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“Visit Date: 9/18/19 Huge spot, I feel like the bar here had seating for at least 50 people, and that's before you get to the dozens and dozens of tables. Gotta be one of the bigger brew pubs I have been to in any East Coast state. Nice looking as well. The bartender was very friendly and did a nice job, though she mentioned not liking beer, so she really only drinks the draft (guest) cider. Might not be the best source for beer advise. Seven of their own beers available on my visit (plus 3 guests - Boat, Head High, and a cider). If you are going to have guest beers in NJ you'll get no complaints from me on those 2. Their beers ranged from pretty good to below average, with most sitting in the mid-range. Fairly typical brewpub beers and styles. My food was tasty as well, though a touch over-priced. Growlers (and fills) to go as well. Worth a stop for the nice location within downtown Somerville, but not a destination. Definitely a spot for big groups, families, etc., just based purely off the massive size and location.“
ben4321 805 days ago
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. Nice big open space, lots of seats at the bar and table area. Server was good, recommended a couple of guest taps to try. Food was also good, well worth the stop. They don't have their brewing license yet, but are able to brew for internal consumption only. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 867 days ago
84 /100
Tapastre (Bar)
“Nice bar, 20 drafts, 1 hand pump, and what looks like a nice cocktail program. Won’t be eating today but definitely would stop back in.“
vtafro 2007 days ago
76 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Warehouse feel to this liquor store. Had some decent brews that you don’t see everyday but hard to get around the narrow aisles. Prices were on par. Nothing crazy but decent if you are in the area.“
jtclockwork 2335 days ago
56 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This place has a wide selection however the aisle devoted to the single bottle beers was rather unorganized. Multiple spots for one beer, missing or incorrect price tags on shelves, and cases stored on the floor which left the aisle too narrow for more than one person to walk all made it a challenge to shop. While the selection was good and the prices fair to reasonable on most items, I found it to be a rather unpleasant experience in which I left empty handed.“
demannu 2473 days ago
16 /100
Tapastre (Bar)
“Only 2 beers on tap, service was slow and overpriced.“
Vandevua 2656 days ago
68 /100
Tapastre (Bar)
“Basement bar and restaurant with a tapas and small-plate feel. Granite bar, cozy upscale joint. Staff is attentive but bartenders are chilly and uninterested in you. Food is very good quality but on the pricey side. Beer is excellent - good choices, very good selection. This place fills a nice void in Somerville!“
RGDave 3240 days ago
92 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This place is great. A full service discount liquor store with an amazing selection of beers and a bunch of guys who know their stuff. They keep special stuff off the shelves and only give it out to people who are educated enough to ask for it. So keep that in mind.“
Beergirl65 3788 days ago
74 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Just like any other liquor store- except its enormous and they devote an aisle to single craft beers. Great if you dont want to get a six pack. Very good selection but prices are a little high. Somerset County dosent allow beer to be sold in grocery stores so this is really convenient. It has a really grungy atmosphere and service is kind of shoddy but for this beer selection you wont mind at all. Kind of upset it took me almost a year of living here to find it.“
rugbydude05 3951 days ago
72 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Staff is unkind and unhelpful. Decent prices but never-the-less a great selection of beer.“
claspada 4131 days ago
58 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Recommended to me by local Dickinsonbeer. Very large (I mean HUGE) store with a 20% dedicated to beer. Large selection with hundreds of different bottles. Not very pleasant to shop at, the place has a warehouse end-of-line-sales type of feeling. Staff don’t know a thing about beer. This store is less than 30 minutes drive from Oak Tree (probably New-Jersey’s best beer store) and I think it is worth visiting both. I did find interesting items at this store that were not at Oak Tree. Like Allagash Tenth 10th Anniversary, Fullers 2004 + 2005, Unibroue 11, etc. Prices are mostly good. This place is not very good as far as cool new releases are concerned but I think the beer geeks all shop at Oak Tree and the turn around seems to be rather low at Super Savers. So for the cool new releases you go to Oak Tree and for some older vintages Super Savers can be surprising.“
Glouglouburp 4478 days ago
54 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This place used to be awesome, then it was sold to new owners and i heard its beer legend was fired. Its been downhill since then. its always been disorganized and no one knows anything. Still has a good selection even tho its been going downhill“
fizzban 4723 days ago
