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68 /100 215 47TH STREET
“Spacious taproom in a pretty industrial area. Beers are fine. Service was via my own phone, which was fun and worked well. Decent enough spot.“
explosivedog 116 days ago
76 /100 52 34TH STREET
“Spacious taproom in the wonderful Industry City space, definitely a more relaxed vibe than their LIC spot. Beers are generally decent, with a nice variety. Industry City means that there are plentiful food options. Nice spot.“
explosivedog 116 days ago
“Fairly lively place, pretty average taproom look to it. Excellent selection of solid KCBC beers, tasters available. Service was friendly. Definitely worth a stop and easy to combine with Grimm.“
tricksta_p 154 days ago
“Decent bar. Well curated tap list. Nice outdoor seating area. Worth a visit if you're in the area.“
explosivedog 214 days ago
82 /100 623 SACKETT ST
“Soon-to-be spacious and modern taproom, with a nice outdoor area and a chill vibe at the moment. Beer list is extremely diverse and the beer quality is generally very good, and the bottled saisons I have tried have also been of good quality. Staff are friendly. Pint crowlers are available to go. A very welcome addition to a brewery filled part of Brooklyn.“
explosivedog 214 days ago
“Fairly decent place to visit. Neighborhood brew pub kinda vibe. Beer list feels kinda old school brew pub, with golden ales and lagers and the like. No hype beast stuff here, which is a welcome change. Beers are generally fine.“
explosivedog 214 days ago
70 /100 899 BROADWAY
“Visited before the Covid lockdown on 3/4/20. A corner bar in Bushwick with quite a bare look inside. Good selection of beers on 12 taps, potential to be a good neighborhood bar. No flights prices typical for NY and happy hour $1 off.“
trapped 240 days ago
“Visited on 20 Feb 2020, pre-covid days. Almost triangular shaped old style bar with a few TV screens, quite a large selection of whiskey, etc. A few tall tables, a nice neighborhood bar. 15 on tap, flights of 4, selection not bad, enthusiastic staff. They apparently have free food on some days of the week, first come first served. Didn't try any food.“
trapped 260 days ago
“Visited on a wednesday evening, the place was pretty packed. More of a craft beer bar atmosphere than brewery. Sat at the bar and was delighted to find that, beside a number of very fine Threes beers, they had a little Suarez tap takeover thing going on. Tasters available for most beers on the board.“
tricksta_p 273 days ago
88 /100 300 RICHARDSON ST
“Nice looking brewery in an old warehouse. Their system sits behind the bar which is a cool look when you sitting in a stool. Music is good, board games and food was very good (Tacos). Best part is that they are across the street from Brooklyn Steel (music venue). Smart, fantastic pregame spot before a show. Overall, very nice for a brand new brewery.“
jbell2727 342 days ago
78 /100
TapRm (Internet-based)
“Besides the delivery through internet orders, they have also established a physical store for pick-ups. Their beer menu is fast changing, and though not perfect, it's not bad either. They do free delivery within NYC above certain limits for ordering. The prices are quite alright.“
trapped 368 days ago
74 /100 1904 SURF AVENUE
“Visited while enjoying iconic Coney Island on a two-week trip to NYC. The place has a spacious and colourful interior. Bit modern with a touch of sports bar, not the most atmospheric. I sat at the bar and had some fun exchanges with the guys serving the beers. Tap list consists of 12 taps, small glasses available so I was able to try 8 of the beers. Highlights included a fine Pilsener and a chocolate Rye Barleywine. Worth a stop for some beers after having taken a stroll across the boardwalk.“
tricksta_p 376 days ago
70 /100 113 FRANKLIN ST
“The Threes Greenpoint location is a relatively large space that is just a tap room and not a Brewery. I believe it was initially a pop up but became permanent. Tap selection is not great and is weaker than the normal Threes. Generally, when I visit I end up getting cans as that is the only way for me to try new beers. Still, it is a pretty good place to stop by if in the area. In the summer, I note, it can be unbearably hot.“
mansquito 385 days ago
64 /100 113 FRANKLIN ST
“Spacious corner place at a premier spot at Greenpoint. Very near to the ferry stop, but disappointing otherwise. Only about 8 beers on tap, and nothing you cannot find elsewhere. Not what I expected.“
trapped 411 days ago
62 /100 1150 MANHATTAN AVE
“Much smaller than the original place in Greenpoint, with no food as well. Front half of the brewery, with a run-down industrial look. High ceilings, communal tables, etc. Though they had 12 taps, only 4 beers and once cider was available, besides 2-3 cans. To add insult over injury, they are served in plastic cups! Nothing like the good old days!“
