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70 /100 2381 AZTEC RD NE
“Busy place on an afternoon visit on New Year’s Day. Beers were purely mediocre, apart from the Exodus IPA, which was nice. Did not eat.“
hauxe 13 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Place was busy and we had a fifteen minute wait. Modern atmosphere, pleasant, casual. Drank a flight of four mostly mediocre beers. Highlight was the beer menu which, with some creative items like cornbread waffles, was above average. Friendly staff.“
hauxe 13 days ago
80 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Visited on New Year’s Day. Big place with lots of seating. Very modern decor. Laid back and quiet during our afternoon visit. Can’t remember the size of the flights but came away with 8 ticks. Everything decent to good except for that Mexican Lager..“
hauxe 13 days ago
80 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Visited on New Year’s Day. Place was busy but not full. Had a flight of six beers, which on the whole were above average. Good stop.“
hauxe 13 days ago
86 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Interesting place, and after visiting, I totally get why this place is so highly rated. Located in an industrial park surrounded by other breweries with a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating. Around 16 beers of theirs on draft. The big con for this place is that I'm a stouts / barleywines guy, and they didn't really have much in that nature on draft (the one stout I had was very good, but it was just a simple straightforward roasty stout). The big pro is that basically everything they do is spot-on. Maybe the best Munich dunkel I've had. Great stout, great hefe, and so on. If you like well-crafted beer that isn't adjuncted to hell, worth going out of your way to this place. (Also, flight of 6 beers was $11. So, good deal value-wise).“
WestCoastHawkeye 320 days ago
76 /100 3351 COLUMBIA DRIVE NE
“Newer place up in the warehouse area near La Cumbre. Thought went into the build, and they have a lot of space, very roomy. Long L shaped bar. Kind of quiet on my visit. Tap list covered a range of styles, all decent. Food available from onsite kitchen.“
stevoj 722 days ago
60 /100 2200 SUNPORT BLVD SE
“Even for an airport bar, this seemed a little wonky, as if they had this space they didn't know what to do with. Kind of slapped together. Menu but did not eat. Rio Grande and Sierra Blanca (same thing?) beers on tap and maybe one guest. Service was not the fastest.“
stevoj 722 days ago
62 /100 3600 CUTLER AVE
“Reasonable space but few beers on tap, and it's their most popular. Growlers and singles available to buy. Not a compulsory stop if you have tried their beers ever.“
Sammy 723 days ago
74 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Based on the quality of the beer and the service, it makes complete sense that this is place #1 in the state. Must stop.“
Sammy 723 days ago
70 /100 1501 1ST STREET NW
“wide open space married to the brewhouse, industrial, open. Seating was limited to bar and a few tables, with a patio available for nicer weather. Tap menu was focused on lagers and sours, but apparently rotates. Amiable staff.“
stevoj 723 days ago
70 /100 3700 ELLISON NW
“Now under the name of Craftworks. Tucked away in the back of an industrial area, this place was pretty spartan. Bare bones interior, no pretensions. Beer on one half of the menu, cider (Sandia) on the other. Plain and simple. Good service.“
stevoj 723 days ago
“wandered a bit out of the way to this location, and it was more than worth it. Altho Unique little artsy space. They closed at 8, but they stayed open late for a few stragglers. wide range of styles, excellent service. Quirky, fun, laid back.“
stevoj 723 days ago
76 /100 601 GOLD AVE SW
“A bit quiet on a Thursday evening, but allowed me to sink in and absorb some of their brews. Limited menu, but it really hit the spot. Tried a range of IPAs, and all were quite good.Good service, crowd ebbed and flowed. Better than expected.“
stevoj 723 days ago
78 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Located in an old warehouse on the outskirts of Old Town, wide open spaces, but lent itself to smaller, more intimate gatherings. Tap list leaned hard on sours, witha few more traditonal styles sprinkled throughout. Pils and Hazy were A-OK. Stout was mildly sour, but added an interesting wrinkle. Avoided traditional sour styles, but reviews show them as quite good..“
stevoj 723 days ago
74 /100 413 2ND STREET SW
“Stopped by a Monday night, expecting a sparse crowd. It was packed. pretty convenient to downtown. Tap list reflected a a nice variety of styles. Crowd thinned after dinner hour, and it was much more laid back. Great service, all around good quality of beer. Recommend.“
