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76 /100 17 W CAYUGA ST
“This place is a little hard to find. It is actually located in a cellar, at the intersection of W 1st and Cayuga. You have to look for it. It’s worth the stop. Especially since Oswego overall is a craft beer desert. Nice clean, attractive place, attentive service, decent beers, some brewed on site, some guest brews from Empire and others, good value overall. Nice place, worth a stop.“
tgncc 1650 days ago
94 /100 7 THIRD AVENUE
“Totally disagree with MeadTamer5. Seems like there is a personal issue with "she". I’ve had nothing but a great experience over a number of years. Knowledgeable staff. Any inquiry is answered promptly and with detail. Selection is awesome and changed regularly. Prices are competitive with other sources. Quality products aren’t always inexpensive. Definitely a place to check out!“
oswegobeersnob 1657 days ago
100 /100 7 THIRD AVENUE
“C’s has a very good selection, and if you don’t see it they will do everything they can to get it for you. Owners and employees know their beers and are always willing to advise/suggest something you will like.Tastings are fun events with popcorn, pretzels and pizza provided, along with specials for the beverage being sampled. Best prices in town for craft beers.“
IPAGirl52 1657 days ago
“She has Parabola. But don’t ask to buy it. Not for sale to common folk.“
MeadTamer5 1787 days ago
78 /100 7 THIRD AVENUE
“I just love a place where the owner takes care of the customers... She knows her beers and makes sure to get quality beers in her store for fans of American micros. The selection is good for the size of the store. Some products aren’t available because of the lack of volume, but they carry very decent stuff. Just came back from a visit and brought home some Dogfishead Old school and worldwide stout, all of the Sierra Nevada 30th anniversary 750ml bottles, Double Wench and many other. Love this place... Been there many times and will go back.“
Tap57 3965 days ago
72 /100 7 THIRD AVENUE
“I am always surpised this place was never entered here. An excellent selection, given the size of Oswego. Used to be a mix of farmer’s market with beer store...now, its all about beer (mind you, I visited there in February). Over 100 beer, with heavy hitters available. Well worth it for those of us living in the 613....“
Lubiere 4263 days ago
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