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76 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Really solid store. Seem to get a lot of the good NJ beers in (and from other states / countries too). Good selection of what gets sent to the area in general. Most things can be had as singles. Prices are solid. They have growler fills as well, though it doesn't seem like it gets a ton of traffic / turnover on the draft lines. Not a destination or anything, but the best store selection that I have found in the general area. “
ben4321 715 days ago
74 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Solid liquor store. Has a better than average selection. They get some nice random crafts you don’t see everywhere from time to time.“
jtclockwork 1566 days ago
70 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Large store offering wine, liquor and beer. Beer wise, you can get kegs, cases, six packs and some singles. They also do growler fills with about 12 or more choices. Bottles and cans offer the Usual mix of Macros, regionals, crafts and some locals small breweries. Single bottle choices can be iffy choice wise with some hard to finds on occasion.“
gripweed57 1604 days ago
60 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Overall a little underwhelmed. I’m not a local guy to the area, so I made a special trip to check it out. The growler section was pretty cool. The bomber selection of beers was pretty good and merchandized in a way where it was eazy to shop. The mix 6 section didn’t really seem to be a good value. Multiple employees passed me without greating me or offering assistance before I was finally asked if i needed anything. In general I have seen better prices in other places that are closer to me (Bridgewater/Hillsborough). If Iived local, maybe I would shop them, but I don’t.“
demannu 2412 days ago
62 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Big warehouse style store. Staff seemed friendly but didn’t get a sense for their product knowledge. Selection is large but underwhelming. Prices seemed fair and a few items were substantially cheaper than I’ve seen other places in the area. Another place that’s not worth a special trip but not a terrible stop if you’re in the area.“
conway 2631 days ago
70 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“I work minutes from this place and go from time to time. big warehouse liquor store. Growler station with beer i don’t usually want. wine tasting station that i’ve never visited though i should. their selection of bottles is decent. Lots of singles to choose from of local good stuff. decent amount of good sixers in the cooler. They’re not that helpful. Not much knowledge of what they have. Decent place to stop to get good craft beer.“
fbm115 3869 days ago
82 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“place is great mainly because of it’s growler selection and the amount of variety packs they have. plus a make your own 6 pack section.“
someviking 3891 days ago
78 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“A nice clean and friendly atmosphere. Has a good selection of micros, can build your own 6 pack. Sells a good selection of growlers. Prices are reasonable. Overall a descent place to buy beer“
SamP01 3937 days ago
76 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“A box store with a helpful, knowledgeable staff. Good slection of micros and imports available as singles, six packs and cases. Also sells liquor and wine. Recently started selling growlers of draft. Good website to inform of tasting and draft selections.“
lcdumchus 3960 days ago
58 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Better than average selection, but there are 5 more worthwhile places in Middlesex County alone that I can think of off the top of my head. Great service--helpful, calculated case discounts etc--but prices are often absurdly high. Cheaper--Perth Amboy, Elizabeth, etc--and/or broader (South Plainfield, East Brunswick) aren’t far away, so why go here?“
ectuohy27 4217 days ago
86 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“clean and well stocked with a great selection of booze and beer you can find all differnt micro brews the staff is knowledgble and helpfull price are good and some deals are worth the trip“
ichisan 4222 days ago
74 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“This is the best liquor store that I have found in Middlesex county. A little hard to get to with the traffic in the area but other then that this is my go to place.“
rman18 4252 days ago
84 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“A nice big large store with a great selection of wine and liquor. The overall prices are very good. I like the setup it is very roomy and easy to find everything. They have a great selection of rare booze like anchor steam old potrero wisky. Their beer selection is very good. They have Alagash, Southern Tier, Dogfish head, Chimay, St Bernanabus, Old Rasputin, Stone, Ommegang, south hampton, founders,and smutty nose. They have wine and beer tastings and an e mail list with their sales items. Overall great store for one stop liquor needs.“
kennydiaz 4533 days ago
72 /100 489 US ROUTE 1 SOUTH
“Nice place to go if you cant make it to oaktree,.Good selection of all the usual suspects, a good chance to be an excellant beer haunt.The person I dealt with was helpful and knowledgeable.They also had some prices that were much cheaper than oaktree. Worth the trip.“
javorama 4934 days ago
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