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64 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Stopped in on a Sunday afternoon. The interior was a bit worn and tired looking. They had a good number of house beers on tap, but everything in my flight was just mediocre. The appetizer I ordered was decent. Service was acceptable and prices seemed average. They have shuffleboard and darts, if that is of interest to you.“
jenray 2295 days ago
74 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Stopped in for a flight. More of a college bar type atmosphere. 10 house beers on tap. Only tried 4, and they were decent. Our bartender was a nice guy and liked talking beer with us. Would definitely recommend stopping in and trying a few beers if your in the area.“
Ed5388 2352 days ago
64 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Decent brewpub near Seton Hall. I used to go here frequently in college. College atmosphere with shuffleboard. A few decent guest taps. The beer used to have some quality control issues with the tap lines. Not sure if that’s been fixed. I’d stop by if I was visiting someone from Seton Hall but wouldn’t go out of my way.“
jtclockwork 2717 days ago
68 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“A dated interior awaits just beyond the front doors. At first glance, it seemed no one at the bar was drinking house beers, but we ordered ours anyway. The beers were ok, and when we asked for their guest beers, a handwritten list came back with a few beers, one of which was "Stone". At any rate, the service was fine and the food good.“
BeerandBlues2 2820 days ago
66 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“This was a very interesting place. The decor is stuck in the ’80s, the food is plain but massive portions, very filling. Seemed like there were dozens of staff, so service is quick, even though it was our server’s first day on the job. The beers were not worth writing home about. Sampler flight seemed like an unknown thing, but they did kindly put one together for us. We asked for a list of their bottles/guest list, and after a while we were handed a hand-written list on a guest check. Overall worth a stop.“
Travlr 2833 days ago
64 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Visited May 2012.

Last stop of the day, and in New Jersey of all places. At first glance this isn’t the nicest part of town but I didn’t have any problems in the hour I was there. The restaurant has some small hop plants growing up the front of the building for decoration. Inside is a bar right in the middle of the room with a couple of large tvs scattered around the room. They were playing Rambo 4 on the tv which was awesome but it was also the television version which was a let down. What was also a letdown was the flight of house beers. They had a couple that were ok but most were not something I would drink again even if it was free. Across the bar was a couple, presumably on a first date that were fighting. It was both funny and sad to see. He was both angry and dumpy looking. The nachos were decent. Rambo and nachos are a good combination but I could use some better beer.“
t0rin0 2882 days ago
74 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“One of the earlier brewpubs and beer bars in north Jersey. Decent enough place...just good enough to be worth a special trip...but not great enough to return to very often. The place...service...and selections are a bit eclectic...not quite the norm...sometimes thst’s good and they hit a home run with an unusual beer or food offering...sometimes it’s just a miss though. One nice thing is that the place is in walking distance to the train station...that’s always handy.“
PRBeer 3041 days ago
84 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Fairly decent little brew pub. Own beers were good, if not brilliant, but well priced. Reasonable guest range, and even a handpump. Well worth a slight detour to visit.“
sic1314 3368 days ago
86 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Great selection in bottles and draft. The beers that they make are pretty good as well, I like their winter offerings better than the summer ones. The food complements the beers fairly well and the atmosphere is nice and welcoming.“
JGMoney 3781 days ago
52 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Nice selection of their own brews along with some guest taps.“
waltv 3920 days ago
74 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Stopped in here in the early afternoon on a Saturday. For a while it was us, another couple, a guy reading a book, and the bartender. At least in the bar. The dining area seemed to be doing brisk business. The atmosphere was quite nice, with a great view of the brew area, which was actually in use while we were there. Got to watch a hop addition, and some other stuff. We had eaten lunch prior to coming, and were having dinner elsewhere shortly after, so only got a mozzarella plate, but it was excellent. Beer sampler was reasonably priced. Beers were nothing amazing, but still decent. Overall a nice place and one I would love to swap with the brewpub up the street from me.“
j12601 4141 days ago
