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66 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Nice enough sparse brewery outfit in an industrial area. Clean and airy. Good beers. Accommodating enough. Good sampler prices.“
BREWMUSKCLES 249 days ago
74 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Strip mall location, very close to the Garden State exit, so an easy stop off if you are headed somewhere else. Decent setup with a good size bar for ordering and a few communal tables. Flights and full pours available plus crowlers and some limited cans to go. Beers are decent, sometimes hit or miss, but solid overall. Good use of their namesake turning method to demonstrate the brewing process on the wall, as someone who's lived in this state for about a decade now, I'm still not quite sure why they are necessary, but it makes for a good process illustration.“
ben4321 834 days ago
74 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Located in a strip mall, brewery has a relatively small seating area and 16 taps. Friendly counter staff, lots of suggestions. Beer tasted good. No food.“
GregMooreNH 909 days ago
76 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Strip mall brewery. Beers are okay. They crowler. Ample parking. Closest brewery to Kane in NJ. Flights of four are available. They had eight offerings when I was there.“
jtclockwork 1788 days ago
88 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“In a strip mall and a bit hard to see from the road I thought my GPS was wrong at first. I thought walking up to it that a strip mall spot might not be that great but I realized that it pretty much means it’s a lot easier to grab food than any brewery I have been to. Inside is fairly big for a tasting room. Most local breweries the tasting room and brewery are separate but here it’s one and the same. This was great as they have a wall to lean one and you can drink while they brew. Brewers were more than friendly and talked and answered any questions while working. A good crowd was presant for a just opened brewery. Beers nice and solid now I think they will only get better with a bit of history under their belts.“
njnut 2095 days ago
74 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Nice stop. Inside a strip mall, but space is pretty spacious inside. Friendly service, although the girl that rang me up thought my one year old daughter (dressed in teal flower sundress) was a boy. Decent selection of beers on tap, which were all average at best. I would definitely go again being that it’s only 30 min from my house. Hoping the beers get better as the brewery progresses.“
Ed5388 2123 days ago
74 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“Nice spot. Service is very friendly. Flights are really cheap. Beer is solid and covers a lot of simple and accessible styles. This place would be an especially great resource for someone just getting into craft beer to learn about new styles too. Having a crowler machine is a huge plus too.“
conway 2138 days ago
78 /100 4057 ASBURY AVE
“I just returned from the Jughandle Brewing opening day. This is a very nice strip mall brewery with lots of room and all of the equipment visible. They opened with 6 beers...generically called...Hefeweizen, Saison, English Bitter, IPA, RyePA, and Stout. I thought all of them were very good for an opening day. I especially found the RyePA to be notable followed by the IPA...but there were really no weak offerings. The staff here (family...including 5 daughters helping out...one of the family told me).was great...all had smiles...were very helpful...and talkative. Check out the American flag made out of fire hoses...impressive. I think Jughandle will do well. The have a great location...very nice people...and given beers tend to get better over the 6-12 months following an opening (assuming they were at least decent to start...and these are)...they should do well. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they are about 10 mins away from Kane...so they will get lots of people visiting both locations on a single trip. Check them out when in the area.“
PRBeer 2166 days ago
100 /100
Spirits Unlimited (Beer Store)
“BEST SELECTION AROUND! I can personally say that I have been to almost all of the liquor stores around Tinton Falls and none of them compare with this selection! When I first saw the beer was I honestly wasn’t overly impressed with the size, but they truely do magic with the space that they have. Many name brands like Ommegang, Lakefront, Dogfishhead, flying dog, etc are seperated by some things that I have not heard of but am excited to try. My first time in this store was about two years ago, and I must admit that they have improved 100%. The best part is that the selection is ALWAYS CHANGING! They pride themselves in the "make your own 6-pack" idea and I had absolutely no problem mixing up my own case with a few buddies of mine. We took it home and chilled it down and then enjoyed while we watched sunday night football nearly finishing the case in the process, and now that is our weekly tradition! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Lastly, I greatly appriciate the customer service. My buddy asked one simple question and the "cooler guy" spent almost a half hour with us mixing up our case, he deffinately knew what he was taling about!“
JordanWhite 3828 days ago
50 /100
Spirits Unlimited (Beer Store)
“Okay I had to look this up on the map to make sure it was really the place I thought it was. Meh, I don’t really think it belongs here but I guess it’s borderline and it does appear that they’re trying at least. And the selection is decent enough that I hit them up once every couple of months when I don’t feel like driving three minutes further to Spirits Red Bank (not affiliated, btw) because this is closer to work. As the other rater noted, what small amount of unrefrigerated space they have dedicated to beer is mostly jam packed with decent, if uninteresting, micro and craft brews. Broad range of styles on hand, but limited selection within style. Lots of dusty bottles maybe old, maybe just because of nearby foot traffic, but it’s disconcerting nonetheless. Nobody has ever approached me to assist while I’ve spent time staring at their shelves of beer. The ability to buy single 12ozers is nice. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking to grab some beer to have with your pizza at Ninette’s.“
willblake 5156 days ago
70 /100
Spirits Unlimited (Beer Store)
“Haven’t been to this Spirits in quite a bit. Well the did a nice job with the beer department. They have a good selection of micros which are all available by the single bottle or six pack. Single 12oz beers go from 1.99 to 2.12. You can also make your own six for a set price ($8.99). Bad part is that most of the micros are kept warm seeing how they do not have many coolers. The cooler space is occupied by mostly macros. Still I appricate the selection and the beer guy was friendly and helpful.“
cryfreedmb 5252 days ago