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70 /100 988 RTE 22
“A decent brewpub in Brewster, just off I-84/I-684. For the area, it is certainly worth a stop if passing by. I happened to stop here on an early Saturday afternoon when it was fairly quiet, so not sure how it gets at peak time. It has a western theme. There is live music. There is a mechanical bull at the center, might be more for the kids?? There is outdoor seating which I did not really see. There is free popcorn. The menu focuses on burgers. I thought the food was a little greasy but tasty. There were about 8 beers on tap, 4 regulars, 4 seasonals. Overall the beers were decent (tasty coconut/cacao infused cream ale, IPA). Not a spot I'd continue to return to, but it's location is convenient if you're traveling.“
LilBeerDoctor 1222 days ago
44 /100 988 RTE 22
“On our way back from a week hiking the AT and needing food and beer this was the only brewpub for miles around. Walking into this overly loud and obnoxious place after a week of quiet nature was a shock and I may be rating it unfairly because of that but it seemed overly tacky. It was trying to be a western style cowboy bar but the loud 80’s music from Madonna blasting over the speakers did not fit. The beer was average at best and the food was unmemorable. Very dissapointing overall.“
BroSpud 1572 days ago
66 /100 988 RTE 22
“When I saw Jay’s review below I knew I just had to come here, actually I was just passing by on way back from day of rock climbing and need beer amd food. So yea it’s a western themed place kind of like saddle ranch in Los Angeles. Some kids were riding mechanical bull and lots of families eating. I sat at bar where mostly locals were drinking bud or well drinks playing ny lottery quick draw games. One particular chatty drunk fella wouldn’t stop asking me questions until he found out I didn’t have cigarettes which was possibly all he was after. Anyways they do house smoke their meat so that’s interesting although the BBQ was average ad house sauces below average. Beers are whatever but like 12 choices so for the traveling ticker worth a stop since nothing else around.“
Jow 1707 days ago
58 /100 988 RTE 22
“Saturday afternoon around five, still light outside, but a touch dark inside. Open space with loud country music playing covering the soft conversations of a fairly empty crowd. Big bar that seats about 20 or so, and it’s me and what seems to be one of the cooks, though could be a local. A couple minutes in and an employee comes over and asks one of the barstaff to turn down the music as customers have been complaining. I don’t notice a significant reduction in volume for a while. Huge mechanical bull in the middle of the dining space can’t go unnoticed or unmentioned. As my time goes on, sure enough some people move there and a small child rides the bull. Or at least poses for pictures.
Seems like a good amount of effort has gone into making this place look like what I can best guess is someone’s description of a cowboy bar to a designer who had never seen one before. It’s not overdone to the point of tackiness and 37-pieces-of-flair levels, but it’s close. Saturday nights apparently feature line dancing, which sounds pretty cool. The locals and regulars are all drinking Bud-Light bottles and Jack and cokes. Not sure if that means the beers are so bad no one wants to drink them, or that the place is so much fun that locals who don’t like craft beer still want to come and hang out. Bartender tells the locals that the crowd (looks almost empty) is the biggest of the day. One of the beers on “Black n Blue” is their version of a black-n-tan. Food menu is typical brewpub food with a cowboy feel I guess. Got an appetizer of guacamole, salsa, black beans, corn, and sour cream with chips. Guac was definitely not made in house, tasted like the stuff that comes in a big tub that family members you don’t really like put out at crappy bbqs, corn seemed frozen (and still ice cold), beans were canned, salsa was jarred. Like everything else here, the idea was fine, but the execution was incredibly lacking. Is Sandra Lee their head chef? Everything had been piled into a large metal ring and layered and then the ring removed. Semi-homemade isn’t what I want at a restaurant.
I guess if you’re stopping in to DeCiccos about 6 minutes away you could swing in here, but I didn’t really find it worth the time, and aside from ticking new beers, I regretted coming here. Don’t think of it as a brewpub. Think of it as a cowboy skinned Applebees with their own mediocre beer. “
j12601 1708 days ago
“Best bottle selection I’ve seen. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, 16 tap lines with awesome variety, including Hill Farmstead! Must visit for all craft beer fans.“
cc1010 1828 days ago
“This is the best beer store around! The entire back wall is all beer. Plus there is a 16 tap craft beer bar in the front of the store with growlers and Crowlers to go. Stop in and let Vinny or Andrew help you. They always have a full beer staff on duty. Not to be missed if you are driving down 84“
rosso11 1830 days ago
“The good, the bad, and the ugly. So here I am going out of my way to try this. Large bar with regulars neutral. Vinny bartender. Recommends bottles to me buy them both expensive but availablem leave him with 2 half growlers. I pick brooklyn quad as a transition beer for my beer disciples 12 strong in brooklyn tell him do what you want with 2nd he says he will trash Go out a long way into aisles to get more beers. He points in direction but you have to go a long eay other side. He is kicking back lotswhile I am there. Puck some more bottles. He puts bottles in sack while my lady amd daughter want to beat traff To into nyc. I pay 130 for all beer and go. Arrive at party for grandson with bottles but no growler which I paid for. Bottles and growlers I did have from oec all wild/sour. So I take the gose amd berliner to party fot gramdson and instead of showering after 165 minute ride to brooklyn run out to get best beer at tops a sam adams lager. Party late . Very few appreciate sours from oec missed opportunity to gateway. Yeah he didnt give me 15 growler but took notch or 2 down from experience.buyer beware or almost everywhere seller is responsible for what I paid for?“
Sammy 2008 days ago
90 /100 988 RTE 22
