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86 /100 20 ABC MESA RD
“We were driving into Taos from the north so this was a great stop right before we actually got into town. It's in some kind of hippie bunker-like building in the middle of the high desert behind a waste plant. There's a big stage out back and didn't seem to be any air conditioning inside, though it shouldn't usually get completely unbearable in this climate. Well, that is according to the past several decades of temperature data. Anyway, they had a pretty good lineup of beer somewhere around ten offerings. World Cup soccer was on the big screen inside with plenty of people there to watch. Earthship is nearby as is Taos, so expect a lot of granola type patrons. Good service and the nachos are tasty. If you're up this way stop by, but their location in Taos has more beer and amenities.“
NachlamSie 1974 days ago
58 /100 20 ABC MESA RD
“Visually, a very cool place with the funky architecture and sculptures. The cavernous main building had a stage and bar at opposite ends, but no furniture, so we had to sit outside. Good service, although you can’t use the order through the window at the bar, they make you walk around and go inside. We got a flight of all twelve beers, a couple were okay and the rest ranged from bad to underwhelming. Ordered two lunches, one was quite good, the other was literally inedible. And the flies... my gawd, sooo many flies landing on you, your food, your beer. There were a bunch of, well, filthy hippies that seemed to be living in cars in the parking lot and kept wandering around the tables.“
maltdog 2526 days ago
84 /100 20 ABC MESA RD
“A large brewpub outside of town with a large outdoor seating area. Indoors has a large bar with some seating and a large stage on one side. During my visit they were rehearsing for a play. A good number of beers on tap with a few from other breweries and samples available. Service was good but bartender wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about beer. Prices were a touch high compared to other NM breweries. Had a burger which was great!“
deyholla 3464 days ago
72 /100 20 ABC MESA RD
“Only been open a couple months. Very cool, modern ’green’ building with awesome views. Big music stage. Locals scene and tourists. About 10 or 12 taps-half from the Taos Mesa and the rest from other NW breweries like La Cumbre, Marble, and Santa Fe. Their beers are pretty straightforward and simple but fair enough. Hopefully will improve in time. Above average bar food and friendly super helpful staff. Nice big patio. Rerate: feel the beers here have improved...more attenuated and cleaner.“
wchesser 4056 days ago
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