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48 /100 1121 MAIN ST
“Just a few craft beers. The food is decent - fish and chips were tasty and well-cooked. Service average. We were ready to gnaw the bark off a tree while trying to get into a restaurant in Blowing Rock, so this was serviceable. Parking is a crapshoot.“
Aurelius 1275 days ago
68 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“Service was good, though apologetic for the long wait. The bar is entirely too small, the place is poorly laid-out. They could wedge in a couple more picnic tables out on the front lawn. A dozen or so of their house beers on tap. If you're walking around the touristy downtown Blowing Rock - which made me feel like I was trapped in a Hallmark Christmas movie - then it's worth a stop. Parking is a crapshoot.“
Aurelius 1275 days ago
66 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“The Alehouse restaurant in Blowing Rock seems to be in an old house - the brewery is out back in a garage-like outbuilding. Nice cozy place with several small rooms and seating areas and a small bar; also some outside seating. Decent selection of beers - about a dozen different beers plus one guest tap. Beers were all decent, nothing outstanding, but all good. Food was decent, though pork in my Cuban sandwhich was pretty dry and overdone.“
BeerdedDave 1393 days ago
70 /100 990 MAIN ST
“A hoity-toity gas station. Good, inexpensive coffee on a frosty day, good deli items and baked goods. Reasonable gas prices, clean restrooms. $10.99 mixed Sixers of local brew, lots of wine. Must stop in Blowing Rock.“
Aurelius 1643 days ago
76 /100
Foggy Rock (Restaurant)
“Good local taps. Accessible, good prices, flights, parking, close to scenic areas, and mountain attractions. Food is filling, tasty, priced right. Good service. A restaurant with an incidental bar area.“
Aurelius 1643 days ago
74 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“Visited on a Friday afternoon and it was packed. We sat on the patio, which is a nice space, but had no table service, which meant we to go to the bar for our beer. This is less than Ideal, because the bar is tiny, with no dedicated walk up space, and this made getting the bartender’s attention somewhat of a challenge. Kinda put a damper on the visit. Otherwise, though, it was cool. Old building (formerly a house), lots of nooks and crannies, and nice looking. Plenty of house beer, which is above average.“
Suttree 1769 days ago
64 /100 155 SUNSET DRIVE
“At the far end of the main drag in touristy Blowing Rock. Nice looking building, modern mountain rustic style I guess. Dark interior, deck upstairs. Beer selection is common flagship craft.“
Travlr 1891 days ago
58 /100 990 MAIN ST
“This is a gas station. Inside is a deli on the left, coffee bar straight ahead and beer and wine shop on the right. Selection is mostly common craft. One cooler for mixed sixers for $10.99. Only if you’re in the area.“
Travlr 1891 days ago
66 /100 1121 MAIN ST
“On the main drag in touristy Blowing Rock. Dark wood interior, modern Irish American pub style. Nice covered patio. Usual suspects, macro and craft.“
Travlr 1891 days ago
76 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“The bar/restaurant looks like a former house, brewery in the former garage in back. House has a picnic table out front and another on the side, and each room is a separate restaurant room. Bar is snug and cozy, fits just five people. A dozen taps, most were decent. Food was tasty and creative. Solid service. Worth a look and a meal if you’re in the small town anyway.“
Travlr 1894 days ago
70 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“Only ten beers on tap (three others had kicked), ranging from quite good to average. Limited but attractive outdoor seating. Kind of big and sprawling inside. Food was decent but a few things sold out. Advice: arrive before 8 PM for the best selection of food and beer.“
Iphonephan 2536 days ago
76 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“Wait staff is friendly, food is really good - yet odd. Nothing normal about what is on the menu so dont go in here expecting typical bar food. This is probably the best place to stop in and drink beer in Blowing Rock - that or the Mellow Mushroom. Know that this place knows they are in a high end tourist place, so the food is priced like that. The beer is reasonable. Just avoid the police - they are everywhere. I got a ticket for running a red light.“
ross 2657 days ago
74 /100 128 GREENWAY COURT
“Another smaller place in North Carolina. They had a bar, indoor seating and outdoor seating. The weather was nice, so I sat outside. You can see the brewery from the outside seating. The service was very good and friendly. They had a lot of different beers to try on tap and you could order a 3 or 5 beer sampler. The samples were in nice sized glasses. The beer was pretty good. There was nothing outstanding, but a few above average beers. The chicken wings were the best I have ever had.“
sturmthis 3005 days ago
74 /100 1121 MAIN ST
“The Best late night stop in B Rock. Taps focus on Brit/ Irish Beer. Staff friendly and full of know how. Food is OK but ask for help from the staff for the gems.“
RichieRich5640 3348 days ago
82 /100 143 WONDERLAND TR.