34 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“The store has changed hands several times in the past two years, and you can tell. Although the employees are now in uniform, and can be picked out of the crowd, good luck trying to get some help from them. If you are lucky enough to find one that will help you, their knowledge of the beer as well as the inventory is sub-par. The selection has definitely taken a beating since their old beer manager left. At least you can now find him at Readington Wine and Spirits.“
HoppyHippie 4723 days ago
76 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Yeah, the store is a little dumpy and the service wasn’t exactly engaging, but there are tons of beers in this place worth drinking. The Vintage section was particularly interesting with some cool finds like 2000 Ramstein Winter Wheat, Westmalle Dubbel and Tripel from the early 90s, 2000 Orval, and others. Some of the sixers were split up, others weren’t and that kinda sucked a bit. I wasn’t wowed with the Belgian selection, especially their lack of funky or sour beers. Oh well. Regardless, it’s totally worth your while to make a stop. Huge selection, and some crazy finds.“
IPFreely 4965 days ago
58 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“There is a strange duality about this place, since the prices can be hit or miss, the service is nothing special, the place is rather dumpy, and the beer department is totally unorganized. However, it’s also easy to find, and the selection of styles and brewers is well above average, with a standout Belgian selection and an aged/vintage selection that rivals anywhere I’ve ever been. Good whiskey selection too. Weird joint.“
HoppityHop 4980 days ago
76 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“I’ve been making trips to North Joisey for my full-time job recently and decided to check out Super Saver over OakTree for a change. One thing is for sure, Super Saver is easily accessible from Routes 202, 206, 287. Big liquor store with some good deals on wine and spirits. As for the beer I thought there was a great selection and good prices. Vintage beers are marked with dates and reasonably priced as well. When I was there service was just a cashier and a guy stocking wine. It did not stop me from purchasing some hard to find beers at good prices. My next trip to North Joisey will have me stopping at Super Saver on the way up and possibly OakTree on the return drive.“
JFGrind 4995 days ago
86 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This store has done an about face into a great store. More shelving took what used to be a disaster of cases stacked everywhere and turned it into something you can look at. Howie the beer manager really knows his inventory and he has no problem with climbing up onto the shelves to get something or even to check if he has something. If you need help, ask for him. Nice selection of belgians including nice vintages. Check this store out.“
BrianK 4999 days ago
72 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“I had to travel to PA and saw this place listed as Essential and decided to make a stop. The store is a large space with the beers kept at the far right of the store in two long aisles. The aisle with imports and micros is a freaking nightmare. What a mess! There are singles on the left side of the aisle with a terrific selection. I saw beers there I haven’t come across any place else. I picked up several vintage bottles including a 1996 JW Lees and a four pack of 2004 Thomas Hardy among several others. The right side of the aisle has six-packs and is in horrid shape. Stuff strewn all about. It was difficult to reach some of the items on the shelves with all the cases and six packs piled in front. In addition, most of the beers had no price listed. When I asked for help, the person who helped me said he didn’t know much about beers, only where the bottles were on the shelves. This place has the potential to be a superb store, and looking at some of the older reviews, it looks like it once was. The selection is the best I have ever seen, but it needs better organizing and they need some knowlegable staff.“
beerbill 5156 days ago
86 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This is is GREAT, the guys here are working on organizing this mess, I found ALOT of Vintage bottles which I thought would not be found, CHEERS goes out to Howard!!.. Keep going Howard you were handed a HUGE mess and Your getting it cleaned up!!“
Fyrecrakker05 5164 days ago
70 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“they have a lot of beer. the folks try to help out and they are engaging. they sell singles but at inflated prices. the place is somewhat disorganized. i didn’t like paying $2.49 for a single when you are selling the six for $7.49. but i did end up buying quite a few different bottles.“
BREWMUSKCLES 5169 days ago
72 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Dirty and disorganized. Don’t trip while shopping here. Prices and selection are good (both beer and wine). Not recommended for those unwilling to roll-up their sleves and do some digging.“
gasik 5185 days ago
80 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“A very accessible place from major highways, Super saver has a pretty nice selection of domestic micros and imports, plus a nice amount of vintage brews. I can’t say how this was back in the day, but the selection is still pretty good especially for us PA folks. Prices on most 4 and 6 packs are not much more per beer than buying entire cases in PA. Staff was pretty good, but there were so many boxes stacked up in the beer aisle that I nearly broke a few bottles. Worth the trip based on overall price and selection.“
