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72 /100 5945 RTE 44/55
“Visited on Saturday late afternoon, at the opening time. Small restaurant/bar with leather couches, bookshelves in the entrance, with a separate bar areas and quite fine food menu. Six beers on tap, flights available, all good and clean beers, from a one-barrel system, which fits into a small room. Admirable operation.“
trapped 1737 days ago
78 /100 5945 RTE 44/55
“Sunday evening in May 2016, small group at the bar which looks like it seats about 12 in a small area. Friendly service, ball game on but the tv was slightly out of the way so not intrusive in any way, but I’d imagine as a local place they get a small crowd for games. Lots of friendly locals, most knew each other. 6 beers on, and they do offer flights, but currently no growler fills as they seem to be running through beer very quickly just on the draft lines. Food here is very well done. This was a great restaurant a few years ago, they closed, and have reopened with the same food staff but the addition of a brewery, and the food does not disappoint. With burgers at $15, it’s perhaps a bit high, but appetizers are priced well, and the quality holds up to the price point. Did two apps for dinner, and that was definitely more food than I needed. Beers are good, all clean and well done. Not super far from me, and while I’d prefer them being 4 minutes away, I can manage at 40 minutes. I’ll certainly be back. “
j12601 1830 days ago
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