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82 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Great brew pub! Came here to complete my NJ craftbeer brewery & brewpub adventure (been to everything in NJ thru Third State’s grand opening...lot’s more pending or imminent though!).after visiting the Maple Shade location last year. I like this location a bit better...but obviously they are similar. I had a flight of 7 beers the night I visited (after Third State and before picking up some Spellbound IPA!). I enjoyed them. None were what I would call outstanding...but most were still very good...and the food is decent enough. All in all a good place to hangout if not a stellar craftbeer bar.“
PRBeer 2569 days ago
82 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
Ambiance: Slightly upscale feel to the bar with a modern look.
Service: I’ve always had decent service here. Nothing to praise overly, but solid service.
Selection: Good number of rotating taps and good house beers.
Food: Food can be a bit pricey for what you get, but overall it’s good food.
Value: Great beer value during happy hour, otherwise overall bill can be a tad pricey.
Overall: A nice local Iron Hill with a solid brewer. Worth visiting if you’re in the area.“
keanex 2606 days ago
80 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Stopped in here on national peanut butter day to try 3 new PB beers! They were quote busy and the staff was reeling a bit upon opening but all hands on deck including brewers got it on track fast and I got the same great service and food that I’m used to at Iron hill locations. This location has the long bar setup. Growler filling machine. Really cool brewer.“
reggiedunlop 2715 days ago
82 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Nice experience. The place was beautiful. Nice to see a brewpub not too far from home.“
MadIndian 3013 days ago
86 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Great experience for my first time to an Iron Hill Brewpub. Really beautiful modern place. An amazing selection of beers. I wound up sampling 13 different beers and there were still more I never got to try. The beer was also delicious. Most brewpubs I’ve been to have average beers, but the majority of the ones I had here were exceptional and above average. Especially the coffee beers. Everything was reasonably priced and food was also delicious. Also my bartender Beverly was a joy to talk to and was very knowledgable about not only Iron Hills beer, but beer in general. Great place, can’t wait to go back!“
Ed5388 3037 days ago
“Was in this little section of suburban sprawl on errand day and was surprised to find a liquor store in this plaza. It’s much cleaner and better organized than the other RW I’ve been to, and has a fresher, larger selection. First things first, excellent, excellent service. Layout is warehouse-style, and prices are fair, even though the discount I was awarded was "only" 5% (10% elsewhere). Selection is not world-beating, but good enough. I was happy to find a few singles that aren’t even stocked by the two larger store chains in the area. Think I’ll be back every few months (there are a lot of restaurants and miscellaneous services stores in the area), surely to pair with a trip to the Iron Hill around the corner. [2014.01.16: 74]

Have been back on the order of ten times, selection rotates almost as frequently as the the young girls that work the register. Always something new for me here, even if that means low-quality eastern Euro imports (but usually that means regional brewers not in the distribution networks I normally shop). Love coming here for single cans. Hard to recommend to out-of-towners, but they’ll definitely have my business. P.S. Much better than the other Roger Wilco’s I’ve visited -- this one’s actually clean and has very little old stock. [2015.12.27: 80]“
ganache 3092 days ago
92 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“The sight of this little development of commercial properties is still shocking to me, having grown not too far from the area before moving away. But they can definitely make it work here! Inner decor is the same as all the other IHs, and a lot of the standards hold: creativity from the excellent kitchen, well-trained and friendly servers, consistent product and high prices on the bottled reserves. But the brewers here, Kevin and Andrew, really know what they’re doing -- consistent high marks across the board from me and nice range of diversity across the seasonals, from Belgian to German to English to quintessentially American.“
ganache 3117 days ago
78 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“A typical Iron Hill, rather new though. Fresh beers, good food, good service. We bought a few bottles to go, at good prices. Located in a town center type development.“
BeerandBlues2 3161 days ago
80 /100 13107 TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Big modern place, similar to the other locations, smaller I think. Large mumber of seasonals on tap. Young table servers were eager and enthusiastic. Bar staff was more knowledgeable. Beers were tasty. Decent selection of bittles, a bit pricey.“
Travlr 3175 days ago
“This Roger Wico is set up other Roger Wilcos I’ve been to, a warehouse feel to it, nothing out of the ordinary and all the beer is pretty much together, making it easy to find. The service is decent, I have no complaints about it and I’ve never dealt with a rude worker.

The selection is decent, but I can’t help but wonder how knowledgeable the beer manager(s) are. They have a lot of space to work with but their selection seems average for the size. They have a small section for each style, including some imports and a few windows for craft beer to keep cold, but I can’t help but think that there’s so much more they could have.

Prices are fine, comparable to other stores and they do have a sale section, which is a good thing, but it’s tucked away, the sale stuff should be up front to grab people’s attention.

Overall I think this place is okay, I usually stop in when I’m done seeing a movie. I’ve never really seen anything here that makes me want to go out of my way to get. I think the stock is managed rather well, in the way of sales to get rid of stuff, but I still see old stuff on the shelf like at least 7 month old Weyerbacher Double Simcoe and they can’t even pretend it’s not old because the labels were changed a long time ago. I wish they were looking for a beer manager because I would love to run this place, or at least bring my knowledge here. I think they need someone who is very passionate about beer to bring some life to this place.“
keanex 3492 days ago
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