JB175 5407 days ago
46 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“I had been going here almost every week forever........Well, I’m sorry to say my past favorite beer store is gone downhill (apparently under new ownership). Disorganized, messy, and rude. Nothing new for beer and in dissarray (I heard they fired their Beer Manager for not rotating stock). Actually, he had a vintage beer section - they were all barleywines. Found some of those lost beers on the floor next to bud light - 4 cases of Westveltleren 8!!!! THEY WOULDN"T sell me any. Not a bottle. Rude bastards too. My advice - go to OAKTREE in S. Plainfield NJ, the new best place for great brews, excellent + friendly folks.“
AlB 5450 days ago
94 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Best beer store ever (well at least best store I have ever been to). I have only been here once but I have been blown away. Forget any NY store, this is the cream of the crop. Why, you say? Well, first its really not that hard to see off the road. its prety much the tallest building in a string of a strip mall. Then it has the cheap, treasure hunt like appeal (akin to New Beer) with a large selection (akin to Halftime). Messy but full of stuff. There are so many treasures hidden around the store that it is ridiculous. Well, first the regular selection is big, lots of local micros, can get singles, lots of belgians. I know when I read the other reviews and they say lots of Belgians and Fantomes, i think, eh, big deal. But there are rare, never seen before belgians, in large quantities. Some things I was looking for that I found, Bethlehem Rude Elfs Reserve, some 3Fs, and plenty of Sly Fox. The good surprises were some Allagash 10th, its been a year and I havent seen it anywhere. Well there were more. But on top of that these are the best prices I have seen anywhere. The help was very, well, helpful, knew there shit and didnt bother me. SO overall this was good, but the thing that takes the cake is their vintage beers. Lots of vintage beers hidden around. My suggestionm, get in there look at every hole and talk to the staff. You will not be dissapointed.“
beastiefan2k 5503 days ago
74 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“good selection of domestic and belgians and other foreign beers. but it was looking kinda empty on my last visit. they do have every unibroue i’ve ever seen though. and i got an avery beast for under 5 bucks. the prices are nice. the have lots of avery hebrew weyebacher vistory allagash jolly pumpkin. good selection of lambics as well. best beer place i’ve been too. and they let get singles from 6 packs. lots of employees asking me if i need help as well“
hiphops 5531 days ago
74 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Yes they have great belgians, UKs, Europeans, etc., but the vintage selections have been dwindling. so many RB and/or BA people have been going to this place for so long that it’s well beyond no secret. it’s tough to get new stuff here unless you act quickly. after shopping here for a year or so, I’ve also noticed there’s less new stuff coming in. I’ll keep going back, but I’m glad it doesn’t cost me $100+ anymore for each visit.“
MullMan 5636 days ago
88 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“I actually had no problem finding the store and did not h ave the issue of crossing tons of lanes of traffic and I did find a exit 17 on 287 south. I have to say the selection is amazing and being from PA the prices are really cheap compared to where I normally get bottles. I was asked by at least 4 different people while in the beer section if I needed help and while I was there the eight guys that were working in the beer section began to talk about how they got a bad rep on which I found amusing. The only negative I can think of is the carts are pretty wide for the isles and no one helped me carry out my two wine boxes of beer. The selection was great and included Fantome, De Dolle, Westmalle, at least 10 types of Unibroue, DFH (World Wide Stoutm Raisen S’Extra, Fort, Golden Shower), Orval, Allagash, and they had a decent number of vintage beer, some was expensive and some was not.“
pbjclimber 5652 days ago
76 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“An excellent beer store if you are anywhere in the area. Even harder to find than the other BA’s say. I was travelling west on the 287 and there was no exit 17 despite what the map says, so I had to make a major detour back. The gas station next to them benefits. Also it is on south side of street whereas Goggle indicates the north. Inside was an outstanding selection of beer, the Belgium in particular among the best I have seen. Very well organized. The US macro selectiuon is good, but could be a lot better. Bomber city with Allagash, Heavyweight, Sly Fox, Southampton and also Avery, Lancaster, Troeg. Service is normal, if they are in the row and you are piling a lot of bottles in the cart you get someone who tells you if they have seen it on the shelf you are looking at. Happy I scored Unibroue 15. Prices can be cheaper for many items if you shop around, but all around reasonable. “
Sammy 5676 days ago
