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“This is a really cool brewery! The outside accomodates many patrons inside of a large garage setup, with a very long bar, and only a short distance to an excellent food truck! There is also a separate bar upstairs along with lots of great take-homes and merchandise!“
Emeister84 384 days ago
“Visited on vacation. Large brewery with a downstairs open air area and a smallish upstairs inside area. Tap selection was what killed this place for me. Only the standard canned stuff I can get almost country wide and even some of their seasonal stuff like Death By Coconut was out. Wife wanted some of their hot sauce which they were also out of. Friendly service. I likely wouldn’t make a special trip there but we were in the area.“
Homer321 1349 days ago
“(Visited 06/2015): Oscar Blues’ North Carolina brewery is located in Brevard, about 45 minutes from Asheville on Mountain Industrial Drive, off 64. There is a large gravel parking lot next to the building.

There is a large open patio outside with ample seating and a bar. Inside a flight of stairs through an archway made out of cans leads upstairs to the taproom. The brewery is visible from the stairs and through windows in the taproom. A bar runs along the left side of the taproom, and there are tables in the rear. Merchandise and beer to-go are on the opposite end. Industrial/DYI decor in the bar. The beers on tap are listed on a board behind the bar.

As for the beers on draught, there are around 10 taps, with several flagship beers plus some less common options like Bourbon Barrel G’Knight, Watermelon Pils and a collaboration with Beavertown called Judas Porter. The beers were all solid. Cans (including a root beer) are also available to drink on premise or take away. Service on a relatively busy Thursday afternoon was pretty good. The bartenders were friendly and attentive.

Food is not served at the brewery.

