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74 /100 950 WINDY RD SUITE 100
“Nice place out in suburbia. Smaller place inside, lots of light.Small outdoor area. This place was jumping on my visit with standing room only. Its popular and fills up fast. Service was slow, but friendly. Nice selection of beers, which were very tasty. Flights and samples available.. if you can get enough bar time to order it. Still a nice to visit.“
HourGlass13 2310 days ago
80 /100
Ruckus Pizza - Apex (Restaurant)
“Mlicated off of highway 64 in Apex in the Costco plaza. Nice 15 or so people can sit at bar, 6 tables to. Good size patio. Big sports emphasis, lots of tvs. Solid tap list, 24 of them. Looks like 30 or so can/ bottle offerings. Strong NOrth Carolina offerins, but other large crafts, bmc available. Food is good here, diverse offerings, typical pub grub with sushi as an option, all food is good. I usually sit in the bar. Not quite a go out of your way for place. But good if you live in the area.“
OldGrowth 2423 days ago
78 /100 950 WINDY RD SUITE 100
“Newish brewery in a residential area surrounded by condos and apartment buildings. Has its own parking lot. Long bar and some tables and couches, with the brewhouse just next to and behind the bar. Flights of four for six bucks, but server gave me a couple extra beers without my asking, nice. Beers were pretty decent, and fairly creative - two Baltic porters on, for instance, you don’t see that every day. Food truck schedule is posted in the taproom.“
Travlr 2501 days ago
78 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“Smallish place right on the main drag with a solid beer selection. I had no trouble finding free street parking on a Friday around lunchtime. Large selection of NC stuff to your left. Small bar with eight or so taps. Very helpful knowledgeable staff. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2501 days ago
66 /100
Lowes Foods - Apex (Grocery Store)
“grocery store on 55 in Apex, this chain recently ramped up it’s game, they fill growlers, solid selection of taps, 8 I think, nothing jaw dropping but solid selection with a North Carolina tilt, Unita 801, Hi Wire Dunkelweisen, Coronado Orage wit, Old Hiclory porter, Blind Squirel nut brown, Foothills Seeing Double, Devils Backbone spiderr bite were on, all the regular Stone, Sierra, Victory ballast point larger distributed crafts were in bottle, as well as BMC’s not gonna go out of your way to go here, but if you were ina pinch while visiting someone in the area, it’s fine.“
OldGrowth 2850 days ago
60 /100 1229 PERRY RD, SUITE 101
“In a large industrial building, big square room, 3 tv’s. 12 person bar, another half dozen 4 person tables. High ceiling pale blue walls, it’s clean, Windows look into brewing area, good service today but it was slow do no reason there wasn’t good service. 8 beers on, 4 main stay, 4 seasonal. All ok. no good on site, but they do body good trucks, points are either 4 or 5 bucks with some daily special for 3.It’s fine not gonna get a beer geek excited but good enough for some ticks“
OldGrowth 3256 days ago
82 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“Now located right on Main St in Downtown Apex the Beer Dispensary is a nice place to hang out, have a couple beers and shop for beer. Unlike a lot of the area it’s in a older building so it has more personality that the big box stores.. Tim is always there to help, real nice guy, kind of quiet, but will always help. Solid enough selection, gets some unique items, but not as much as the biggest stores around. I never know about the value part of the score, seems in line with others in the area. I like going here, get the small town vibe going on, a little outta the way but suppose if you were at Tyler’s Apex this is maybe 5 to 10 minutes away so you can go here before of after.“
OldGrowth 3506 days ago
78 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“Having a location on what I’m guessing is the main drag in town combined with the wooded interior combine to give this place the feel of an olde fashioned general. The strength here is local and regional craft as well as their willingness to sell singles of everything. They also have a small bar with five mostly local taps. If I lived in Apex I would be thrilled to have a place like this on my doorstep.“
DiarmaidBHK 3742 days ago
64 /100
JD’s Tavern (Restaurant)