80 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Weird location, and it does not look like much on the outside. Once I got inside, I nearly sh*t my pants at their selection of non-domestic beers. The beer display is a bit disorganized, so plan some ample time if you are beer hunting. Look in every nook and cranny, because there are some true hidden gems. They even carry vintages, organized by year such as Thomas Hardys, JW Lees, Dominion Millenium, etc. Domestic selection is not as good as State Line in Elkton, but still respectable. Prices seem to be 15-20% cheaper than everyone else. 13.99 for Panil is the cheapest I have ever seen it. Definitely check this place out, but be sure to bring some money. I walked out of there wishing I had a larger beer budget.“
illinismitty 5700 days ago
78 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Lousy location, but definitely worth a visit or 6. Very good single bottles selection. Lots of Belgians and other european brews. I was hoping for more variety in US craft beers, but had some interesting ones. This is a very recommended place.“
biggcb 5706 days ago
86 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass to drive to and the ambience is on the low side. But the selection is out of this world. I just got back from a lunchtime trip here, and I came back with DFH Impy Pils and Fort, Smutty Wheat Wine, Unibroue 15, Zywiec porter, Heavyweight SDLS varieties, Bethlehem Rude Elf, and even a Stoudt’s Anniversary from 2001. There are 4 left if anyone can beat me to them...“
DocLock 5719 days ago
88 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Strange to find and a lot out of the way for me, yes NJ is actually a big state (Going South to North) and watch out for the immediate merge across 3 lanes if coming from 206 North. Other than that I’ll sing Steve’s praises again, I was coming from a trip to New England and he set aside some Interlude for me. Store front is as said, crappy. Selection is very good, never thought I’d find one like this in NJ, good Belgian vintages and excellent selection of micros“
pineypower 5762 days ago
84 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Not a great location and a difficult place to drive in as other people said. Selection is where it’s at. All sorts of micros from the East and a great Belgian selection. They have Rochefort, De Dolle, Cantillon and many more. Very good prices especially on the Belgians. I believe the Rochefort beers were $4.50. That’s very well priced.“
wnhay 5784 days ago
84 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Not too much to add from what’s already been shared. Fantastic collection of various brews both dometic micro & imported to delve thru. Not an organized place which actually enhances your browsing. Watch out you don’t knock over a stack of something in the extremely tight aisles.“
iratherbe 5808 days ago
92 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Ugly location, typical dim-lighted atmosphere (though for me, what makes the ambiance is the attitude of the stunned people you are shopping with and the possibility to seek through wooden crates and find treasures), large, smallish aisles without too much order. Incredible selection boasts a ton of rarities at exceptional prices, there are even quite a few vintages stuff, mostly from belgians and you see the cases they are aging, MartinT mentioned the stuff worth seeking out (+ alpha king, vervi lion, zywiec porter..) more deeply though I think we cleared the vervifontaine blonde stash. The kind of disorganised store that gives a lot of fun seeking through the dusty bottles. Maybe jeroboams and larger bottles. Absolutely fun shopping experience, with the service being basically unused by us, but fast at the cash, if not going the extra lenght of offering free glassware or holding the long conversation we have at Half Time. Still, hard to pick a favorite between Half Time and Somerville’s. Maybe Half Time when Somerville has no Vervifontaine.“
Rastacouere 5890 days ago
90 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“An abysmal store front in a downtrodden strip mall in suburban New Jersey. Yuck. Then you walk and see this immense liquor warehouse. And then you run for the beer section, and your jaw drops. You pick it up to tell your friends what you found. They run to you excitedly to do the same with their discoveries. Amazing. Lots of American micros, a little disorganized, but all reasonably priced, and 6 packs are breakable. The Belgian section is candy for the eyes, with many lambic vintages, very rare finds, nooks and crannies which make you want to play beer detective to seek out an old bottle of something special. Panil Barriquée, Fantôme Brise-Bonbons, Vervifontaine Blonde, Cantillon vintages up the ying-yang, Hanssens lambics in 750mls for less than 9$US, mini-kegs of Schlenkerla products including the Urbock (!!), and I could go on for a long time. A selection as impressive as Half Time, in a dustier and more chaotic setting, but with a few more special bottles, and a few less American micros. But I’m nitpicking, these two stores are the best I have ever seen, and belong in the firmament of beer lovers’s essential stores.“
MartinT 5896 days ago
86 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Steve the beer guy is where it’s at. It’s awesome to browse unmolested by chirpy salespeople and be able to reach into the back of the cooler and pull out a 1.5 L HOTD Fred batch 11 (which I did). Score. Selction, decent pricing, and a good place for wine too, if you dig that kinda thing.“
Probiere 5991 days ago
