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80 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“Don’t give too much weight to the review before this. Visited here on a Saturday evening after a meal at The Local Eatery & Pub just up the street. Walked into a sparse crowd spread out at the bar and tables. Immediately engaged with the guys behind the bar who were toasting something with an unknown liquid in flight glasses and knew this would be a good time. Nothing fancy or upscale here. Just a small town brewery serving up decent, off-centered brews in a casual setting. Particularly enjoyed the Elvis Is In The Building Porter (made with banana, chocolate and peanut butter) and Mullen’s Irish Red Ale. On this visit, there were about 10 brews and a few flavored spiked seltzers and spiked smoothies. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.“
gripweed57 283 days ago
“Brewery located just in outskirts of town in small office/ businnes park. Parking was easy. Once you find the place, it's small and cozy, not much thought put into design, but welcoming. No pretentions. Rack of board games available. Good tap list and one of the few breweries I've been in where there is a resident brewery cat. (Apocolypse in Lousiville and Brewery 33 in Hocking HIlls come to mind). Crowd was fluid. Affable staff and good beer.“
stevoj 546 days ago
56 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“Another stop on the NJ brewery crawl. Got a weird vibe when walking in, like it was for locals only. Looks like an old pizza place. Storefont on town's main drag. Crowded, loud and boisterous. Did not feel particularly welcome. The one beer I had was not that good. Service was indifferent. I would give them one more try if in this area again.“
stevoj 546 days ago
8 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Sadly, this place has been closed for a few years.“
gripweed57 1153 days ago
88 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“Once you get your parking squared away (and good luck there, depending), you’re in for a treat. Cozy and lived-in, traditional, homey, very local – in fact, used to be the old Bridgetown Pub. Wood stools and an old (but not antique) bar, met with leather chairs in the back and board games, more than two stooges in the bathroom – has a lot of Granddad’s English Village Pub mixed with a little Jersey Dive, and I really like the mix. Notably great help from the bar, good place to actually talk the industry or beer itself, and the beers themselves were incredible, and I mean great, just textbook each and every one with occasional bold ornamentation, not a miss in the lot. No token system as in reviews below, was straight cash. Picked up two great little (slightly heretical) tricks for brewing at home – rim the glass with cinnamon-sugar, or try a shot of coffee syrup with a base beer to serve the sweet tooth; there are even more hints of experimentation and willingness to try anything, and this kind of open-mindedness can produce just stunning results. Very up front about state law not allowing food service on premises, but hey, you can BYOF. A few nearby spots, but I went with pizza from across the street (“Downtown”), it was just unreal, called ahead for warm-up and picked it up two minutes later, brought it back to VI to eat, two slices of ‘Grandma’ were the best I’ve had in 14 years, just perfect, and I say that as a native and frequent resident of the Pizza Belt. I will be back. Have been waiting for this kind of experience in this area for a long time. You could easily add this one to two or three more breweries in a 10-15 mile local ‘crawl’, or four or five if you’re willing to cross the river, but Village Idiot should be the first stop and anchor. [2019.10.12]“
ganache 1261 days ago
“My first visit came on something of an unusual day for them, the 5th anniversary party, and I was there at open, before the assumed crowds, so front of the line, live music, pick up a few special-release bottles (“Quad+1”) and outside to the tents for special pulls from firkins (think they had 30ish on tap over the course of the day), then to the food truck. Seems like the normal inside bar is a cozy-enough hangout, but I love the little niches of outdoors seating, a little garden with roses and walls lined with repeating clematis, benches – can really imagine the possibilities. Have some great board games for killing time with friends (did I see a Forbidden Island and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots?). In the brewing area, tall fermenters on one side and rows of stacked Heaven Hill barrels on the other, and on the end of the bbls, a monitor set up with two stations for quarterless SFII! What nostalgia. Had a very good experience with the people here and that’s the real reason for return. [2019.10.12]“
ganache 1261 days ago
My 500th Place rate! Visit Date: 7/16/17
Park and walk through to a back area. Big crowd going here the day we visited, and it was pretty close to closing time on a Sunday, so we didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked. Beers were tasty and flights available. Would like to come back on a future drive through the area.“
ben4321 1926 days ago