Overall this is a pretty good spot to visit outside of Asheville. The experience and selection isn’t on par with Sierra Nevada , but I would probably visit again on a future trip.“
Dogbrick 1675 days ago
“Not the prettiest place, but then I saw BA Ten Fidy on tap and didn’t care anymore. Love OB beers. Not a huge tap list, but of good quality. Nice gift shop too. Not impressive was the GKnight being sold in cans that was 9-10 months old. I expect brewery fresh from the source, not stale crap. No excuse for that.“
slowrunner77 1752 days ago
“Visited on a Tuesday just after they open. The place seemed mostly dead, but that is probably the norm during the hour I was there. It’s a huge warehouse type facility off the beaten track in a sparsely populated town. They have a large outdoor patio that is mostly under roof and has a small station set up with 2 taps. A food truck was outside on my visit, but not yet open. I think the bartender said it opens around 4 PM. The remainder of the taproom facilities is up a flight of stairs just inside the entryway. The taproom is fairly large with a couple tables and a few booths set up surrounding the bar. On my visit they had 12 beers on tap, some duplicates, and a few special things. There was also a cask going. I was a bit let down that they didn’t have more taproom exclusive things available. In the can cooler they had all the regular things, plus a few of their recent special run beers and a Barrel Aged Gubna can. The Barrel Aged can was a bit pricy at $10 each, but I’m hoping it tastes good enough to warrant it. An oddity of the place is that the bartender said we couldn’t buy cans and drink them on site. All on site consumption had to be draft. I don’t know why that would be. Regardless, we had a decent time here. Picked up some cans we hadn’t seen elsewhere because they were already sold out, and we got to try a couple one-offs. The merch section was pretty cool, but everything seemed overpriced, so didn’t end up buying anything but beer. Despite the quirks of my visit, I would likely come back. The quality of the beer is definitely there, just not the variety I crave.“
JStax 1772 days ago
“Friendly and helpful staff on each of my 4 or 5 visits. 16 taps in the second story taproom that has a wall of glass overlooking the brewery. Gets crowded on weekends. Good view out the window behind the bar... you can forget you are in an industrial park. Tap prices are reasonable but take away cans are surprisingly high priced. Their own food truck is often in operation and provides tasty pub food. Free tours.“
chinchill 1865 days ago
“Stopped by here while in the Asheville area, maybe 25 minutes south of the city. Pretty large looking operation once you find it out there. There was a food truck, outside seating and a indoor bar. Bar and food truck service were great, draft list of their popular beers and some new/brewery exclusive stuff. Only disappointment was no tour announcements despite listed times, bar staff seemed confused too. Overall worth checking out if in the area, glad some west coasters are building additional facilities within driving distance!“
radio_nowhere 1959 days ago
62 /100 63 E MAIN ST
“Visited Sept. 2012 and July 2015. 6 beers on tap during both visits. (Update: 8 taps in July 2017). This is a small, family-owned micro-brewery in downtown Brevard that just opened in Spring of 2012. They specialize in lagers but do make an IPA and at least 2 other ales (a red I’ve not had but which has an excellent reputation and a surprisingly good "Coriander Ale"). During my visit yesterday, they had 10 taps, with 6 devoted to their own beers. The other four included an Oskar Blues (soon to open a brewery in Brevard) and a New Belgium 1554. The bartenderess was friendly, but surprisingly inclined to recommend mixing beers together; not that this bothered me since I like to do this on occasion and don’t care for the annoyed or quizzical look such a request sometimes produces. They have a 3-sided bar and a bunch of tables. Very relaxing atmosphere, at least on a weekday afternoon. They have music on the weekends, with some surprisingly good musicians on the roster. {Well, they are in the musicians mecca that is the Brevard/Asheville area.) Conveniently open 7 days a week, this is a new business well deserving customers. No food served from the brewery itself, but I think delivery may be available. Growlers to go. Good prices, with a sampler featuring all 6 BBC beers currently at $6.50. It was a bit hard to find my first visit but now has BREVARD BREWING in very large lettering over the entrance. It’s right on Main St. and only 3/4 of black south of the another main thoroughfare, Broad St./Rt. 64.“
chinchill 2026 days ago
72 /100
The Square Root (Restaurant)
“Service is much better when sitting at the bar. Good food - many taps are Brevard brewing“
srx7racer 2064 days ago
74 /100 63 E MAIN ST
“Local townie brewery in the heart of the city with a nice bar and tables to hang at. Only one bartender on when I went, but I was never waiting for beer, so no complaints. Just five beers on tap, which seems to be the norm due to the size of the system they use and no distribution except for growlers. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into good lagers and are already staying in Brevard due to Oskar Blues.“
jbruner 2268 days ago
“A big warehouse operation in the middle of nowhere almost, but a nice outdoor patio and an indoor tasting room overlooking the cellar. Very family friendly, which is what I think they were going for in the area. Service was great, very friendly, prompt, and pretty knowledgeable. Selection was pretty awesome, the basics, plus lots of one offs, casks, cans you can’t find in distribution. Food trucks frequent outside. Most definitely worth a stop on your way south out of Asheville.“
jbruner 2367 days ago
“Larger-scale operation here, with a taproom upstairs in the factory featuring flights, pints for enjoyment plus bottles and growlers to go. Had live music the night we were there. There’s also an outdoor seating area (and a food truck that day). Nice they have some stuff to occupy the kids (like - tricycles, cornhole) so Mom and Dad (and everyone else) can relax with a pint.“
Bacchus66 2371 days ago
98 /100 63 E MAIN ST
“Just south of the center of Brevard. Spacious taproom with plenty of chairs and tables. Bartender was super sweet. Some restaurants with in walking distance. Outdoor area around back, accessible through the back of the bar. This guy knows what he’s doing for sure. The German styles he is brewing are spot on, no rough edges or flaws. Clearly gets the point of brewing sessionable yet complex beers. Definitely worth a visit. Oh and the guy that says they have PBR is full of it, they only take their corn on the cob...“
LionsMaine 2393 days ago
“The Oskar Blues brewery is in a large modern warehouse but has a surprisingly cosy tasting room upstairs and a small shop. We had a very interesting tour led by the head brewer, Noah. I’d never seen a canning machine before and found it fascinating! (Visited 7 February 2014 on the RBWG bus tour).“
Boudicca 2497 days ago
> A fun tasting room inside a mega capacity brewhouse