80 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Richlikebeer took me here a month ago and I was very pleased. There was a large selection of big Belgian bottled beers and a display with an array of bier de gardes on hand. They had a good diversity of stuff with a lot of US micros like 3 Floyds, Sea Dog, Smuttynose, Blue Ridge, etc. Wine lovers would love this place! I was suprised that they could fit everything in one aisle and a cooler area. The pricing wasn’t evident per bottle until I hit the register and I was pleasantly surprised how at the relatively low cost of everything I got. Some places would have charged me more than double of the $38 I dropped-this was enough to fill the bottom drawers of my fridge. I wasn’t enthralled by the staff-I see there are a few dedicated ones but the people I encountered were similar to what you would see in the movie Clerks. Honestly, I don’t care given the selection and pricing of the beer. They could put no staff and a U-Scan and I’d hit it. It is kind of like a slightly dingy dusty warehouse but the merchandise trumps every negative factor I can think of. All I have to say is GO HERE! “
JFURYCAT 6010 days ago
86 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Super Saver lives up to the hype! Steve, the beer guy, put aside a bottle of Peche Mortel for me...and I had never met Steve or even been to Super Saver before! Now, that’s service! Besides jam packed aisles of great beers, there is also a selection of vintage stuff that seems to have been well cared for, but you will pay a price ($$) for this luxury. I was offered help by two dudes besides Steve. If there’s a chance of finding something rare and new in NJ, this seems to be the place to check first.

If you’re interested, their wine selection is also very good.“

willblake 6013 days ago
82 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“made my first visit here and was seriously impressed. the selection was outstanding, and the beer manager not only helped me himself, but offered to call me when certain hard to find products come in. my only complaint was that the isles were a little cluttered with cases, making it a little hard to get around, and to see some of the items on the shelves. i could easily have dropped a couple hundred bucks here, but was afraid of what my wife would do to me.“
richlikebeer 6102 days ago
58 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This place has gone way downhill in the past two years. The service was always lacking, but you put up with it because they had some rare vintage beers. Now they have lots of empty spaces where the better beers used to be, and the service is worse than ever! Kids who work there are not just not helpfull, but down right rude. Will never go back again!“
jimmack 6102 days ago
72 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Kind of run down store. Great overall selection with good pricing. No one offered help, but when I asked if they had any Westy’s in stock on e of the guys went and doubled checked for me. They didn’t. Various vintage offerings. Was in between a work outing so i dashed in and out. Worth a visit when your in the area.“
OldGrowth 6131 days ago
82 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“This place rocked. Tons of vintage beer, belgians, and other imports. The only down side; before I knew it, my bill was over $200 (but I’m not complaining). I went back a couple weeks later and they had another botle of Stille Nacht Reserva! Also had 8 yr old bottles of Westy 12s and many other vintage bottles not out 3 weeks earlier.“
hopdog 6189 days ago
88 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Great place, lots of vintages, Belgians, micros, sakes, whatever! Service took a little while to attend to me, but once they did, was very helpful. Even picked up a bottle of Still Nacht Reserva! But it may have ben his last.“
egajdzis 6211 days ago
52 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Re-Rerate, Service is decent, they want to help but didnt have extensive knowledge of the beers. The place is a bit of a hodge-podge in sections, some are clean (macro isle), but gives that flea market effect of finding a hidden gem. Problem is, most of the aged brews are gone and NJ is a great state to find less than common beers these days, so Somerville IMHO is not essential by any stretch. Good selection of English brews, Beligians are average, american is probably their strong point. Overall, was disappointed this go round... “
Cornboy 6326 days ago
80 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“Ambiance? - it's a liquor store! Great selection of belgian beers, british, american and a whole bunch of foreign beers. Good service, people know their business and check out is quick with a lot of packing material. I spent there more money than anywhere else in New Jersey“
YogiBeera 6511 days ago
74 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“If you want Belgians, they got it. I have never seen so many Belgians in my life, and all corked products are stored on their sides! Bring a hundred! Bring a thousand! you will spend it!“
MaiBockAddict 6521 days ago
50 /100 888. RT. 22 EAST
“They have Westvleteren, Rochefort, biere de gardes galore. Very nice American micro selection as well. Prices are excellent. Great selection of Belgians. Tthe store has great selection of beer. “
mkobes 6521 days ago
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