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70 /100 92 MAIN ST.
“This is a popular beer hall and restaurant, owned by a local politician. A recent Saturday visit found us in a lively atmosphere, with birthday parties going on, and a band playing classic rock covers. The food is tasty, but not cheap. One of my friends said the hamburger was the best she ever had. Her name is Barbara, and the hamburger also was named Barbara - did they name it after her? The service was good, and they use an electronic system that allows them to write up individual checks for a large group, which makes things easier - but the kitchen did take too long to prepare my friend's dessert. Their beers are solid, and they offer 7-8 styles on tap. It is conveniently located next to the Yonkers railroad station.“
Slipstream 4 days ago
70 /100 92 MAIN ST.
“Reasonable sized brewpub near the train station. Fairly standard brewpub feel. Service was friendly and helpful. Beers were fine, though for some reason they do not print the beer menu and so when sat outside the staff just recite them all off in a big list which is quite intimidating. One or two guest options, but mostly their own beers. Inside, they are on a board, which is easier. Food was definitely more exciting than the beers.“
explosivedog 821 days ago
76 /100 92 MAIN ST.
“Very large place housing the brewery and the taproom, with 11 of their beers on tap, good food menu, sommunity tables, a few large screen TVs, young and enthusiastic staff. Their brews generally not bad but on the weaker side. Nice place, not worth getting out of your way though.“
trapped 2043 days ago
78 /100 92 MAIN ST.
“I visited Yonkers Brewing recently and enjoyed it very much. I was surprised when attempting to do this review that the brewery had not yet been added to RateBeer...so I just added it. The outside facade is extremely attractive. This is a sizable place with some very good food a step above normal bar food (hot dogs are great by the way...and large!). The interior is very decent looking with the brewery in the back...in fact you can see 3 of the fermenters under the large American flag. The beers run from average to above average with none either bad or what I would call great...nonetheless...I recommend a visit here if in the area...and a very nice combination to pair Yonkers Brewing with nearby Gun Hill Brewing.“
PRBeer 2523 days ago
80 /100 772 PALISADE AVE
“Huge craft selection at a fraction of the price you’ll see in Brooklyn/Manhattan. Some bottles were as much as $5 less here ($12 v. $7). A few vintage bottles and a few that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the city, such as Pizza Boy Grasslands and Golden Sour. Worth a stop if you are driving though the area. Service was a bit slow due to a price check issue.“
jtclockwork 2897 days ago
86 /100 237 MARKET ST
“expensive, but very nice selection. No Wookie Jack ?!“
canes89 3566 days ago
90 /100 772 PALISADE AVE
“love this place“
canes89 3566 days ago
82 /100 237 MARKET ST
“It's a Yardhouse so there's always a large selection of beer and the food is good, just not a place to go if your not willing to send 50 in beer and wings.“
Mannybdoy 3643 days ago
66 /100 772 PALISADE AVE
“This was a complete surprise to me as the last time I had been to this place, thier focus was on macro crap. Not any more. While the selection is somewhat modest, they offer lots of regional micros and some of the better Belgian, English and German beers available in the US. I didn’t rate the food for this place as it is a grocery store that does not have the gourmet foods normally associated with small scale grocers that offer beer selections of this size.“
Cletus 5664 days ago
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