trapped 411 days ago
60 /100 142 FRANKLIN ST
“Right across the Threes @ Franklin and Kent, in a gentrified neighborhood at Greenpoint, Queens. Nice large bar with dark wooden decoration, and 12 beers on tap, but almost nothing interesting! No food, not a beer rater destination at all.“
trapped 411 days ago
“love this taproom and brewery“
Zlatec 423 days ago
“Best craftbeer brewery and taproom to open in NYC since Other Half...really. Grimm is off the charts amazing...and definitely a destination brewery (along with Other Half...and maybe followed by Evil Twin's more recent opening)...better beers than the overrated Torst (which is still a great place...don't get me wrong). The staff at Grimm is first rate...kind, respectable, knowledgeable, conversational (although very keep that in mind)...make sure to talk to Ian if possible (he of former Blind Tiger!). They usually have guest food...on site...which has always been great when I visited. So many great beers hard to recommend anything other than a couple of great flights...but make sure you include Mosaic Pop...some of the sours like Lilt with cherries, and any of the dry hopped sours...try any saison's they have (Castling?), and really any of the IPA' Tesseract...stouts are great too. There are no throw-away's here...beers are all good to great...with the great's outweighing the goods. Love the the place!“
PRBeer 423 days ago
92 /100 101 LUQUER STREET APT 4R
“One of my most favorite places in Brooklyn (and it doesn't hurt that it's only a few blocks from Other Half! But go here first as their beers are more subtle...if you go after Other Half it's like ordering oysters after a pepperoni anchovy!). The building, decor, vibe here is second to none...totally love the space. My best times here are very early on a warm to very warm day as the stone in the building holds a certain coolness...and depending on the sun's can be relatively dark in there till later in the day...but with very cool lighting effects...great for taking pictures. The place seems bigger than it is...mostly because it's deep with high ceilings...and from the large front window...with the name gold-leafed on the window. I love getting a sandwich from nearby Court Street Grocer's to eat here while enjoying their beers. And I haven't even gotten to the beers yet! Their Cucumber Lime Glow Up Berliner Weisse is worth a long trek to enjoy...especially on a hot day. I love drinking their beers a hop head I can get a little one-dimensional sometimes...and Folksbier kicks me out of that funk...there are just so many non-hoppy and well made lighter beers here that totally blow me away without doing the strong sour thing I'm not into (the whole "Glow Up' series actually)...but some very good, lighter hoppy beers too (try Kia Ora). Unfortunately I've missed a number of what seem like their more original hoppy beers...but maybe that's a good thing as I'm enjoying their other offerings. Folksbier is a must visit when in the Brooklyn area.“
PRBeer 423 days ago
84 /100 364 ATLANTIC AVE
“I just happened on this by surprise, but my wife was well informed and decided to go in. Bar is a faux old school Brooklyn bar... newly installed cast metal ceiling etc... but the brick walls are real. Beer selection was excellent and because of the weird chalk on mirror menu actually causes some pleasant surprises. The list was mostly local craft, like Non Sequitor and Wild East. I am not sure what their food was like, but somebody gave my parents some chocolate cake... cool. This is pretty close to my house, so I imagine I will return.“
mansquito 424 days ago
“More of a trendy bar feel than a brewery. Several rooms. Big selection of Threes beers, as well as some quality guest taps. The bar seating is very tightly packed, so you have to sorta shout over people to get served. The beers I had on my visit were pretty poor, but Threes are usually good, so I think I was probably just unlucky. Food is excellent.“
explosivedog 433 days ago
72 /100
Sugarburg (Bar)
“Visited on 1/21/20. A street corner bar at Willamsburg with exposed brick walls decorated with large format paintings. A rectangular bar in the center with small tables surrounding. Nice hipster atmosphere, 16 beers on tap, growlers also available. Bar food served. A nice neighborhood place.“
trapped 442 days ago
62 /100 195 CENTRE ST
“I still have some mixed feelings about the place mainly because I visited three times recently and still can't quite get a handle on the taproom. The brews are notoriously good, especially if you appreciate well-endowed juicy New England IPAs and syrupy boozy stouts. I guess the best way to sum up a visit to the Other Half taproom in Brooklyn is "old school Chinese restaurant". The service ambience can be finicky, but then again you didn't walk in the door for service or for ambience but for that phenomenal roast duck rice...or in this case the Conjoined Triangles of Success that just got tapped.“
