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“Lareg oak barn on top a small hill, with six of their beers and two guest ciders on tap. Pizza available on the outside, playing children a lot of locals at noon on a Saturday. $5 for a flight of six. Very clean beers, good place to visit.“
trapped 1528 days ago
“Got here around 2 on a Sunday afternoon in late May. Gorgeous country surrounding everything, lots of open land. Drive up a dirt drive toward the big barn space, past a small hop field with bines growing. The barn like space that serves as the tasting room is very nice. Nice new wood, wood burning stove in the corner (which is probably the place to be near in the winter). Eight beers on tap (well, one was a cider, but made in house as well as best as I could tell). Prices were incredibly low, with flights of 4 at $3. Or 6 for $5. So realistically you can try all of their beers for $6. Taster sizes are a little smaller than the standard 5 ounce, which I appreciated. I’m fine with a 3 ounce or 4, as I often don’t finish a taster if I’m hitting a number of breweries, and if you’re trying them all to then drink pints of your favorite, why fill up on the ones you don’t like? I’m guessing pints of all of theirs were likely $5 (didn’t see it posted) as they had a note about half pints available for $3. I’ve had terrible beers at not so great breweries charging significantly more than here. And the beers here were pretty solid. No wonder why there’s a pile of happy locals here. There was a pizza truck outside, and a whole lot of people on a great spring weather day sitting outside at the numerous tables and chairs looking out down the hill into the surrounding country side. It might look like it’s a bit out of the way for some, but you can put it into a tour that also hits Pine Island(15 minutes), Glenmere (another 10 from Pine Island), Rushing Duck (another 10 from Glenmere), or move up to Middletown for Equilibrium at about 20 minutes away. Certainly worth a visit, even if only for the views and the atmosphere, but the beers are amazing, and the people are great as well. Highly recommended. “
j12601 1605 days ago
“Great location not far from Pine Island in southern Orange County near the NJ boarder. Up on a hill behind a large hop farm...nice views and outdoor spaces. They are registered as one of NY’s farm breweries. The building is what they call an Amish barn kit...perfect for this place. They are waiting for a larger 10bbl system to be installed at a different site a mile or so away to replace the current 1bbl system. The barn does not have room for the larger system. I really liked this place in almost all ways...problem is...the beer was only average at best. Nothing was bad or off flavor...but nothing was really special or memorable either. Given the money invested...and the new larger system coming...I’m hoping the beer will get better. Until then this is a stop if in the area (combine with nearby Pine Island Brewing and Rushing Duck a little further away in Chester).“
PRBeer 1928 days ago
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