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78 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Large industrial space. Beers are very good, though styles definitely heavily lean towards IPAs. Flights available. An excellent place to visit (if you like IPAs).“
explosivedog 69 days ago
74 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Came here on 4.12.2022. #6 brewery during my New Jersey beer weekend. Location appears unorganized but beers are very good. 16 beers on tap and a good variety of cans for take away. I had a Setbreak (Hazy IPA) and Fit for a Queen (Milkshake DIPA) both were excellent. A lot of high alcohol beers on tap as usual for this part of the country.“
Schlenkerla 295 days ago
74 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Visited the place during a weekend excursion. Anterior part of the brewery turned into a quite large taproom. 9 beers on tap; flights available for a very reasonable price, as well as a number of cans but sadly no singles. Wifi is available but no food. You see the barrels for aging at the entrance, and the brewery is on your right. Nice place with clean brews in general.“
trapped 1730 days ago
70 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Small brewery and tasting room located in an old industrial building off the beaten path near Teterboro Airport. You first walk through a strange littlle entry room and then into a small tasting room with bar and picnic tables overlooking the brewery. They had nine beers on tap when I visited. They were mostly pretty solid and tasty. It was pretty busy when I visited (day after Christmas), They allow you to bring in food, and many people were taking advantage of that. Overall a great little place, well worth a visit.“
BeerdedDave 1730 days ago
62 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Went there for a homebrew club meeting, only drank a couple of the house beers. They weren't bad, and the bartender was cool (we talked about what a shit show the Mets are). I'd be willing to go back there when I'm not drinking homebrew.“
EvanFriend 2120 days ago
82 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Biked 25 miles from Brooklyn to get to this brewery. While I did not think that the beer was really the best in the world, this was a pleasant place with a good ambiance and a nice selections of nice beers. The 12 ounce (well they were served in nonic pints, so I am guessing really 16 ounce) beers were a mere four dollars. Flights of four beers were only eight bucks. The ladies behind the bar were nice and attentive. The brewery is in some corner of a 1950s industrial park. The interior is clean and modern as is the trend in breweries these days (think Flagship, LICBP, and Gun Hill). Overall, this was a good experience. I would return.“
mansquito 2752 days ago
72 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Stopped in on way back to NYC after Rammstein Eisbock release. Entrance feels like walking into a conference center of cheap hotel but past lobby clean brewery few barrels, etc and motor garage feel. Staff friendly the girls serving were very New Jersey in every sense of word, which isn’t a knock just noticeable and appreciated when traveling from out of town. Beers were just ok. The ipa’s weren’t impressive but the other styles were better. Cool little joint overall we will see how they progress.“
Jow 2781 days ago
84 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“We visited on a Saturday afternoon. 8 beers on tap / growler fills. 4 available to go in 22 oz bottles. Nice, fairly spacious open brewery type feel. Picnic tables and a stand-up bar. Good number of people inside enjoying beers and hanging out. More of a drinking in type of vibe than a sampler/growlers to go type of vibe. Food truck outside or bring your own food, so it is the kind of place where you can hang out for a while if so inclined. I found all the beers pretty solid, though I was disappointed by the DIPA. Overall, a good spot. I will return.“
ben4321 2891 days ago
82 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“8 beers on draft. Belgian heavy but some good non-Belgian styles. Really enjoyed the session IPA and Czech Lager. Great service. Pretzels and what not on the table. Bigger than some of the other upstarts.“
jtclockwork 2993 days ago
84 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“A very nice brewery. Great friendly service. I was only able to try two of their beers but they were great, and the prices were very reasonable. A great addition to Northern NJ.“
Tonkun 3011 days ago
86 /100 4 ALSAN WAY
“Great new startup brewery & taproom in the north Jersey town of Little Ferry near Teterboro Airport (thank God north Jersey is finally getting some craft brewery attention!). Brix City is only open a month so far...but they have accomplished a lot. They are already serving 8 beers of which all are very good and a couple approaching great...especially given so soon in their history. The Brews Willis Black IPA and the KTK DIPA are stars...along with the Chuck Bowman IPA. This past weekend they just launched really good session IPA called Cheap Labor...very nicely done! There is additionally a porter, saison, and Belgium blonde (and a dubbel came off to tap the Cheap Labor). Brix City has a really nice building on a back street in a light industrial park. The first thing you will notice is how roomy it is inside...with a big long bar and plenty of table space. It’s nice they’ve devoted so much space to the taproom. The vibe here is great and the people I’ve met in two visits...owners, family, friends, and craft beer people...all great! I am very impressed with Brix City...Joe the owner and his team have done a magnificent job getting this place up and running...and it the people and place...but most especially the beers! I wish them the best of luck. You will enjoy a visit here.“
PRBeer 3031 days ago
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