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90 /100 90-80 US HIGHWAY 206
“Best selection in the immediate area, hands down. Giant isle of craft and imported beers from all over. Prices are good. Worth the stop for sure.“
shawnsiegel1 2452 days ago
76 /100 90-80 US HIGHWAY 206
“I’ve never been in a shop-rite before and frankly I wasn’t expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised. They’re located in a shopping center so parking is plentiful. It looks like a grocery store with booze. I didn’t notice the out of state sign (Two words:Passport card) but I had no problem buying anything. One thing they do that’s cool is put a plastic coating on the windows which blocks out a lot of light. The store is clean and well maintained. The beer is on the left side of the store. They had several coolers as well as two pick six selections that have a wide range of brews. They also have an extensive bomber selection amongst several shelves. They had a number of local and regional craft choices but also several Mikellers, Nogne O, Port Brewing, and Lost Abbey. There were a couple of people milling about in the beer section asking if I needed any help. You could do much, much, much worse than this place and it’s a miracle they have a selection this good in this town.“
DiarmaidBHK 3132 days ago
60 /100 90-80 US HIGHWAY 206
“(Visited 08/2003): Located right off Rte 206, the Shoprite Liquor store is attached to the grocery store but with a separate entrance. Being a grocery store, parking should not be a real problem. The first thing I noticed when entering were several signs that proclaimed you could not purchase alcohol at Shoprite with an out-of-state driver’s license. With that in mind, unless you are CLEARLY over 21, you may be in for some problems buying anything here. I think that is a stupid policy so the "Service" score is being dinged accordingly. Unfortunately I saw the same sign at all of the Shoprite Liquor stores I visited. The good news is you can actually find some good beers here. Some notables were DFH, Pocono, River Horse, Victory, Young’s etc. Unfortunately none of the local/regional stuff was available in singles. Aside from the usual macro bombers/Asahi etc., Sam Smith’s were about the only worthwhile singles. The staff is about the level of knowledge you would expect working for a grocery store chain. Overall, I am sure there are beer stores with better selection but this is definitely worth a stop if you are in the immediate area. “
Dogbrick 3133 days ago
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