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54 /100 148 S BROADWAY
“Decent sized space ... limited number of beers on tap with the one's I tried nothing special. At this point, just a check off on trying it with nothing that would make me do the drive back.“
hopdog 925 days ago
60 /100 148 S BROADWAY
“Right next to Kelly Green. That’s good. Right next to Dia De Los Burritos. That’s really good. Cool music themed atmosphere. That’s also good. The beers ....eek. Bad butyric acid off notes in the gose was the talk of the trip through nine breweries. I hope they turn it around because it’s a cool spot.“
jtclockwork 1340 days ago
72 /100 154-156 S. BROADWAY AVE
“Right next to Human Village. There is a burrito place around the block called Dia De Los Burritos. You’ll want to eat there if you do the two brewery trip. Be mindful that Human Village has odd hours. Kelly Green had about six beers on tap. Decent brews. Nothing crazy when we were there. The bottled BA saisons are quite good though and seem to be their best offerings.“
jtclockwork 1340 days ago
82 /100 148 S BROADWAY
“I’d been trying to visit for 6 weeks or so after they opened in November...to hit the last NJ brewery I hadn’t been to yet (or course 2 more opened since than...good job Jersey!). This is one of the further away breweries in NJ for me to visit...so naturally I picked a snowy day with extra traffic...lol! But it was definitely worth the trip. The place is cool and the people are great. Meghan (one of the owners) in particular was very gracious to me...thanking me for the long drive in the snow to get there (even gave me a beautiful logo glass...thanks so much Meghan!). They had 7-8 beers that night...all were good and a few very good. Favorites included the Lady Godiva Coffee Stout (regularly carbonated and on nitro too), London Calling English Porter, and Abbey Rd IPA. Although they don’t have food you can order in...I had a great pizza from a local place they recommended. This was a former music venue and they have kept some of that theme. I believe live music is/will also be available. Human Village is a must stop if in the area (and just 2 doors down from another brewery called Kelly Green).“
PRBeer 1465 days ago
70 /100 154-156 S. BROADWAY AVE
“New brewery in Pitman, NJ...dry town with a loophole that allows breweries to serve beer on premises (go figure). They are literally 2 doors down from the soon to open Human Village Brewery (November). Visited here this past Saturday. Neat little town...soon to be a neat little brewery destination town...lol! I thought the tap room was nice...nothing special...but the staff and management were great. The beers however did not stand out for me. They had 7 when I visited. Three were hoppy plus a stout, porter, wheat, and quad. The owners’ definitely need to work on their water chemistry though. There is a strong mineral taste in all of their beers...some more pronounced that others. This is easily fixable (although admittedly not necessarily inexpensively)...but I would suggest it’s worth the investment because I’m thinking otherwise...the beers should be pretty good (note...friends of mine have said this could also be a yeast problem...I’ll leave it for others to decide which). I will visit again when I come back to check out Human Village...hoping they have this issue resolved by then.“
PRBeer 1646 days ago
68 /100 154-156 S. BROADWAY AVE
“Located right in lovely downtown Pitman. Nice sized tasting room with a decent amount of beers on tap. Average to slightly below average beer with typical styles.“
hopdog 1687 days ago
80 /100 692 LAMBS RD
“Carolina blue is one of my favorite places for a cold beer. Craft beers and unusual cocktails make up a nice drink menu, including some rarities and seasonals. The menu is very good lots of smoked foods which i like. also growlers togo and a nice package goods section help round out this resterant“
robiannelli 3130 days ago
70 /100 692 LAMBS RD
“Decent selection of bottles, and some local drafts. Good BBQ and service.“
jeremytoni 3353 days ago
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