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70 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“Located near the airport and the stadium. Old building with an old dive bar look from the outside. Inside, it has a U shaped bar with plenty of seating inside or on the patio. The food we had was very good. Fast and friendly service. 10 taps of various styles. The 4 I had were all solid beers.“
Sledutah 3 days ago
“Interesting place with above average beer. Glad I had the chance to check it out. In an odd neighborhood near UNM with a bunch of eclectic shops and restaurants. Metered parking.“
bytemesis 75 days ago
64 /100 2200 SUNPORT BLVD SE
“In terminal. Typical airport prices and service. A dozen taps, 2/3 or more were guest beers with a NM focus. Not much more to say really.“
bytemesis 75 days ago
76 /100 1909 BELLAMAH AVE.
“This beer stop in Sawmill Market features 40ish taps of primarily local beers. I think pints only, and there is a limit of 2 per driver's license. Pricy, but not unreasonable for location. Service could use an efficiency boost, but staff are friendly.“
bytemesis 82 days ago
68 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Count me as the exception. Place is very nice and spacious, as previously described. Service is friendly and prompt. Flights of four avail. Only seven beers on tap when iv was there, nothing BA despite a good number of barrels along the walls. Beers i tried were mediocre at best, and the sour ipa was borderline gross.“
bytemesis 82 days ago
46 /100 6601 UPTOWN BLVD
“I'll count this a "brewpub" because it looks like there's a small little pilot brewing operation in the back. Otherwise, this really feels more like a taproom for Sierra Blanca Brewing Co., because it's all their branding and beers. I asked the staff about the connection and they said, "Yeah, I think so ...." Very limited food menu, mediocre at best, burgers and such. Service was good. Beers were mediocre to average, too. Brewery #988.“
Braudog 154 days ago
68 /100 9450 CANDELARIA RD NE, STE D
“Seems like a pretty standard homebrew shop to me. Unique because of their in-house beer brand "Harmon Lane" The Harmon Lane part of the store is small, with a bout a four seat bar and a few tables. They have room for about a dozen taps, flights of four available. Service friendly, but I don't think they get a lot of drinkers as he had to wash glasses for my flight. Beer quality ranged fairly widely. The APA was pretty buttery, but the bourbon chip soaked Maibock was totally on point.“
bytemesis 263 days ago
76 /100 1800 4TH ST. NW
“Last stop before the airport. Sizable space, tractor themed. Indoor and outdoor seating. Dedicated parking lot, plus street parking doesnt seem hard. Not busy on a Thursday afternoon. Helpful staff, about 10 beers on tap plus some other stuff (seltzer etc.) Flights available. Decent quality overall.“
bytemesis 263 days ago
72 /100 816 3RD ST NW
“Interesting space, quiet. Street parking. Long bar plus tables. Good service. 8 taps. No flights but 6oz pours. Palo Santo Gose was pretty interesting.“
bytemesis 267 days ago
68 /100 9801 ACOMA RD SE
“A bit out of the way. Military themed place with a small gravel lot plus street parking. Doing well on a Tuesday afternoon. About a dozen taps; standard suite of styles, no BA stuff. Flights of six available. Some food (paninis and the like), but I did not partake. A mix of hightop and low-rider communal tables. Uncomfortable stools. Beer quality maybe a bit above average. Not sure what Braudog found so exciting; this one seems a bit mediocre to me.“
bytemesis 268 days ago
58 /100 3107 EUBANK BLVD NE STE 12
“There are SO many brewpubs in ABQ these days, it's hard to choose. Picked this one by proximity, and because the bartender at another brewpub actually recommended them. In an older shopping area, tucked in the back corner. Kind of a woodsy, hippy, locals-only vibe. Friendly enough service. Beers were sturdy if unremarkable. Brewery #972.“
Braudog 291 days ago
56 /100 3600 CUTLER NE
“Conveniently located right next door to a Hampton Inn, this is an interesting co-op business with two SF taprooms and three food truck-ish purveyors of eats, plus a quirky, over-priced souvenir shop. Plenty of good Santa Fe beers on offer. Odd, almost post-apocalyptic vibe though. Safe place if you're staying at the Hampton.“
Braudog 296 days ago
78 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Swung by on a shilly Tuesday afternoon. Greeted by super friendly and quick-to-respond staff, we really enjoyed our time here, wishing we had more of it! Selection is somewhat limited, but widely varied. Everything we had was great -- from a single hop pilsner to a fruited gose. Not far from the center of downtown, huge venue. Would be a regular here if I still lived in ABQ. Brewery #966.“
Braudog 296 days ago
90 /100 9801 ACOMA RD SE