“In a strip mall off 55 in Apex. Gotta try to find the place. Hidden away. Bar is a backwards question mark. Extra booths and tables. Dining area next to bar. tables outside too. A loud sports bar basically. I’ve heard it get a little crazy here late but I’m more of a sunday lunch guy for the most part. Ok beer selection. They feature a brewery of the month. Food has been good. Not a bunch of frozen stuff. Usually freshly prepared. A beer geek would go to tyler’s just down the road, but food tad better here. Just not a big beer selection.“
OldGrowth 3748 days ago
84 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“I was out for a drive and decided to stop in here to check it out. I’d heard good things, so I had to see for myself. And it’s a really nice small shop. They don’t move the inventory or have the selection that the bigger stores in Raleigh do, but they’ve got a really good mix of beer; a lot of the really good solid stand-bys, and some interesting craft options I hadn’t seen. Nice place, and I’ll definitely stop back by when I’m in the area.“
maxwelldeux 3899 days ago
“Only been to this branch once, given that it’s fairly far from JCB Manor, but first impression was that it’s far and away the best Tyler’s in the area right now. Atmosphere is inviting and just a bit ski lodge-y, making for a nice change with the cavernous Durham branch that’s fallen way off in the last couple years. Very good service, the usual passable food, and a really excellent array of seasonals on deck. Much more care put into the rotating taps here than elsewhere, makes for an all-around fine visit.“
JCB 3938 days ago
94 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“My go-to beer store. Occasional parking issue but i can walk a block or less. Very friendly knowledgeable staff, competitive prices, and large selection that is still growing. Closing in on 500 different beers. They also do regular free tastings and owner is willing to get products that you want to see. Overall highly recommend.“
beerme31 4384 days ago
“This is an all-around good place. Nice selection of brews, good food, and reasonable priced. The service has always been good, however they are not at all beer experts. Expect a wait of 30-45 minutes at peak times.“
beerme31 4384 days ago
“Tyler’s was my favorite for food and beers for a couple of years. But, food innovation is on the decline. Beer selection is good, but so many other joints have caught up to them.“
Thepickett 4405 days ago
“The restaurant side is very nice, and the service is very good. However, the bar side is a bit dull and too open. The bartenders are very knowledgeable, and they do have a decent selection of beers both foreign and domestic. However, it’s not the best "bar environment", but everything isn’t all together too bad.“
PackPride 4416 days ago
“Reviewed 8/25/08: Tyler’s is the best tap room I’ve every had the privilege of enjoying. My friend and I counted over 80 different beers on tap as well as probably 30+ others in bottles. We had several different drafts and everything tasted fresh and crisp. The beer prices are a little bit higher than what you’d pay at your local bar but it’s well worth it for the selection. You’ll definitely find something worth drinking here. The food was casual dining fare but was excellent. I would highly recommend Tyler’s Taproom and look forward to going back there soon!“
adam42381 4479 days ago
“Came here once with ethan for special beer they had on tap. I think it was a BA Foothills Peoples Porter. Similar to other Tylers but a little smaller but I liked it. They always seem to have better beers on tap out there instead of Carrboro. I don’t understand why.“
TURDFERGUSON 4490 days ago
“Liked this Tyler’s just fine, went to a Foothills event there. Had a nice draught selection, found some cool stuff on. Layout was cool. Food was the same as the other Tylers and that speaks to that.“
emacgee 4532 days ago
“This is as good a pub as you can find in suburbia Raleigh/Durham. The total number of beers on tap may not compare to the Flying Saucer (downtown Raleigh), but the number of good American Craft beers is decent. I suspect that the FS has more imports -- which in general, doesn’t interest me. The food is quite good -- much better than the usual fried "bar food". This establishment has two separate bars, that give patrons a choice of ambiance. One side being a nice family restaurant and bar, the other side, the "Speakeasy" is a more casual billiards and sports bar. Fortunately, the same great beer selection is available on both sides of the building. “
rael 4550 days ago
