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50 /100
Downbeach Liquors (Beer Store)
“Look, this place isn’t great by any means, but I was pretty excited to walk into a Liquor store in this area and see something that wasn’t BMC...
It’s a pretty standard beach liquor store from the outside, but I walked in and damn if they didn’t have a craft beer wall! Was able to get the Exit 11 here (unfortunately they only had it cold so I just bought 1 to drink that night). Saw a bunch of DFH (120, 90, Theobroma, etc) A few things from River Horse, and some other random brews. Mostly Philly, NJ, Delaware, stuff, and big Micros like Stone, but I’d call it a half decent selection of varied cold and warm 12s and bombers. Sold them in packs or singles too. Was only in here for about 7 minutes as I walked in just as they were closing, but was able to grab 4 beers I’d never had before. If your in this area, I’d check this place out, much better then whatever else is around, thats for sure. Not awful prices either, not good, but better then I would have expected...
The guy seemed pretty interested in expanding his craft line, maybe a few RBeerians visiting this little spot could add some craft flavor to an area that’s dominated by Corona and Bud Light-like options.“
ben4321 4256 days ago
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