drjoeng 446 days ago
70 /100 300 RICHARDSON ST
“Brewery/brewpub in an industrial area in East Williamsburg, that opened in June 2019. Very spacious old storage space with huge wooden beam converted into the brewpub. 12 beer on tap, including 2 guest beers. Flights of 4 available. Wifi, stack of board games, and even some arcade games. The usual sports channels on the few large screen TVs, a mug club, and full bar. Snacks and outside food to order available. Overall nice place, but the beers need a bit more work.“
trapped 448 days ago
90 /100 615 MANHATTAN AVE
“Modern and minimalistic craft beer bar with an amazing selection of mostly local and some not so local high quality beers. Small pours available. Staff was very attentive and friendly, really into the beers. Visited twice during my visit to NYC, on sunday evening the place was packed but monday was much more comfortable.“
tricksta_p 458 days ago
74 /100
Brouwerij Lane (Beer Store)
“Small, somewhat dingy place. Good selection of tap beer. Friendly staff. Can list is well curated, but extremely expensive. Worth a visit.“
explosivedog 461 days ago
72 /100
Eastern District (Grocery Store)
“Small shop with a range of expensive pretentious food, awesome sandwiches, and a very good range of local beers. Not particularly cheap. Probably not worth going out your way for, but if in the area it certainly does the job.“
explosivedog 461 days ago
78 /100
Hops Hill (Bar)
“Pretty cool little local craft beer bar. There are 15 draft lines up and running with an interesting selection, and the prices were what I expected. When I was there they had a Three Floyds collaboration brew on tap among other good options. The interior is your basic bar surroundings, with a little patio out back. The environment was pretty mellow on the evening I stopped by - there were a few patrons, mostly drinking or talking quietly.“
Slipstream 467 days ago
70 /100 506 5TH AVE
“Nice neighborhood bar at Park Slope, Brooklyn that is larger than it looks from the outside. The bar has a narrow entrance with a few tables and a larger and colorful back area with a very large video projection screen, colorful armchairs and two tilt tables. They had 8 beers on tap and around a dozen cans/bottles. Looks like a fun place.“
trapped 470 days ago
78 /100 52 34TH STREET
“Very spacious barrel room and tap room at Industry City-Brooklyn. Tastefully decorated with long communal tables, and tall smaller tables. 16 beers on tap and 17 more in cans/bottles. Flights of 5 oz available. Large patio outside. Small food menu and interesting partnership with a cookies vendor, having a beer-cookie pairing with flights. Enjoyable experience, with good music system, clean and bright interiors,“
trapped 470 days ago
68 /100
Pig Beach (Restaurant)
“Visited in June 2019. Place is huge and it was rammed, loud. They handle the crouds pretty well, it should be said, but if it’s busy understand that it will be an experience. The beer selection is quite good, with a lot of nice ‘drinking beers’ to accompany the food. Nothing too crazy, but some solid local beers. The food is solid. I would say it’s worth a visit if you want some BBQ and this part of town is convenient. I would also say, try to get there early.“
Leighton 477 days ago
70 /100 470 UNION AVENUE
“Visited on 20 December 2019. Small corner store around the corner from the Metropolitan Avenue G train exit, 8 beers on tap with around 100 cans/bottles in 4 fridges, no flights, a couple of snacks available. Not very rich in variety but a nice neighborhood avenue.“
trapped 479 days ago
80 /100 176 UNDERHILL AVE
“Nice comfy atmosphere. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, happy to give tasters. Great beer selection. Good bar.“
explosivedog 480 days ago
74 /100 364 ATLANTIC AVE
“Brand new place that has opened in July 2019, in walking distance to Barclay's Center. Large well decorated place with tables, mirrors, and a fireplace. Nice curving bar, with small but tasty food menu. They have a happy hour, but no flights. Good atmosphere, it would be nice to visit occasionally.“
trapped 499 days ago
78 /100 101 LUQUER STREET APT 4R
“We came here on 1.12.2019. Small brewpub with a tiny bar. Brewhouse and tanks are covered by wooden panels on wheels. Not sure why they make the brewhouse not more visible? 12 beers on tap and some cans available. Mainly Berliner Weisse and Lager beers. Liked the Wiesen Bier and the Pale Ale, both served in a Willi Becher and with foam. Also the Berliner Weisse was fine. Quite unique brewpub, not so much into Lactose and NEIPA as breweries usually are in this area. Definitely worth a visit.“