76 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“A very nice little beer store with a very good selection. The owner cares about beer and is ready to discuss and possibly order in special requests. Nice downtown Apex location, though parking can be a bit difficult. For reference, the prices for Stone Arrogant Bastard and IPA matched our local Trader Joes.“
rael 4550 days ago
92 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“Great store, and super-friendly owner and staff. Nice mix of imports and other microbreweries as well as a solid selection of locals and growlers.“
durhambeer 4578 days ago
“A great selection of beers, most of the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The beer are constantly rotating with new and very rare beers. Some that they only get. FYI Thursdays are rare cask night. The only issue is their food menu, they keep cutting it back. No more salmon sandwich boo!“
bensbrews 4696 days ago
54 /100 800 W WILLIAMS ST
“When they first opened up they had a bigger selection. Now it seems they are focusing more in their wine. Disappointing until the The Beer Dispensary of Apex opened up, which solely dedicated to only selling beer. I would highly recommend going there then here if you want good service and a great selection of beers.“
bensbrews 4696 days ago
92 /100 112 N. SALEM ST
“A great selection of brews. A lot of local stuff. A dedicated section of foreign brews. Good prices. He also has growlers of stuff from Craggie. Very friendly service. A must if you are near by! Just got two bottles of Silent Night!“
bensbrews 4696 days ago
“Some beers a little pricy but hands down best selection within a 30 mile radius“
fxmatt 5146 days ago
“Went here the Friday before the WBF Durham Festival. Immediately blown away by the quality draft and bottle list, though the prices seemed a tad high on some stuff. Went with Ommegang Rouge to start since they didn’t have Big Boss Harvest Time on draft any longer. Wife got Klokke de Roeland after several attempts at picking a beer. Food was OK. BBQ sandwich could have been a bit better but the local hot sauce saved it. Garlic fries were tasty but a bit too salty. Like the layout of the place but it was a tad dirty the night we went. Our server, though friendly enough, was a bit absent minded/slow at times. Though we found flaws, we would definitely go back if in the area.“
TheBeerGod 5161 days ago
“Ran into Old Growth on my visit. Great tap list, will do growlers, more in bottles. Pretty good food. Bartender gave me samples of beers that we chatted about which was cool, didn’t even ask for them.“
lithy 5269 days ago
“I enjoy Tylers in Durham so I was happy to see this new addition to the Apex area. I have been in there twice now. Here are my thought - ambiance: looks like a food court - not nearly as cool as the one in Durham in the old tobacco mills. Service: I had to ask for the beer menu - twice. I am not there for the food, please give me a beer menu with my food menu - do not make me ask for it. And then we had to ask someone to take our order. Food: Terrible - both times. Got the french dip sandwhich on my second visit and it consisted of 2 thin pieces of shoe leather they were trying to pass of as roast beef. My future visits here - I will go back because it is convenient - will be limited to a beer at the bar. They at least have not messed up the beer part of things.“
brewski519 5450 days ago
“Located in the Beaver Creek Commons mall. A short drive from my house, sweet. As you walk in Bar on left restaurant on right. Bar is J shaped, about 20 stool. long bench seat with several table also. 4 TV’s above bar. Tightly packed tap handles with 3 draft towers built in to bar. Restaurant has a bunch of 4 person tables with booths on the outside that hold 4 or six people. Dark wood with red, green, beige wall colors. Little side room at the end of the bar for a small group with a couch and couple chairs. Speakeasy is walled off from the other section Same taps as bar. Has two pool tables, video games 5 TV’s. Small outdoor dining area. Service varies, depending on who’s working, if you know the staff or if you get a newer staff member. A welcome edition to this part of the world, I.E. close to my house. 05/28/09 - Has gone non smoking in all areas. Foods gotten better lately,Some nice season offerings on the menu, 08/27/11 lately food has taken a downturn. 12/20/2013 food on the up swing….“
OldGrowth 5697 days ago
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