64 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“A pretty solid brewery. They had quite a few options on draft, and some non-standard brewpub choices, which is always nice. The beers were solid, not overwhelmingly good, but solid for sure. I liked the food as well. Lots of options, from steaks, to pasta, to seafood, to German style food, to deli, there was something on there for just about anyone. Our server was nice enough, though he didn’t seem overly knowledgeable about the beer. We went their for dinner, and sat at a table, not the bar, and I had no idea they had anything on cask or any guest beers. The menu only listed their own stuff, and didn’t even mention which ones were available and which were not, I had to ask the waiter for that information. Nice place, but that part was pretty annoying. “
ben4321 4216 days ago
86 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“The food was quite good. What struck me most was that the beers were served at the right temperature (e.g. the A.B.C. bitter was served at room temperature). This seems rare for the area...“
pbts 4406 days ago
78 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Nice place. Food is solid to very good. Nice range of beers. Very friendly staff in my experience. Their growler didnt seal for me though and i ended up with flat cask bitter.“
lowgun1212 4413 days ago
80 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“My Favorite pub, im there almost once a week, they have great(but sometime pricey) food along with fantastic House Beer. “
gservo 4435 days ago
72 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“I always enjoy a fun trip to Gaslight with some old friends when I am visiting family on the east coast. The bar stools the front room are almost always occupied. There is a positive vibe to the restaurant. Their beer cheese soup is a must. The sandwiches and burgers are both good (try the pizza or salsa burgers), and their more upscale cuisine is prepared well, too. The booze selection is middle of the road, but some of their brews (Wee Heavy, especially) make for good session beers. The service is good, the food is good, the beer is good. What else could you possibly want?“
smashteroid 4658 days ago
90 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“I am a huge fan of Gaslight, excellent place. Yes, some of the family members there can be a little grumpy once in a while...but it’s because they truly run their restaraunt as a ’family’ style place. Anyway, the food is always good, no matter what you get. I’ve had almost everything on the menu through the years...but you’ll want to pay attention to their Garlic Shrimp, BBQ Pork Quesadilla’s, any of the German bratwurst/sausage dishes, Pasta with Chicken & Pesto, and ANY of the deserts - which are usually always home made. They also generally have exciting specials from weekend to weekend, that range from new appetizers and salads to dinners and deserts. The beer is excellent, especially the Bison Brown & the Bulldog Blonde. Their beers generally range from 4.5% ABV to 6.0%. They also stock an impressive array of harder to find beers, both in bottle and on tap, as well as carry ’guest beers’ from season to season. I prefer the bar area to the dining area, much nicer, cozier place. I must admit the dining area is somewhat....plain jane and boring. Needs to be re-done. But the bar area and adjacent bar seating area is fantastic to be in, with darts, shuffleboard & video games as well. Excellent overall!“
NaturalMystic 4690 days ago
78 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“I am a fan of Gaslight. It’s only about an 8 minute walk/stumble from my place and that makes for some pretty interesting nights. The crowd is a bit younger considering it’s located right down the street from Seton Hall University. I’ve always had excellent service and the bartenders seem to be friendly and helpful. They usually have anywhere from 3 to 7 of their own brews on tap with a selection of up to 20 guest beers (estimates). Perfect for NFL Sundays as they have enough TV’s and the DirecTV NFL package so you can watch any game you want.“
NaturalIce 4790 days ago
76 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“My experience recently was actually pleasent. I mean I didn’t expect it to be bad it was just better than I expected. I had a few beers on tap including the new winter which was Satan Claws. Info on those read my reviews. The place is and average looking bar but nice size with the brew tanks around the corner in the back visible from the dining area. Pretty cool. The food was very good. I just had a burger and it was great, the menu did have a good variety though which wa good. Beer wa served in the proper glassware and the staff was pretty nice and friendly.“
yobdoog 4923 days ago
90 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“G-LIGHT!! Me and my buddy absolutly love Gaslight. we go there about 3 nights a week. They are a great place with great beer and a great juke box as well. Jeff behind the bar is a great guy.“
ESP8307 4977 days ago
20 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Beer was not great, but plan to give it a second try (its been over a year). Had a very bad pumkin ale. Food is the problem. It was bad. Too bad, close to home.“
n49921 5128 days ago
66 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Visited when in town for business. Street parking in front. Clean older building with brewing in the front and bar in front center with tables for food and beverages in the back. Eight standard and seasonals on tap. All were drinkable brews. Freindly bartender. Germany food menu, but could not eat.“
Tmoney99 5137 days ago