“Nestled away in maybe a bit of a sketchy industrial area off Eubank, near Kirtland AFB, this is an awesome joint, once inside. Clearly the owner(s) have some ties to military explosive ordnance disposal and/or munitions. The big, open seating area is very inviting. The staff was awesome the day we visited ... gregarious, friendly and open to tip us to more ABQ beer locales. The lineup of 10-12 beers was well varied, and the beers we had were excellent. They have a small menu of paninis and a couple other items ... the one we shared was amazingly delicious and quick. Definitely a new favorite in the ABQ area for me! Brewery #965.“
Braudog 296 days ago
64 /100 5600 COORS BLVD NW C1
“Shiny and relatively new addition. For out of town visitors, make sure you distinguish between the main brewery and this glitzy off-shoot. Tucked into a big suburban shopping mall, this is bright and friendly with plenty of seating. No food (I think you can bring your own?), so a three beer limit (thanks, New Mexico). All the La Cumbre offerings and friendly 'tenders. I like the main brewery better, but if this is more convenient, stop in.“
Braudog 297 days ago
80 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“The brewery is located in an industrial park with wooden tables. There is a small parking lot, but street parking is available. They have outside tables as well. The brewery offers 6 beers in a flight. They have lots of awarded beers. Great mural art with Ed Hardy-like illustrations. They have a symbol of NM in beer cans. Fourteen beers on tap. excellent service.“
Foxbush 540 days ago
66 /100 8900 SAN MATEO BLVD NE
“Located in the SE part of the city, not all that close to other breweries. Huge interior, with a new American brewpub feel. Took a while to get service, but they were busy. When our server came, she was very friendly and informative. They do flights of 6 for $15, so we tried one of those. Not the most interesting styles, but they did have a pickle gose that was surprisingly not bad. Not a top spot for beer-quality, but it's a comfortable spot if you're in the area.“
mcberko 585 days ago
68 /100 816 3RD ST NW
“Just a couple blocks from Marble, this place has a totally different feel -- much more relaxed, but upscale and chic interior. 6 beers on tap, with no flights, but there are 6 oz pours available and staff are happy to do tastes. We tried 3 beers and liked the 2 lagers (gose and pils), but most of the other beers were hazies, which I'm not fond of, so there will little of interest for me here. Solid spot, great location, but not that exciting on the beer front. Worth checking out.“
mcberko 585 days ago
76 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Pretty large operation, with nothing much nearby other than Gravity Bound Brewing. Hugely popular place with a large patio -- both inside and outside were slammed when we visited on a Friday evening, but we found seats at the bar. Flights available or $2.50 per 4 oz pour of anything, which is a good deal. Varied taplist, with a couple of nice goses, a BA wild ale, and the rest being fairly standard--but well-executed--styles. Friendly, astute service. One of the better, most reputed breweries in ABQ for a reason. Mandatory visit when in town.“
mcberko 585 days ago
“Quite far east of the centre and located in a strip mall. Lots of taps, well over a dozen with some high-gravity styles in there, including a couple of meads. Flights 4 available for $8 plus tax. Unfortunately, the beer quality was not very good. The pilsner was fine, but the IIPA, imperial stout and meads were all pretty lacklustre -- I wasn't happy with any of them. Service was fine. The tasting room doesn't have much character. Definitely not worth a trip.“
mcberko 587 days ago
78 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“One of my favourite stops in ABQ. Humungous patio in front, with a large warehouse-like interior. A dozen or so taps, with flights of 4 x 5 oz pours available -- a little pricey but I ordered all mixed fermentation stuff, so pretty reasonable. Out of the 4 beers I tried, I thought 3 were excellent, which is a pretty damn high hit rate these days. However, the other beers I didn't bother to try didn't like very interesting, so not sure how representative my sampling was. Very friendly service, with an informative bartender. Definitely worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 587 days ago
78 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Classic spot, the best in town, though their new location I think exceeds the original. Located in a rather secluded industrial area but in the middle of Midtown basically, with a large patio and plenty of indoor seating. Flights available. The taplist was identical to the Westside location I visited earlier, so there wasn't much left to try. Either come here or the Westside location. Can't miss this brewery when in ABQ.“
mcberko 587 days ago
72 /100 2381 AZTEC RD NE
“Cool spot, close to the original La Cumbre in an isolated industrial area. 18 taps, but not that interesting a taplist, with not really any interesting styles on. Flights of 5 available for $10 plus tax. Beers were solid, like they know what they’re doing. Fun spot too with a big patio — live Mexican music was happening when I visited on a Thurs evening. Friendly bartender. Worth a stop when I’m ABQ.“