76 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“Stopped in on a Friday night the first weekend of January. Like some of the other breweries in the state, they have you go on a "tour" before you can buy beer. The tour however, was a brief look into the room where the brewing equipment is (and was in use while we were there), and looking at a picture at the register where you buy beer tokens. Doing a flights to try all of their beers (up to 12 usually) runs $26. 10 beers on when I came in, though an 11th went up while we were there. All of their beers have been treated with Clarity Ferm, which drops the gluten levels into a range of generally under 20ppm, which can probably qualify them as "gluten free", but they instead smartly refer to them as "gluten reduced". Had I not seen the sign, and then talked with the bartender about it, I’d have never known. The beers were all pretty decent, above the average brewpub stuff, with some being quite good. Food is not offered on premise, but you can bring it in from outside, which many patrons on a fairly busy night had done. In spit of the place being mostly full, service never felt slow or impersonal. Staff was friendly and very nice.“
j12601 2272 days ago
“In on a Friday night the first weekend of January. Good crowd going with a little more than an hour left before they closed. 12 beers on the menu, but one had kicked recently. Flights were available at $8, or $12 if it included one of the bourbon aged beers, so the bartender (quite friendly) recommended doing all of the bourbon things in one. Beers were all solid, and so was the hospitality. One of the owners (John) came over and chatted with us a bit at our table, but not in an intrusive manner, but rather open to any additional chatter if we wished it. If you’re in the area, certainly worth a stop. Like a lot of the other Jersey breweries, no food. But I think you can bring your own in.“
j12601 2272 days ago
“Kinda becoming the norm for industrial park breweries, painted brick walls, small shelf to lean on along the wall with some bar seating and a few chairs tables in middle. It was crowded when I was there and they could have used some extra hands but with one small crowded tap area would it have helped, most likely not. Staff was still friendly and as quick as they could be. Impressive brewery and crowd for a new place. Cans available to take. Crowd was real friendly here, I went by myself but I was hardly even not talking to someone. Since I walked from town when I left a couple that left the same time I did picked me up and drive me to another local brewery that’s how friendly they were here. They could use a better sign out front if allowed, I only saw it cause I was walking, and only because the half that fell down was the other side. No way I was seeing that driving by.“
njnut 2397 days ago
88 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“A neat place in a mostly recycled store front, maybe a old pharmacy or similar. Typical old pictures and items on wall. One of two brewery doing crowlers in state. They use the token system that personally I find easier to use ESP when busy. They have a good pizza place across the street that I have seen bring food halfway to customers in road. Staff moves quickly and are friendly. Stop by the homemade ice cream place next door. My Holly is a neat old town and this place fits in quite well with the whole feeling of the town. I like the two large flat screen TV draft lists that make it much easier to order than the all to common chalk board blocked by 10 people. Cool place, friendly crowd.“
njnut 2397 days ago
76 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“13 beers on tap. Weird payment system where you buy tokens and trade them in for flights, 1/2 pours, or full pours. Noticed they had crowlers there too. Average to just above average beers - will stop by again when in the area.“
hopdog 2400 days ago
“Passed by this joint - small signs and in the corner (signs for the Church much more apparent!). Kind of a dive feeling inside but overall impressed with the selection and quality. They had a BA Barleywine and a chocolate chili Impy on tap to boot.“
hopdog 2457 days ago
“Typical brewery in an industrial park setup. They had about 8 of their own beers on tap, plus 3 more available in cans. Guy working the bar was friendly and helpful. I’ve really enjoyed the beers I’ve had from Spellbound so far and the prices were very reasonable in my opinion (2 small growler fills plus a 4 pack of cans for $33. Maybe not super cheap but I’ll take it). Only about 5 minutes off the Turnpike. I’ll definitely stop here any time I’m heading south on the Turnpike.“
conway 2480 days ago
“Great new brewery in NJ with a lot of potential. They’ve accomplished much in a short time since opening, There were "8" beers there when I visited, and not a bad one in the batch. I particularly enjoyed the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, the Gingerbread Brown, and the Pale Ale...but the star for me was their IPA. They are canning it too and I took a 6 pack home. The real test was trying one at home a week later...and I will tell you I enjoyed it even more. I agree that the ambiance of the tasting room was lacking...but the place was well staffed and the service was great. I understand there will be outside tables in the nice weather which should improve things. The brewery itself is quite impressive for a startup (they seem to be well funded)...and I recommend taking the tour. All in all a great new offering and good for NJ crattbrewing overall.“
PRBeer 2935 days ago
“Buried in an industrial area, this is bare bones tap room. Roomy but not comfortable by any men’s. Service was friendly. Decent sampler flight with pretty decent beer. Unfortunately there is a bitterness I find in all their beer that I find distracting, that said still a good interesting stop.“
Ferris 2967 days ago