stevoj 726 days ago
74 /100 1761 BELLAMAH NW
“Stopped in here as my work location was on this end of town. Nice way to end the day of sitting in class. Happy hour specials for food and drinks. Nice selection of taps, regulars and seasonals. A few harder to find styles as well (altbier, anyone?) Quiet, but steady stream of customrs. Price was right. Had some sliders that really hit the spot. Much better than expected.“
stevoj 726 days ago
62 /100 6701 UPTOWN BLVD NE
“Typical layout for a TW outlet. A bit underwhelmed by the local selection, but found enough to keep me through the week. Prices were reasonable, good service. Taps available“
stevoj 727 days ago
68 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“This place is sort of on the way from the sirport to downtown. Lo tech interior in an odd corner space. Food available, and it was really good. Tap list was not quite accurate, as a lot of what was on the list was not available. Nice to see some less popular styles here. Beer was good, the best was their Red Horse lager, which was full and tasty. Bombers to go as well. patio in the back.“
stevoj 727 days ago
58 /100 2924 GIRARD BLVD NE
“Pretty non-descript location in an industrial area. Small crowded tap room, food and spirits available. Did not eat. Ordered a flight of a range of there beers, nothing stood out. Worth a visit if you're looking for a new brewrey or place tick, but La Cumbre is about a block away. 'Nuff said“
stevoj 727 days ago
90 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Great tap room with a great selection beers. All the beers I tried we great.“
edgallow 916 days ago
52 /100 2200 SUNPORT BLVD SE
“2 hours to kill, see a brew pub in the airport what the Hell. Wasn't expecting much and got what I expected. Go into knowing that it is weak and they have you trapped ... only had chips and salsa too. They did do flights of their mediocre beer (listed on the menu but the waiter had no idea what I was asking for). What a way to say good bye to NM and the 10+ days of other brewpubs - but again, I knew what I as getting into and did it anyway.“
hopdog 917 days ago
80 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Last stop before hitting the airport. Decent amount of beers on tap - average to above. Wish I had more time to try out the food truck, but was early and wasn't hungry. Will stop by again if ever in NM ...“
hopdog 918 days ago
60 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“Only stopped here since it was 2 min from my Hotel I was staying at before flying out the next day. Hole in the wall vibe with locals at the bar. I found the beer selection lacking (even beers on the board I wanted I was told kicked - erase it!). Average to below average beers. Would not seek it out and a bit disappointing ...“
hopdog 918 days ago
76 /100 106 GIRARD BLVD SE
“Decent amount of beers on tap ... but I found them average (but that's not bad). Food was ok. Would stop by again but would not seek out.“
hopdog 918 days ago
80 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Industrial area location. Stopped by mid afternoon on a Friday and they were pretty crowded. Decent amount of beers on tap and the ones I had above average and good. I would stop by again for sure.“
hopdog 921 days ago
68 /100 1100 SAN MATEO BLVD NE, STE 50
“Located in a weird (for me) area ... looks like a closed mall then you park / go down a ramp that opens up to where the brew pub is - took me a little bit to find it as the signage from the street wasn't really there. Average if not slightly below beers with OK food. Tick ...“
hopdog 921 days ago
68 /100 1761 BELLAMAH NW
“Stopped by here since it was close to the Museum that I took my daughter too. Beers so-so but the food was decent. I wouldn't seek it out , but for me at the time, convenient and it is a tick.“
hopdog 927 days ago
82 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Tucked away in an industrial area, La Cumbre is worth finding. You can try a flight of up to six beers, which you probably will want to do (unless you're driving). Their A Slice of Hefen is one of the best Hefeweizens I have ever downed, and their Project Dank is phenomenal. The servers really knew their job and how to make recommendations. If you live in or near Albuquerque and love great craft beer, you'll become a regular here.“
Cybercat 928 days ago
88 /100 1800 4TH ST. NW
“Visited here on Memorial Day '19 to kill some time before my flight left. Located in kind of an industrial area outside of downtown Albuquerque. Plenty of room inside, long bar, plenty of table, patio outside with some umbrellas. Kind of a industrial feel, clean lines, very open aired. Friendly barkeep, talkative locals. Have about 15 or so of their own on tap, a few guest taps. The three I had were top notch. Short menu, brew pub standards, paninis, sandwiches, mac & cheese. Check out the display of toy tractors on the way to the restrooms - pretty cool.“