“I have been coming here since just a month after their "soft opening" on St Patrick’s Day. They have clearly worked out any kinks you may find in any other reviews on the net. They have only their house brews on tap, currently 13, and one of those is a Nitro tap. One of their flagships, Honey Blueberry, is bar none my favorite fruit beer. I also find something new almost every time I come, as they always look to find new things to do with local ingredients. One of my favorite dishes ever is found here... a pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel hero... The country vibe and mechanical bull in the restaruant give it one of the more unique characters I’ve found in a brew pub. I always sit at the bar, and all the bartenders are friendly and quick to serve. I even had one of the owners stop by and chat with me on a very busy Saturday night. A great place to stop for a brew and a meal anytime.“
brettj22 2343 days ago
76 /100 988 RTE 22
“Big brewpub in Brewster near the Deciccos. Western/cowboy themed. About a dozen house beers on tap when I was there. Food was average pub fare. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
jtclockwork 2366 days ago
“Grocery store with a monster beer selection. Well curated. Specialty beers from Evil Twin and Captain Lawrence that can only be bought at DeCicco. A must visit. Same with Ardsley.“
jtclockwork 2366 days ago
“Excellent spot. Tales beer in a supermarket to another level. They have somewhere between 500-1,000 bottled beers, plus a further 18 or so taps for growler fills. Everything imaginable, from locals to other US stuff, Belgians, etc. everything you can imagine is here. Pretty good value overall. Good service. The growler fill area is also a pretty nice bar, and you can drink on site. There are several De Cicco markets in the Westchester area so if you are anywhere nearby, it is definitely worth checking one out.“
Leighton 2419 days ago
76 /100 988 RTE 22
“Decent spot. Around ten house beers. The four I tried (APA, IPA, saison, stout) were all pretty good. $8 for a four-beer flight. The place itself is huge, lots of seating, country western decor, a mechanical bull in the middle. The brewery is next door and you can see it if you want. The food menu looks solid but I only had some popcorn, which was free. Friendly service. One of only a few brewpubs/breweries in the area, and maybe the only one open all week, so worth stopping by if it’s convenient.“
Leighton 2419 days ago
“Visited on 9/18/12. A: A small pub set inside a nice grocery store similar to a Whole Foods in style and quality. The pub has a nice homey feel, clean, and a nice style to it. Q: They have a pretty solid selection in the store and carry 16-20 taps at the pub section. They carry some nice rarities on their shelves. There is also not a lot of crap on their shelves either. S: Service was great, bartender was very friendly and knowledgable. S: I came in a few days after a Founders takeover, so they had about 10-11 Founders beers on tap but they also had some solid selections on their other taps that I have never seen before. F: Although they do not serve food in the pub, you can easily walk over to the pasta bar, pizza area and pick up some really good food, high quality too V: Average Price for the area, nothing over priced on tap except for Old Speckled Hen...which I cant understand Overall, a solid selection, good prices, solid food, great staff...worth the stop.“
merc7186 2615 days ago
“Another DeCicco’s, but this one is by far the most impressive. Like all of the others, it has the feel of an Italian themed Whole Foods. This one has a little more depth though as they offer a hot buffet food area and a fresh pizza area complete with brick oven. I think there’s also a little sushi area, because if there’s one thing Italy is known for, it’s sushi. The nice thing about all of this is you can bring any hot food (or any food at all really) that you buy in the grocery portion into the bar. But we’ll get there in a moment. The rest of the grocery area feeds into a back wall lined with coolers. Each of the coolers full of beer. The selection is pretty impressive, offering a nice counterpoint to other local area places (Half Time for example) by providing some things that they don’t offer, while missing some other stuff that you can find elsewhere. The highlight of the store for me at least is the bar within the grocery. 16 craft taps (I think it’s 16, may be a +/- of 4 there) and they’ll occasionally have an event with a tap takeover or feature a local brewery filling as many of the taps as the brewery has beers to bring. Selection and pricing in the bar area are both very good. Usually some free nosh type stuff to snack on, in addition to being able to bring in food from the grocery. Given that this is on my way back from Danbury, it makes for a very nice place to stop off for a beer. Worth the stop.“
j12601 2766 days ago
“Best thing about this place is that if you go food shopping with the wife, there’s a beer bar right in the store so you can drink while she shops. There is also individual pizzas for sale or you can bring in anything from the hot food buffet in the store. If you want to get growlers filled, this is the place. They have a manual pressure fill system that helps keep the beer fresher longer. I have kept a 32 oz. growler for 2 weeks and when opened, it was just as good as from the tap. All of the bottled and canned beer for sale is chilled, albeit in glass door coolers so there is some light exposure. Prices about $1 higher on some 6 packs but again, it is kept chilled. Great selection of bottles & cans.“
buck2 2929 days ago
“grocery store with attached beer bar. seems to have a focus on high quality beers, so while there were only 12 beers on tap, the selection was still excellent. prices were excellent on tap beers, and pretty good on the single bottles in the grocery section. a hidden gem.“
rumproasts 2951 days ago
“Can’t believe no one rated this place yet. Right off I-84. Stopped on way back from NYC. Nice selection in both coolers and on shelves. Some hard to find brews too from Goose Island, Ballast Point, Struise, Midnight Sun, and some nice local beers. They fill growler like the rest of the DeCicco’s, but they also have a full bars with tables that you can bring food into. They have a great salad bar and buffet also. Kind of like an Italian version of Whole Foods.“
msante79 2994 days ago
68 /100 1583 ROUTE 22 #3
“A very decent beer shop. Focuses mostly on American micros and there is a nice range from which to choose. Also a selection of imports. There are about 6-8 taps for growler fills; when I was there they had a few nice local options. Prices are good, service was friendly. Not a destination beer store but a good option for the area.“
Leighton 3281 days ago
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