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76 /100 511 HANSEN POINT
“Really cool place, great service, very friendly, superb taco food truck was there when we were there. We played disc golf, thought about cornhole (bean bag toss) and foosball (guys missing). The weak point was the beer. We needed frequent replenishment on a hot day, and it sort of worked but had hoped for so much more.“
jb 1262 days ago
78 /100 511 HANSEN POINT
“Visited 08/02/2015 on my NY trip. Easy to get to find using a GPS and an absolutely beautiful area. Large hop farm that you can check out and walk through. Plenty of bar and bench seating inside and even more outside. There were a few families playing horseshoes and having a picnic lunch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try many beers. At the time I went the way they were doing flights was very strange, maybe due to some weird law? I visited another brewery nearby that didn’t have the same restriction so I am thinking it’s some odd legal thing. They were only able to serve me one or two flight glasses at a time so between that and waiting for a free server getting the flights took a lot longer than I expected. The beer ranged from OK to good, but I wanted to try more. I was under a timecrunch and a huge wedding party arrived so I had to cut my visit short. There were a couple servers that did fine until the wedding party arrived. Servers seemed nice but they were very busy so I didn’t have a chance to chat anyone up. No food that I noticed, but with how many families were picnicking thats the way to go here. I’d recommend this place if you are passing by but with not being able to try many beers I can’t say if its worth the trip based on the beer alone. If by chance I’m ever in the area again and love to give it another try.“
monmisreal 1801 days ago
84 /100 2994 MERRITT HILL ROAD
“Visited 08/02/2015. I had family business close by and decided to stay in Penn Yan just to try this brewery. I ended up walking 2.4 miles each way and the walk itself was nice with a good view. There was parking in front but I don’t remember exactly how much. No food that I am aware of. The picture of the menu had 17 beers listed with various flight options available. Plenty of seating at the bar with a very nice outdoor balcony seating area. Living in Florida it was nice to visit a brewery that actually had a view that didn’t consist of a parking lot or a busy road. They also grew their own hops and I want to say fruit as well. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. The beer and flight prices were reasonable with the beers ranging from good to very good. I sampled all available beers through flights and also picked up a growler and a glass to go and enjoy back to the motel. There was some merchanide available but nothing that peaked my interest outside of the snifter glass I picked up. I very highly recommend this brewery if you happen to be staying in the area or even just passing through.“
monmisreal 1802 days ago
80 /100 511 HANSEN POINT
“Gorgeous property just off the main drag. Large open tasting room. They had a live band playing the night we were in and loads of people were just sitting out, enjoying the sun and having a good time. Loads of families. The beer here is very good - a wide variety of styles represented.Property is lovely as well. Definitely worth seeking out.“
JoeMcPhee 2435 days ago
64 /100 2994 MERRITT HILL ROAD
“Stopped by in late January with the Finger Lakes Beer Trail Winter Passport. They were in the middle of reconstruction to get the barn/brewpub ready for spring. The head Brew Master was very friendly and poured us our samples and we got our keepsake sampler glass. They grow some of their own hops there on the property. We’ll have to stop back when it is done.“
Ron 2889 days ago
86 /100 511 HANSEN POINT
“Our 1st stop on our Brew Tours ’14’ The finger Lakes Beer Trail. Yes, they do open at 11am as we pulled up there at 10:58 on a Friday morning in January. We were greeted warmly by Chris and his dog. We sampled 8 beers and enjoyed the masterly made tasting room with an excellent view of the hills and lake. They grow much of their hops on the property. Patty and I stopped by 4 years after my 1st stop. The building is a little bigger now. They added a Disc golf course. I had time to try 1 hole (I always have discs in the car) before we had to leave. I did drink my IPA amonst the Bines. Had a great time.“
Ron 2905 days ago
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