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50 /100 270 ROUTE 4 E
“This place can not fail. been back three times failed. bad burger disgraceful fries, raunchy fish platter prison food service items kids serving are friendly and try some but totally unskilled e-mailed them and they ignored me. had two depressing visits and i am normally just a happy fool. besides they basically just serve macro brews.“
BREWMUSKCLES 3321 days ago
“A bit on the larger side for a Whole Foods, and an anchor store for a mall, which is a little weird. The beer (and wine, and liquor) selection here is massive and kinda sprawls everywhere. Tons of options including local, foreign and US. Customer service was good and the food was average for Whole Foods. Decent prices.“
Drake 3332 days ago
“Place has a decent selection of beer but the selection stays the same. they seem to just buy different variations of the same beer they carry. They do not go above and beyond with trying new types of beer and the service there is fairly well. The one time a employee was there he was very knowledgeable on the beer that was there.“
jospin 3408 days ago
“prices are insane“
box986 3472 days ago
“Stopped in before or after a visit to Ikea, I’m not sure which order it went in. Good enough beer selection, and honestly one I think most people would be pleased with if it was in their grocery store. Didn’t really interact with any of the staff, so I can’t comment on that much, but I’d assume it was about the same as most any other Whole Foods. I liked that there was a nice sized selection of meads in addition to the beer.“
j12601 3755 days ago
100 /100 396 ROUTE 17 N
“Best Beer Store around with great pricing and tons of new and exciting beers.“
stewsbeer 3909 days ago
90 /100 396 ROUTE 17 N
“Selection is not large, the selection available has hometown local NJ brews to be a hometown favorite, yet has a selection that is highly rated/popular. Focus is on single bottle bombers not 6 packs. Prices are very competitive. Will not be scared to bring in an import with little US exposure, can get hands on stuff that they dont carry if you’d like a "special order". Will get MOST if not ALL limited release/allocated items such as Utopia, Black Ops, Dogfish head, Life & Limb, etc. The Clifton store has a larger selection, expanding in 6packs, 4packs, singles, and cold shelves. Overall Stew’s is picking up the beer pace, hopefully they are given the chance to expand.“
JerseyBrian 4294 days ago
58 /100 396 ROUTE 17 N
“I am rating this based purely on their beer selection, as their wine and liquor selections are quite good... the beer is nothing amazing though. Nice stuff, but very few offerings. While there browsing the small beer section, 2 different staff members walked past without as much as a look in my direction. I’ve also been spoiled by my local shop offering you the ability to split sixes, so not being able to do that here saw me buying a lone bomber instead of probably the bomber and 2 mixed sixes of locals which I can’t get back in NY. Worth a quick pop in if you’re driving up 17.“
j12601 4483 days ago
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