mcberko 587 days ago
54 /100 4814 HARDWARE DR NE
“Located in a secluded industrial lot, this was a pretty bare bones place, with little thought put into décor. 5 taps, with flights of all 5 available for $7 -- dirt cheap. Most of the beers were dialed in fairly well, but none were exciting. Bartender was friendly enough, but seemed a little slow and out of the game. Not a mandatory stop when in ABQ.“
mcberko 587 days ago
78 /100 5600 COORS BLVD NW C1
“Located in a big strip mall with ample parking, this is a great chill spot. Order at the bar or there's table service. Basically the same taplist as the original location when I was in town. Flights of 6 available for $15. Nearly everything was hop-forward when I visited, but that's fine, since they're known for that. Top-quality hoppy beers, with everything calibrated very well (except their chalky hazy). Competent service. If you're hitting the central location, there's not much point in this one, but this is a comfortable, chill spot.“
mcberko 587 days ago
68 /100
Route 66 Lounge (Restaurant)
“Located across from A7. Small bar with several tables. Several local beers on tap and a full bar. Good, friendly service.“
Sledutah 657 days ago
60 /100 2200 SUNPORT BLVD SE
“Located in between the A & B terminals. Big U shaped bar and plenty of seating in the restaurant. Mostly local beers and a full bar. The food was good. Service was so,so. Airport pricing. With the time for a few ticks.“
Sledutah 657 days ago
78 /100 8900 SAN MATEO BLVD NE
“Stopped in town for one night on way to AZ with Patty. Nice big clean place. Some decent beers. I had a NEIPA and a stout. The pulled pork sandwich was great and wife had a good salad.“
Ron 662 days ago
74 /100
Bar Uno (Bar)
108 2ND ST.
“Tiny place. Stopped by cause its nears the hotel and also because it advertised being dog friendly. Saw a water bowl and some dog paraphernalia. Sadly, no dogs in attendance. Very small place. Small room. Bartender (didn't get name, but a bald guy in his 30s/40s) was awesome. Got some good dinner recommendations from another patron. Small tap selection, 10 or so, but good local selection. Full bar. Not worth going out of your way, but a worthy stop if you're in the Hotel Andaluz.“
Drake 674 days ago
78 /100 400 GOLD AVE SW
“Downtown dive bar feel. Decent crowd. Bartender was excellent (this is becoming a theme here). Lots of beers and a couple ciders on tap. Had two flights. Prices were decent. 7 beers and one cider, and they were all decent to very good. Saw a kitchen but it didn't look active, perhaps on busier days of the week. Overall very nice stop.“
Drake 674 days ago
76 /100 413 2ND STREET SW
“Comfortable place. Bartender (didn't get her name) was awesome. Slow when I was there at opening on a Monday, but the vibe was cool. "Arabic" guy was cool to hang out with for a few minutes. No food. Not a huge tap list, and the styles were not exiciting, which is a compliment. A couple of the beers were off balance but overall the beers are good. I didn't check it out but there's an inviting looking patio. Nice stop.“
Drake 674 days ago
80 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Smaller than I expected given their reputation. However, nice experience. Tried 6 beers. Ranged from good to excellent. Flight of 6 is really priced a la carte. Mine was pretty pricy... $16... but I did get the four booziest beers on the list. Steady but not busy. Nice vibe. Bartender a bit acerbic, but friendly and helpful. Other patrons were talkative too. Conversation was on Wisconsin speech patterns and Roy Orbison. I was amused that there were multiple people there on their work lunch break for a quick pint. Overall, nice place, and worth going out of your way for.“
Drake 675 days ago
56 /100 6701 UPTOWN BLVD NE
“Standalone store. Seemed a bit bigger than the usual locations. That being said, a disappointing experience. The good: Dennis the cashier was friendly and helpful, and good selection of locals. The rest not so good: Lots of empty shelves. Main complaint is the customer service. Several employees around. Their shopping carts and U-boats were in the way of the shelves. That's fine and all, and necessary in this setting. But I was completely ignored for a long time when I was obviously craning around their stuff to see what was on the shelves. Dennis is the only thing saving this place from the worst service score. It's worth a stop for ticks. I've been to many Total Wines, and this was one of the worst. Hopefully your experience is better than mine.“
Drake 675 days ago
70 /100 2381 AZTEC RD NE
“Busy place on an afternoon visit on New Year’s Day. Beers were purely mediocre, apart from the Exodus IPA, which was nice. Did not eat.“
hauxe 689 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Place was busy and we had a fifteen minute wait. Modern atmosphere, pleasant, casual. Drank a flight of four mostly mediocre beers. Highlight was the beer menu which, with some creative items like cornbread waffles, was above average. Friendly staff.“