50 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“This was a pretty average brewpub experience, at best. Sat at the bar and ordered a sampler of all the beers, I think there were eight good sized samples for $11.50, and also two dishes (wurst plate and small margherita pie). The wurst plate was $8 and amounted to less than a whole sausage worth of three different sausages, terribly small portion, but tasty, and it came with about two tablespoons of potato salad and 1/4 cup of kraut. The bar pie was NOT margherita - more like bowling alley-type heated in a toaster oven. Not good. The menu was extensive and might be worth a re-visit. There was a nice range of beers from helles and dry stout to some kind of belgian strong ale. Some were so-so but mostly they seemed sub-par and three or four had serious diacetyl issues. Besides their own beer, they have a few decent others like Lindemans and Chimay. Some of the patrons, seemingly regulars, were, um, interesting characters.“
willblake 5345 days ago
42 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“I was at this place on business with some business friends. We were not there on business, but rather to eat. After rating three of their beers in a typical manner at the dinning room table with my friends watching me intently on what and how I was rating the beers, I was thrown out! Out into the bar area at least. There I was able to continue rating. Then my friends said that was ridiculous and joined me in the bar area. I could not believe what I was hearing! The owner evidently did not like having business conducted in her dining room. We were not "Conducting Business". So, now I get to rant here! The beer was so-so but the bartender was knowledgeable and the wait staff was attentive. My recommendation is to go there and try the beers, but DO NOT DO IT IN THE DINING AREA! YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT!“
thedm 5435 days ago
56 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“We ate in the bar area during lunchtime -- nice-looking place. There was nothing special about their beers, but the food was decent and service adequate (although they knew nothing about the beers they were serving). I should mention that they had a number of good beers available, just that they weren’t the ones they brewed.“
argo0 5471 days ago
68 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“a nice looking brewpub with lots of exposed brick. Beers brewed on premise were average, food was good. I liked the fact that they had guest beers both on tap and in the bottle. Also liked the german selections on the menu for something different. I would go back for the food rather than the beer. Bartender knew beer and was very helpful.“
hophead75 5537 days ago
82 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“A decent brewpub with good food, above average beer, and a real nice decor. The beer was not remarkable, but fine. Also had some nice other choices as well. The price might be a little high for their stuff, but not ridiculous.“
tsarman 5654 days ago
62 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“I have hit this place twice while in they area on business. One bartender was terrible, and the other was good (but lacked beer knowledge). The house beers, previous raters have stated, are nothing special. But they have other decent beers on tap, and rotate a regional keg. Very mixed crowd. Old, rustic appearance with the exposed brick walls. The food is pretty good but a tad overpriced for this type of fare. I would normally say "don’t go out of your way", but this is a good as you will get in this area. So I say swing by only if you are close.“
illinismitty 5704 days ago
58 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Okay food, okay beers, decent old brick atmosphere, service seemed inexperienced.“
Probiere 5866 days ago
74 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Nice place. Asider their beers on tap a decent selection of bottled beers including some nice Belgiums as Orval. The food was very good, overpriced though. The service was very nice and also helpful with informations.“
YogiBeera 6086 days ago
72 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Excellent place. Eclectic bunch of people from all ages. Yuppies, hippies, college kids, middle aged people, and random wanderers such as ourselves all chilled on a Friday night and was grand. Decent cover band of rock and 90’s stuff. Wide variety. House beers not so impressive. Waitstaff not so impressive. Bartender works hard, but trips into sabotaging samplers (and their order) when working with waitstaff. A really welcoming place.“
beaconstreet 6102 days ago
74 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“Aside from sabotage, an amazing place. Great selection, rotating casks, live music, varied and diverse crowd. Their house beers are not so great, but the rest of the selection makes up for it. Just watch out for sabotage. THE ACE OF SPADES.“
Jine 6102 days ago
62 /100 15 S ORANGE AVE
“The place is fun to visit. The square bar in front provides ample bar seating. There is also a dart area. This is a popular hang out for the locals, so some seedy types are occasionally present. Beer is not going to impress many, but they do male a good one from time to time. Food is above average and this is a better place to visit if you are looking for more than just beer.“
MaiBockAddict 6111 days ago
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