“Rather impressive for a NJ start up. Large inviting tasting room. Spotless brewery with a large rear outdoor area for future events. Informative tour. Only 4 beers on tap right now, they’ve only been open a month so that’s to be expected, with 10 taps total to handle future beers. The flagship IPA is great and the porter was damn tssty. Already well involved with the community and hosting fun runs and bike clubs not to mention they already had their 1st wedding reception right in the brewery. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys. Put this on your must do list alomg with Kane and Carton for NJ breweries.“
dmac 3055 days ago
“Went to Spellbound for soft opening. Only a few beers so far, but that will change soon. Beers are top notch. John and rest of the gang is super friendly. I’m looking forward to big things from them.“
jtclockwork 3091 days ago
80 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Nice bar/restaurant near Village Idiot. Small tap line, but lots of good stuff in there. Boat Beer, Kane, etc. Food is excellent.“
jtclockwork 3241 days ago
90 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“Amazing brewery in MT Holly. Great beer. Great service. Downtown location. They let you bring food in. They are up to about six beers on tap now and are considering expanding by putting in another six tap lines. When I was there they had Teddy Hopper, Saison Du idiot, oatmeal chocolate stout, tripel, blonde and dry stout on tap. The blonde is technically "gluten free" (although there are trace amounts of gluten in the ppm range) and it is by far the best "gluten free" beer I’ve ever had and the only one I’ve had that I’d drink again. Expect great things from these guys. They’ve only been in business a few months, but their beers are solid.“
jtclockwork 3241 days ago
70 /100 42-44 HIGH ST
“I visited this new place today (just opened in December) on my way back from a Flying Fish visit. This is a recent startup although they told me the owners have been homebrewers for many years. The space is a converted old bar and where the kitchen used to be there is now a 1.5bbl system cranking out 2-4 beers at a time...with 8 different styles made to date. Unfortunately when I visited they only had two beers...a rather ordinary golden ale...but a very good dry stout. I was disappointed I missed their Teddy Hopper IPA (great name)...first because I’m a hop head...but especially since I’m a huge Heady Topper fan...taking runs to northern VT a couple of times each year. My guess is that this place will do well and grow in a place like Mt Holly...assuming their finances are solid. I look forward to checking in on them again in the near future to see how they are doing.“
PRBeer 3315 days ago
84 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“A friend and myself ate lunch upstairs... Cool looking place. Brick walls, fire place, seem chill. I only looked at the drift list. Pretty solid, with an array of choices that any one could pick some thing off of and be happy. Small menu but had wings as an app and a burger. Both were really good. Reasonable prices. Good chips. Server was good and seemed some what interested in beer. Plenty of parking out back and easy to get to. Overall, great place to eat and get a beer“
GMCC2181 3679 days ago
88 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Six of us had lunch here, and all six agreed that it was the best meal we’ve had in a long, long time. One person said his burger was the best burger he’d EVER had. I had a trout sandwich that was amazing. Oh, and they have a solid and well chosen beer list - no less than four delicious Cartons when we were there. Oh, and all this was at pub-grub prices. Service was quick, friendly and efficient. Worth going well out of your way to try.“
Travlr 3727 days ago
78 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Had around 16 taps. Walk into a small (width wise) area with some high top tables to the right wall and a long bar on the left side ... English premier league soccer was on a few flat screens .... Tap choices covered a nice variety of styles from dblipa’s, quads, belgian ales to the simple guiinness and a hand pump .... The service was ok, the server filled all three of my beers 3/4 of the way (the rest was head) and seemed to be more interested in aerating bottles in the wine machine they had behind the bar and crouching down to measure each pour of wine he made ... when I commented on my beer fills he said better to have head than no head .... Not exactly the answer to give .... the menu had tons of great choices and the place smelled great. They have a smoker in the kitchen. Food was great ...... The prices were around 9-13 per sandwich and pints were 7-8 bucks...... They have events and pairing dinners and some rare tap events that seemed worth checking out....I would return here for sure. Hopefully that server learns how to fill a glass“
italianjohn 3782 days ago
74 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Great food and a nice British pub atmosphere. The beer is top notch but not a lot of rare or off the wall selections. They sponsor a winter beer fest that is fantastic. Probably the best beer bar and pub in this area of NJ.“
keepersj12 3897 days ago
84 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Great place to enjoy a variety of beer. They even have event nites like Oskar blues. I enjoyed my visit and will return. Food is really good.“
MadIndian 4569 days ago
88 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“One of my favorite places to go. Atmosphere is great - always good beers on tap - service is top notch - food is excellent.“
