area. Really great looking spot. If this was in my town I’d bring food and games and set up shop on nice weekend days. As for the beers, 9 were available on my visit, and they are well made. There’s a noticeable connection between them, which is the quality and smoothness of the mouthfeel of the beers. Good stuff coming out of here already, and I’m excited to see where they go from here.“
ben4321 2157 days ago
“Went to Czig Meister for their opening day this past Saturday. Got there a little before their noon start and was surprised there were only a few people waiting...given other recent north Jersey brewery openings with large crowds. Well many more arrived as I visited over the next 2 hours. This place is very attractive with a large indoor taproom as well as an outside beer garden (which filled up quickly given the great weather). The initial beers were very good...6 in total which included one pilot batch too (a pale ale). The had an IPA, pale ale (besides the pilot), kolsch, amber, and oatmeal stout. By far my favorite was the Falconer Pale Ale...featuring Falconer’s Flight hops. All in all I liked this place and the people running it. There were very few startup service issues...they handled the crowd well and had the right number of people working. I have no doubt they will do well...especially given that the owner was the brewmaster for Kane! I highly recommend a visit here and make sure you also walk the block over to Man Skirt Brewing right around the corner (Jersey Girl is close too).“
PRBeer 2212 days ago
76 /100 426 SAND SHORE ROAD
“Visited Jersey Girl for their grand opening and it was a fun time. The space they have is great...nice tap room up front...big space out in the brewery too...and not just for the grand opening...as they have a second set of taps in the brewery too. They were well staffed for the opening and I was not aware of any opening day/learning curve slipups...in spite of being "very" busy. The brewery itself is quite large and well laid out...and includes a fair amount of very high end brewing equipment...very impressive to say the least. There were technically only 4 beers for the grand opening...I say technically because they were running their porter thru a Randall rumored to be filled with marshmallow and almond joy (although someone else said peppermint patty). I felt the porter was probably their best beer...although I did enjoy their golden ale...which although light in body and flavor...was nonetheless very sessionable and an excellent choice for warm weather. Rounding out the list was a very nice pale ale...more English in taste than west coast...but perhaps a nice mix of the two...and finally and ESB...which did not stand out for me...nothing wrong with it...just probably the weaker offering of the four. All in all...a great opening from a new brewery in northern NJ (thank goodness...they seem to open 3 times as fast in south Jersey!). I expect this brewery to grow quickly (they certainly have the equipment and made the investment)...and look forward to stronger beer offerings in the future.“
PRBeer 2270 days ago
78 /100 144 MAIN STREET
“Great place, great people, good beer, what else do you need!“
N3lson1 2389 days ago
74 /100 144 MAIN STREET
“Great new startup in western NJ...hard to believe there will soon be "3" breweries in the Hackettstown area. One of the coolest things about this place is the amazing bank building...vault and all...that they managed to procure for their brewery (yes...I know you thought I was going to say the "man skirts"...well they’re cool too...lol!). They only had 3 beers when I visited about a week ago...but the porter was great...the English style was pretty good...the gold...good. This is the kind of place I will re-review in about 3 months...but I think they’re going to do fine. They are a nice addition to the community...and have a great space to build on in the bank. Give them a try when in the area.“
PRBeer 2436 days ago
100 /100 915 COUNTY ROAD 517, STE 8-10
“do not bother looking anywhere else! best beer store in NJ!“
njramsfan 3145 days ago
88 /100 80 MAIN ST # 80
“great selection. knowledgeable staff. great pricing“
stugazi66 3769 days ago
72 /100 915 COUNTY ROAD 517, STE 8-10
“Love that these guys will announce the time and date of a limited release and it’s first come, first served. And they offer a NewJerseyCraftBeer.com member discount.“
greentolex 3871 days ago
54 /100 80 MAIN ST # 80
“this is a weird store. no homy feilings becasue its a supermarket. there is no passion for the product becase they are supermakret wokers. how ever you will find some things resanibly priced and the store was pretty clean.“
fizzban 4938 days ago
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