PorterPounder 959 days ago
92 /100 9801 ACOMA RD SE
“Nice Small Brewery. Every time I've gone there is at least 2-3 good beers. The Service and atmosphere is good and friendly. Avoid Thursday Evenings for crowds, Sandia Labs jams the place after work. Other nights are usually low key.“
KegMaster43 962 days ago
68 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“Stopped by here very late on a Friday evening in late May '19 after flying into town. They were closing in a half hour but were more than happy to serve me. No frills little brewery, kind of reminds me of a military Quonset hut, large U-shaped bar, several tables scattered about. Have about 16 or so on tap, many familiar styles represented, Two of the three (a Kolsch and a Milk Stout) were pretty decent, The IPA had some issues. Barkeep friendly and talkative. Would go back if in the area.“
PorterPounder 970 days ago
78 /100 3600 CUTLER NE
“Nice selection. Laidback at least on a weekday night“
Lupulus13 1012 days ago
70 /100 6701 UPTOWN BLVD NE
“It's another Total Wine location, this one with a limited focus on New Mexico beers while the rest are regional/national brands. The service was a bit interrupting as I seemed to be in the way of folks stocking shelves.“
BeerandBlues2 1183 days ago
92 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Update 9/2018. Not too much to be said that hasn't already, but this is the top spot in ABQ. Walkable from downtown. They have expanded since I last visited and this is a very large space. It was completely packed on a Sunday afternoon. They now feature multiple food trucks, which are top notch. They continue to feature live music, which I love. The brewery has expanded capacity so much in the last 7 years that they now brew so many new beers so there are plenty of seasonal options now. I had a ginger plum gose, pumpkin stout, smoked helles, dortmunder, passion fruit gose, and hoppy stout on my last visit, all solid offerings. Do not skip this place when in ABQ.

7/12/2011. This is probably my favorite brewpub in Albuquerque. A very relaxed, chill, blue collar sort of place. Fairly spacious outdoor seating which is absolutely packed on summer weekends when there is live music. The indoors features a long bar with a large TV and a smattering of booths, tables, and even a couch section. The beers here are absolutely fantastic - there is not a dud in the whole group (7 on when I was there, but all of them were also available in bottles). Unfortunately there weren’t many seasonal offerings, so there’s less new stuff for me to try, but the regulars are so awesome, that’s ok anyway. There is a mug club which looks like a great deal (can’t remember the specifics). There is a limited food menu (some appetizers like nachos and the like and a few sandwiches) which I haven’t tried yet, but looks good. Great atmosphere, very comfortable and relaxing, and there is even a game corner if one desires. I went to one of the live music events and it was pretty fun. If I end up moving here, I will be very happy to make this my local (and frequently visited) brewpub.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
84 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“Decent brewery near the Isotopes stadium. Nice open place, square bar, plenty of tables, TVs. They have a very large tap list, around 20 beers. None of the beers were really great, but all were solid and plenty drinkable. I tried the berliner, black saison, peach wheat, ginger beer, pomegranate sour, and green chile lager. Overall, with such a large selection, I think it's a worthy stop.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
92 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Awesome new brewery in ABQ, one of the best in the city. In a kind of rough area just north of downtown. They were having an event when I was there to raise money for a charity and there was a band playing, which was quite good. Not a huge place but decent sized and packed on a Saturday afternoon. There are food trucks. But the reason to come is the beer. It is excellent, especially if you are into the more eclectic styles. I tried the brett saison with peaches, brut IPA, maple stout, saison with sorachi ace hops, oak aged cherry sour, and sour IPA. All were top notch. A must stop for beer and also just an enjoyable place to spend the afternoon.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
70 /100 1761 BELLAMAH NW