hauxe 689 days ago
80 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Visited on New Year’s Day. Big place with lots of seating. Very modern decor. Laid back and quiet during our afternoon visit. Can’t remember the size of the flights but came away with 8 ticks. Everything decent to good except for that Mexican Lager..“
hauxe 689 days ago
80 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Visited on New Year’s Day. Place was busy but not full. Had a flight of six beers, which on the whole were above average. Good stop.“
hauxe 689 days ago
86 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Interesting place, and after visiting, I totally get why this place is so highly rated. Located in an industrial park surrounded by other breweries with a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating. Around 16 beers of theirs on draft. The big con for this place is that I'm a stouts / barleywines guy, and they didn't really have much in that nature on draft (the one stout I had was very good, but it was just a simple straightforward roasty stout). The big pro is that basically everything they do is spot-on. Maybe the best Munich dunkel I've had. Great stout, great hefe, and so on. If you like well-crafted beer that isn't adjuncted to hell, worth going out of your way to this place. (Also, flight of 6 beers was $11. So, good deal value-wise).“
WestCoastHawkeye 996 days ago
60 /100 2200 SUNPORT BLVD SE
“Even for an airport bar, this seemed a little wonky, as if they had this space they didn't know what to do with. Kind of slapped together. Menu but did not eat. Rio Grande and Sierra Blanca (same thing?) beers on tap and maybe one guest. Service was not the fastest.“
stevoj 1398 days ago
62 /100 3600 CUTLER AVE
“Reasonable space but few beers on tap, and it's their most popular. Growlers and singles available to buy. Not a compulsory stop if you have tried their beers ever.“
Sammy 1399 days ago
74 /100 3313 GIRARD BLVD. NE
“Based on the quality of the beer and the service, it makes complete sense that this is place #1 in the state. Must stop.“
Sammy 1399 days ago
“wandered a bit out of the way to this location, and it was more than worth it. Altho Unique little artsy space. They closed at 8, but they stayed open late for a few stragglers. wide range of styles, excellent service. Quirky, fun, laid back.“
stevoj 1399 days ago
76 /100 601 GOLD AVE SW
“A bit quiet on a Thursday evening, but allowed me to sink in and absorb some of their brews. Limited menu, but it really hit the spot. Tried a range of IPAs, and all were quite good.Good service, crowd ebbed and flowed. Better than expected.“
stevoj 1399 days ago
78 /100 602 MCKNIGHT AVE NW
“Located in an old warehouse on the outskirts of Old Town, wide open spaces, but lent itself to smaller, more intimate gatherings. Tap list leaned hard on sours, witha few more traditonal styles sprinkled throughout. Pils and Hazy were A-OK. Stout was mildly sour, but added an interesting wrinkle. Avoided traditional sour styles, but reviews show them as quite good..“
stevoj 1399 days ago
74 /100 413 2ND STREET SW
“Stopped by a Monday night, expecting a sparse crowd. It was packed. pretty convenient to downtown. Tap list reflected a a nice variety of styles. Crowd thinned after dinner hour, and it was much more laid back. Great service, all around good quality of beer. Recommend.“
stevoj 1402 days ago
74 /100 1761 BELLAMAH NW
“Stopped in here as my work location was on this end of town. Nice way to end the day of sitting in class. Happy hour specials for food and drinks. Nice selection of taps, regulars and seasonals. A few harder to find styles as well (altbier, anyone?) Quiet, but steady stream of customrs. Price was right. Had some sliders that really hit the spot. Much better than expected.“
stevoj 1402 days ago
62 /100 6701 UPTOWN BLVD NE
“Typical layout for a TW outlet. A bit underwhelmed by the local selection, but found enough to keep me through the week. Prices were reasonable, good service. Taps available“
stevoj 1403 days ago
68 /100 2027 YALE BLVD SE
“This place is sort of on the way from the sirport to downtown. Lo tech interior in an odd corner space. Food available, and it was really good. Tap list was not quite accurate, as a lot of what was on the list was not available. Nice to see some less popular styles here. Beer was good, the best was their Red Horse lager, which was full and tasty. Bombers to go as well. patio in the back.“
stevoj 1403 days ago
58 /100 2924 GIRARD BLVD NE
“Pretty non-descript location in an industrial area. Small crowded tap room, food and spirits available. Did not eat. Ordered a flight of a range of there beers, nothing stood out. Worth a visit if you're looking for a new brewrey or place tick, but La Cumbre is about a block away. 'Nuff said“
stevoj 1403 days ago
90 /100 111 MARBLE AVE. NW
“Great tap room with a great selection beers. All the beers I tried we great.“
edgallow 1592 days ago