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70 /100 6161 WEST QUAKER ST.
“Checked this outlet out while staying in West Seneca. It seemed very organized, bright,asy to find te various types of beer. Awide arrange of beers available in all varieties, with singles available, both in the cooler and on the shelf.Good selection of NY craft and big beers from Regional breweries. whiel I noticed a bolk of their selection carried over from store to store, this one had a few odd ones.“
stevoj 700 days ago
54 /100
Orchard Fresh (Grocery Store)
“Similar to Wegman’s, but a somewhat smaller selection. Reasonable pricing, and a good deli at lunchtime.“
berkshirejohn 2988 days ago
70 /100
Orchard Fresh (Grocery Store)
“went here with the wife to check it out. ambiance is somewhere between a wegmans and premier gourmet. beer selection is a single row of coolers with singles, bombers, six packs, then twelve packs. selection was ok, nothing super exciting but did have the usual suspects. prices were ok, most singles were $1.79 and to compare speedway was $12.“
UDBeernut 3270 days ago
70 /100 6161 WEST QUAKER ST.
“One of the better stores in the Consumer’s chain. About 10 taps or so for growler fills, plus a solid selection of bottles. Recently expanded their coolers, so a good portion of the craft beers are kept refrigerated. The best place to buy beer southtowns area that I know of. They do accept credit cards now.“
frylock 3684 days ago
72 /100 6161 WEST QUAKER ST.
“ This is definitely the best place to purchase beer in the southtowns. There is a fairly good selection from Lagunitas to Victory to many imports. They have a large refrigerator with a rather large amount of these beer contained in it which, in my experience, is usually a lacking feature. There is a decent selection of bombers but I would like to see more singles being offered (I like to fill mixed six packs when I shop for beer). The people working there are very young (most of them that I have seen there may not even be of drinking age) and know very little to nothing about the brews that they are selling. That being said, they are kind and prompt. The best place around, though I have been to much better places with more variety and a more knowledgeable staff. I also find it pretty lame that they do not accept credit cards at this day in age, seeing as I rarely carry cash on me at any given moment. Reviewed on: 09-29-2008“
penguinjive7 4973 days ago
68 /100 6161 WEST QUAKER ST.
“Very similar in size and selection compared to the other better Consumer’s locations throughout the Buffalo area. Growler fills are, of course, a plus and there is a pretty solid selection. Worth a vistit if you’re in Orchard Park“
IPFreely 5162 days ago
74 /100 6161 WEST QUAKER ST.
“This is where I fill up my growlers. Good stuff. Good prices. But they close early somtimes. Especially sunday. So always go an hour before close. Bastards.“
Ambrose 5556 days ago
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