“New brewpub near Old Town, near the Museum of Natural History. Not in a strip mall, but there are some other stores along with it (a coffee shop I think). It is a very large place, large bar with TVs. The bartender told us that Ponderosa Steakhouse sued the brewery over the name. They were allowed to keep the name, but cannot serve any steak. Interestingly, the logo is a picture of a cattle. The beer itself is not particularly memorable. They had a slightly diminished number of taps when I was there, only 6 I think. Basic stuff (brown, kolsch, wheat, stout). The food menu was standard pub fare. The nachos and turkey club were good. Probably a place I'd skip, as there are so many other good ABQ breweries, though it's not a bad stop.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
74 /100 601 GOLD AVE SW
“A small, new brewery in downtown ABQ. There are a few indoor seats as well as an outdoor patio. They only had a few beers on tap, maybe 5. I did not enjoy the cherry porter much, but the sour cherry ale was quite good. No food, but I think they have snacks. The website is not very informative, so I wasn't expecting much from this place, but it is a nice chill place with a short but solid tap list. Worth a stop in downtown ABQ.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
74 /100 606 CENTRAL AVE SW
“A weird place in downtown ABQ. Nice location, very large space. Huge bar and lots of tables. It was quite empty and eerie on a Thursday late afternoon just after opening. Perhaps it gets busier late in the night. Also rather dimly lit. They mainly feature Belgian styles. All were quite good/solid. The food menu is small-ish, with a focus on meat/cheese boards. Overall it was an ok place, beer and food is good, atmosphere was a bit off-putting, but might be more normal at busier hours.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
78 /100 1501 1ST STREET NW
“Nice new brewery in ABQ. Near downtown (certainly walkable), though the immediate surroundings are not so desirable (there is a homeless shelter right next door). The brewery itself is quite nice - small bar, seating area with couches/comfy chairs, and an outdoor covered patio. No TVs. They had about 10 taps, mostly lighter styles, which was appreciated. I tried their berliner weisse, wet hopped pale ale, porter, lager, and belgian IPA. All were good and enjoyable. No food was available. An interesting place, good beer, worth a stop.“
LilBeerDoctor 1192 days ago
66 /100 118 TULANE AVE SE
“This place has kind of a weird feeling to it, I can't really put my finger on it. Helpful staff though.“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
“Reasonably priced decent beers, no more, no less.“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
90 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Probably my favorite spot in ABQ. The brewpub is absolutely gorgeous and the beers are spotless“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
78 /100 8900 SAN MATEO BLVD NE
“Very nice brewpub in the outskirts of town. Had some great beers here and the burger is really good too.“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
74 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Good beers, reasonably priced, fresh brewpub and helpful staff. All in all a good spot but kind not very personal. Well worth a visit though.“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
86 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“The IPAs here are absolutely awesome. Stopped by just before closing and got great service from the staff. A must visit when in town.“
Kristophe 1228 days ago
82 /100 8900 SAN MATEO BLVD NE
“We stopped in here on our last trip from our CO house to San Diego, having secured a hotel nearby. The place is open and bright and folks were mostly watching the NBA finals. We ordered some New Mexican style poutine and thoroughly demolished it - we loved it. We sampled a few house beers, all tasty. Great service.“
BeerandBlues2 1301 days ago
54 /100 6701 UPTOWN BLVD NE
“It’s ok for what it is. The Walmart of liquor stores ?!?!? Decent selection, hard to get someone to help. Good location, ok prices and sometimes email coupons are available.“
Livendadream 1406 days ago
94 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“This place is awesome, 15 of their own beers on tap, heavy on the sours, malts and a delicious saison and IPA. Spacious with a couple of private rooms and a very gracious staff. A must if you are in the Albuquerque area!!“
pablo951 1464 days ago
78 /100
Sister (Bar)
“Large and dark with a stage for live music that we just missed since we got here pretty late. Large tap list but they were out of my top four choices that night, which was a little frustrating. Service was good, the tater tots were tasty, and the beers were varied. A good late night stop.“
Capa 1479 days ago