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66 /100 2656 EAST MAIN STREET
“Took my first trip to this newly opened place on a Friday night in early October for an Industrial Arts tap takeover. Tap takeover might end up sounding slightly misleading, because while true, it's not incredibly tough to do, as they only have four taps. The other thing slightly going against it here is the pricing, which comes off a touch high at $8 for a 12oz. That aside, it's a quite neat space to hang out in. Well lit and inviting, and there was a great jazz trio playing for the event. Small and intimate with maybe 12 seats around the bar, another large table in the main record area, and enough room for some more people toward the back. Staff here is super friendly, and I knew one of them from another bar that ended up closing down. They have a few snacks, and the pizza place next door will serve up slices or full pies through a small two way window contraption in the wall of the bar, so that's rather cool. Short walk down the street to North River Brewing, which is where I had been before, so that was pretty convenient. Likely not going to blow away any beer geeks, but it's novel and a fun quick stop.“
j12601 1474 days ago
68 /100 1571 ROUTE 9, SUITE 5
“Located in a strip mall right by a Walgreens, this place doesn’t look like much from the outside. Inside, a fairly small tap room has a nice looking bar with some seating along the window and back wall as well. The bartender was pretty friendly, and she was the only one working the place on our visit. Crowd was small and kind of an odd mix for a brewery. Weirdly, not much of a beer crowd and not a particularly friendly crowd either. Maybe we just got unlucky from that regard. Some of the beers were quite good, some were decent, and some not so great. Overall, a fine place, but one I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to on my next trip through the area. It is worth a stop to try at least once.“
ben4321 1608 days ago
84 /100 1571 ROUTE 9, SUITE 5
“Home artisan feel. Really good beers. Super friendly owners. Must stop.“
jtclockwork 2202 days ago
88 /100 1571 ROUTE 9, SUITE 5
“Really enjoyed my visit here today! For a startup...I’m amazed the beers are this good so soon. They had 10 beers during my visit...all were notable...a few were extremely good...and at least two were exceptional! The extremely goods would include the Tarwe Witte/Hefeweizen, the Paddle Steamer IPA, and the Brom Bones Imperial Brown Ale (at 9.5%). Exceptional would include the Hoppy Red Ale, and the "Stout" (yes that’s the full name...like calling your dog "Dog"...lol!). However, there was at least one beer that was "world class". They have a novel way of making a couple of pale ales that start the same thru fermentation...but then are split in half. One is made into the West Pale Ale with coffee added from the adjacent "Bad Ass Coffee", and the other adds Oolong Tea to become East Pale Ale. It is this one with the tea that is truly exceptional...and quite original at the same time. The owners should definitely enter this beer into some competitions...it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t be well rewarded. Speaking of the owners...I met Brandin the brewer and principal...and his father-in-law Kevin who was working the taps. They are both great to talk to. As an aside...the tasting room is filled with wormy maple cabinetry and crafts...Kevin is a cabinet maker...and there is much to admire from his craft in the brewery. Do yourself a favor...and get over for a visit ASAP. These guys are making great beer!“
PRBeer 2530 days ago
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