Schlenkerla 503 days ago
76 /100 533 ATLANTIC AVE
“We came here on 1.12.2019. A beer bar with a small bottle/can shop inherent. Focus on local breweries, but also are offering Schlenkerla and some Belgium classcis. 15 beers on tap including some really great ones from Hill Farmstead, Finback and some other local ones. Service was not super attentive, but overall definitely a place not to be missed.“
Schlenkerla 503 days ago
“We came here on 30.11.2019. 5 min walking from Three Brewing. Much smaller brewpub with the brewhouse at the rear end. About 10 beers on tap, a lot of non IPA’s!!! I had a Dark Mild with 3.5% Abv, quite ok. Very British beer selection .... also on tap: Bitter and E.S.B.. Nothing extraordinary but absolute worth a visit.“
Schlenkerla 504 days ago
“We came here on 30.11.2019. Two narrow rooms with a bar in the second one. Brewhouse in a separate room behind the bar (not visible). Outside beer garden with separate tapping also open in the winter (even you get plastic cups in the winter garden, you can bring glasses from the main bar). +10 own beers and 10 guest brews. Quite a few lager beers on tap. We had the ‘Kicking and Screaming’ - a Foudre fermented Pilsner, a oak fermented Saison and a ‘Faster than Light’ from Finback. All beers were good. When you leave there is a third room to your left including the merchandising and a kind of coffee shop - very unique layout!“
Schlenkerla 504 days ago
68 /100 141 LAWRENCE ST
“We came here on 30.11.2019. First stop during our Brooklyn beer weekend. Brewhouse and tanks behind a long and curved bar. 10 beers on tap and a quite good Whisky selection (Bruichladdich). We had the Kölsch and the Floridaweisse, both were well tapped with foam !!! and tasted ok. Nice very bright ambiance.“
Schlenkerla 504 days ago
72 /100
Barcade (Bar)
“Visited a couple of times because it was very close to my Brooklyn Airbnb. Wow, pretty cool vibe, the place is packed with neat old school arcade games, and the beer selection ain't bad. On my first visit there was an anniversary event going on for which they poured aged varieties of rare beers among others. Beer selection was decent on the other visits. Friendly service, half pours available. This place gets real noisy and busy in the evenings.“
tricksta_p 526 days ago
72 /100 79 NORTH 11TH STREET
“Large place, neat brewery vibe. Somewhat hipster, but tolerable levels. Not many surprises on tap if you're familiar with the regular Brooklyn beers, but probably a tick or two. Bottled specials such as Black Ops and Cloaking Device available. Flights seemed predetermined, I always hate that. Received a free sample of the Oktoberfestbier, much appreciated.“
tricksta_p 531 days ago
78 /100 97 NASSAU AVE
“Visited twice on my NYC trip as it was pretty close to my Williamsburg AirB'nB and I liked the vibe of the place. Beer selection is interesting with some good hoppy beers and Lagers when I was there, they seem to cover a wide range of styles which is something I always appreciate. Bar food is satisfying and the girls who served us were attentive and quick to respond. Fond memories of this brewpub/bar.“
tricksta_p 533 days ago
“We came here 27.10.2019. Very diverse brewpub. Beers are outstanding - well balanced selection of sour, pales ales and stouts. Brewhouse is in the back with good visibility. Extra counter with simple food available. Really liked the unique glassware design. A must visit when you are in Brooklyn.“
Schlenkerla 538 days ago
70 /100 215 47TH STREET
“We came here 27.10.2019. Located in an old industrial area. Nice location. High ceiling, long bar and brewery visible to the right. 15 beers on tap. The ones we tasted were mediocre. Very nice tapping job by the bartender!“
Schlenkerla 538 days ago
70 /100 141 LAWRENCE ST
“Stopped by for pizza and some flights. Large place, friendly service. Enjoyed the pizza, but the four beers I tried were decent at best.“
tricksta_p 541 days ago
88 /100 195 CENTRE ST
“Visited four times during my 12-day trip to NYC. I suppose I could leave this review at that, for that statement basically says it all. Industrial warehouse/brewery interior which can get quite crowded and noisy. Obviously a popular place for both the hip crowd and beer geeks alike. Fast but minimalist service, not too much time for a chat about beer. Then we get to the selection part... What more do you want, honestly? Plenty of world-class hazy (I)IPA's and (Flavored) Imperial Stouts is what made me come back again and again. My last visit was prompted by some really interesting Jester King and De Garde guest beers. Seems there's new taps every few days, if not daily. If I lived in NYC, I would definitely visit at least once a week to take in the new beers.“
tricksta_p 545 days ago
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