eclipse93gs 4670 days ago
84 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Ambiance is nice though the narrow bar area can get a bit crowded. Also not sure about the lighting scheme in here. Seems dark all the time Service is good, no real complaints here. Selection of beer is some of the best around. if you can get in here on a specials night I highly recommend it. They have even had an Oaked Arrogant Bastard night which is out of this world good IMO. Food is prepared good by a good chef. I have not had a bad meal here yet. Value is where this place takes a bit of a hit. The beer though, a great selection, is a tad on the pricey side for me. I have always had a hard time paying almost 2 times more than what a bomber down at Canals would have cost me, just not on tap. (but that is par for the course I guess) Overall this is a good place with a nice atmosphere and good beer and food. You will not be disapointed “
shaon94 4879 days ago
86 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“The High Street Grille was a recent find of my wife’s, and I’m happy she found it. We have visited there several times, and this is one of the few places that I can honestly say, they get beer. They understand what makes hop-heads tick, and the know why we love Quads. Their selection is a little small, with only about 12 beers on tap, but they have great entertainment, with almost nightly Irish musicians, a great atmosphere, amazing service (where the servers actually know your name after just a couple visits), and the food. The food is perhaps better than any other place in South Jersey. This is a well-hidden gem, and while the food can be a bit pricey, their sandwiches are amazing, as are the burgers, and wings. The wings are smoked, then baked, not fried, and have an amazing taste to them!“
godspunk32 4905 days ago
88 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“A beer place with great food? A rarity most times. The place is right in downtown mt holly and usually easy to find parking (free!). I am honestly surprised it only has 4 ratings. Just means more beer for me! They had KBS a few weeks back on tap for an event. Usually something going on each week. Last time in had aventinus, hang ten & big DIPA, old curmudgeon, abt 12, three philosophers. Usually a few rarer tap brews, havent checked out the bottles. Must try is the ostrich burger and hoppy wings!“
Cornboy 4992 days ago
92 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Great place right up the street from me. They had Founders IS, Nugget Nectar, Reds Rye, one of the Chouffes, Capt Law IIPA, Smoked Porter, Turbo Dog, and a bunch more that I can’t remember. I think they have like 15 or so taps. All craft. Always rotating. They only carry guinness, coors, and miller in bottles. The owner is a really nice guy. When he has time he chats. He’s really into craft beer and wine. Food is very different. Not your typical greasy bar food. Prices are on par for what they tap.“
Adam77 5124 days ago
90 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“Wow what a great place and it’s right up the street from me. Small place on historic High St. They have a very nice line up of taps with some Captain Lawrence, Founders, Stone, Chimay, Lagunitas, Troegs, ect. Prices are very reasonable and the food is excelent. If you are in the area make sure to stop in here for a pint.“
imadeadguy 5137 days ago
84 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“I have read about this place several times online and decided to give it a shot. Went out on a Friday afternoon with the family for lunch. Very clean inside and very long and narrow. 16 beers on tap all craft and good imports no BMC or crappy Fosters..Dos Equis..Heineken to be found wasting space in the keg cooler. Some of the offerings when I went were Chimay White, Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve, Stoudts Fat Dog, Founders Red Rye, Troegs Hop Back, Racer 5, Victory Prima Pils and ten others. A good portion of the taps were from local area breweries which is always nice to see. There seems to be regular small beer events from firkin Fridays to meet the brewer nights and they are even sponsoring a beer bus trip in February to several local bars and breweries. I had the brisket sandwich for lunch which was excellent and my only complaint is the portions seem just a slight bit small for the price. Okay two complaints really, the website is always updated for the events but the tap list is not posted. I know o“
dmac 5195 days ago
84 /100 64 HIGH STREET
“The owner (John) is very knowledgable about beer. He likes to hold monthly events with specialty beers. Last month with Sly Fox and this month is Unibroue. Next month is Victory. For the Sly Fox event, John opened up a 2 liter of the Revedore or whatever its called. Really nice guy. All micros on tap. Hop Back Amber, Capt Law Smoked Porter, Storm King, along with others that I don’t remember. Good rotation almost bimonthly. He likes to carry Guinness and Yuengling in bottles for those who won’t stray away from them. $5 pints usually. Some under some a little over. You pay a little more for quality. I didn’t get to eat but the menu looks to be up to par with the usual bar/restaurant food. There’s a yearly bus trip to different places which is pretty cool. No other bar around here does that. Glad that this bar is in the area. A couple more taps and this place is among the best if not already.“
johnadam2002 5522 days ago
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