“Great food and atmosphere. Taps are a good blend of local and import brews to compliment the food!“
RichieRich5640 3348 days ago
82 /100
Foggy Rock (Restaurant)
“Great LOCAL beer Selections. Always switching up for the best available nationwide beers! The food is the clincher“
RichieRich5640 3348 days ago
76 /100 143 WONDERLAND TR.
“Overall awesome bar in BR with a great beer selection and amazing food.“
DedicatedToFun 3473 days ago
74 /100
Foggy Rock (Restaurant)
“Awesome local restaurant in B-Rock that has 15 taps of craft beer with free samples. Yum!“
DedicatedToFun 3477 days ago
76 /100 155 SUNSET DRIVE
“Spent a day in the mountains with my family, and after walking around the ’historic’ area of Blowing Rock, stopped in here for dinner. Sat out on the upper level patio. Good atmosphere out there, and the inside looked pleasant as well, albeit dark. The service was spot-on at this MM. This is the first non-hippy-run MM I think I have ever been to. Our order was taken speedily, and our food arrived promptly. Drinks were refilled, and beer came out fast. I knew it could happen. Not every MM had to have crappy service. I was pretty disappointed with the beer selection though. They had a couple Foothills, some Highland, some Olde Hickory, and Blue Moon. That was the extent. I ordered the OH Ruby Lager. Came out in a mason-jar which was a cool touch. As at all MMs I’ve been to, the food was fantastic. Never have I been disappointed by their food. I’d come back here for sure, but their tap list needs some revamping. “
Onenote81 3721 days ago
58 /100 990 MAIN ST
“Spent a day in the mountains with my family, and decided to stop in here after walking around downtown for a bit. This store is definitely more wine-centric, but they did have a good beer selection. Large wrap around cooler in the back corner. Lots of good beer was present. Terrapin, Stone, Ommegang, Olde Hickory, Victory - just to name of few of the ones I saw. Everything looked fresh from what I scanned. This is a nice little store. They also carried a good amount of cigars and plenty of wine. Definitely the store I would hit if I was staying in the area for a few days. “
Onenote81 3721 days ago
60 /100 990 MAIN ST
“This is a quaint little service station right in the heart of Mian St. Blowing Rock. They have a good selection of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, freshly sliced. Over 900 labels of wine and pretty decent selection of beer including a "pick 6". A good stop shop!“
xs2500 3830 days ago
72 /100 143 WONDERLAND TR.
“A little stuffy for my taste, but food is amazing. Make sure to make a reservation! Fairly decent beer selection for an upscale restaurant. Price per person varies from 10-30 bucks a head, so even though its a nicer establishment it accommodates all parties.“
xs2500 3831 days ago
64 /100 1121 MAIN ST
“A great stop on a cold night in Blowing rock. Long bar with friendly clientele and staff. Decent beer and food selection. Food was pretty good, nothing to really write home about, but still worth a stop.“
xs2500 3831 days ago
78 /100 1121 MAIN ST
“Typical English pub setting with a excellent selection of beers and ales (US independents and English), both bottled and draft. Nice full-length bar or tables in 2 small rooms. Food ranges from typical English (shepherd’s pie) to California type salads, all very tasty. Ambiance is very good (close, warm interior), low noise level, very friendly up-scale clientele, knowledgeable staff. A great pint and a good meal ~$12. I’ll go back.“
RFWobbly 4412 days ago
62 /100 155 SUNSET DRIVE
“another great place for some foothills and a cal-zone in the ever touristy town of blowing rock.“
ucusty 5285 days ago
38 /100 155 SUNSET DRIVE
“Don’t like the ambiance. Dark (in a bad way) and uncomfortable. No real "bartender" and very unattentive. Taps rotate, but they keep a decent selection (you can find atleast one brew you’d like). They like to keep the Brooklyn and Foothills beers on tap, so it depends on which one they have at the time. Beer is served out of mason jars most of the time. Meh. The Cosmic Karma pizza is damn good and if you can get it with a pint of Brooklyn Pennant Ale, all the better.“
BleacherBum 5620 days ago
44 /100 155 SUNSET DRIVE
“After hitting the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville, and not making too formidable a dent in their garrison of regional beers, we drifted into the Blowing Rock location. Hard to tell they were the same chain. Blowing Rock has a much more limited selection. The 8 taps consisted of 2 Foothills brews, 2 Sweetwaters, Guiness, and some other macro foolishness. Bottles were limited to mostly macros and a few regionals - one Duck-Rabbit. This is less hippie-ish than Asheville, as was to be expected. Servers seemed overwhelmed with a (small) full house, and though it was early Friday night they were out of a lot of things. The bill seemed a bit high for what we ate and drank. 2 beers, 1 house wine, 1 sandwich, 1 personal pizza, 1 salad = $40. Lackluster. I’ll try the Sixpence Pub around the corner next visit. Closes early - 9 during the week, 10 on the weekend.“
Aurelius 5660 days ago
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