>> Huge space here slotted to distribute all over the east coast. Guided tours available, reminded me a bit of Rogue on the inside with the elevated tasting room. Decent amount of house beers on tap, but only two were special editions; everything else was their normal line up. Staff was awesome- very friendly. Had cans for sale to go and drink on premise, some of them were new to me but the quality was suspect. Overall, if you are on a group tour and want to learn about the brewing process, this is a fun stop. But if you are after new beers and really good beers, I’d skip. “
GT 2515 days ago
“This is a large brew house with a welcoming tap room beyond the can archway and up the stairs. There were a couple one-off beers on tap and several beers for taking home (or drinking there).“
BeerandBlues2 2519 days ago
“Visited during RBWG 2014. An area over looking the brewery with lots of seating and a large oval shaped area. Service was good despite there being a large group of us. There were a good number of beers available but cannot remember the exact number. Price was solid. A pretty nice tasting room for a larger scale production brewery.“
deyholla 2526 days ago
“This was our first stop on the RBWG bus tour and it was a good one. A bit of a drive outside of Asheville, it’s a big warehouse in an industrial area. There’s a large patio under a pavilion on one corner of the building, and a door leads to some stairs up to a mezzanine tasting room. The taps have all the standard OB beers, as well as two special ones. Cans of everything were for sale, as well as one I’d never had and their root beer. Big barrels of peanuts are out there for the taking. Prices are good overall, and the staff is accommodating and friendly. Cool place- just wish it was a bit more convenient to Asheville.“
phaleslu 2531 days ago
“The tasting bar is upstairs with a view of the huge tanks in the brewery. All of the regular canned offerings were on tap as well as a few one offs that the brewers had made. In addition was a cooler with cans to go which included a few not found everywhere.“
SpringsLicker 2532 days ago
“Visited during RBWG 2014 - Asheville. I quite enjoyed the visit here, mostly because of the thorough tour of the facility. The guide was friendly and informative and I left feeling like I had really seen everything and had all questions answered. The tap room is funky and the staff was attentive. The only downside was that the bar serves primarily the core range of OB beers, with only two non-core beers on tap. (Of all the breweries visited around Asheville during the weekend, this one easily had the most limited selection.) Fun place to for a stop but I wouldn’t say it’s a must-visit if you’re doing a tour of Asheville and its surroundings.“
Leighton 2534 days ago
“First stop on the Asheville RBWG 2014 Bus Tour. Nice, modern brewery with a tap room that overlooks the operation. The service was friendly and the selection was limited to mostly the regular OB offerings - not a big deal unless you are just dying to tick. We had fun...“
Suttree 2536 days ago
“Fortunately we arrived by bus during RBWG 2014, because this place is a bit far from Asheville, although it’s pretty close to the airport, in case you’re flying in. Head brewer, a youngster, gave a great customized tour. Small handful of beers on tap, and a few other things in cans. Interesting enough.“
Travlr 2537 days ago
“My comments are in line with jtclockwork’s. The brewery itself is fantastic. Oskar Blues have invested a lot of money into the NC operation, and it was a great treat to tour the brewing facility. The taproom’s welcoming, and the staff were all too happy to provide sample pours. Unfortunately, not much beyond the core range was available on tap. There’s also a gift shop inside the bar with plenty of swag available. Overall, a great stop.“
jackl 2538 days ago
“Really nice brewery. Extremely friendly service. Only issue is lack of unique treatments. They had only one on tap that wasn’t canned and accessible most places. Still, a cool place and as long as your goal isn’t purely to get your tick on, I’d certainly recommend going.“
jtclockwork 2538 days ago
“Kind of hard to find industrial park and a nondescript building. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, so things were quiet. The taproom is upstairs overlooking the brewery and has the usual swag shop, a line of Oskar Blues on tap, no guest beers, with singles and packs available. The tour was great, it was neat to get up to the equipment, pallets of cans and the freezer. Even the kids enjoyed the tour, there were no issues having the kids along. My oldest boy was thrilled to walk out with a four pack of root beer.“
jhliesen 2581 days ago
80 /100 63 E MAIN ST
“smallish place in downtown Brevard. a few tables and a biggish bar. only food were big pretzels. 5 core beers 4 guest taps plus a root beer. they do have live music at nights. the beers 3/5 were lagers and solid. no complaints and was astonished to find out that this is a one person operation. start to finish mr Williams takes care of it all. worthy of my rating and I will go back when back in the area.“
tmongoose 2702 days ago
“Great thing to do in mountains on a rainy day. Informative. Friendly nice bar and staff. Stop by Jordan st cafe for food and libation afterwards.“
Thecapt 2713 days ago
“I appreciate the reclamation of an old industrial space being turned into a large brewery by one of America's best craft brewers. That being said, there's no reason anyone should visit this place. You have very little chance of tasting anything unique. There's virtually no ambience. We saw some local hillbillies smoking cigs right in the face of their baby. It was a horrible experience. I'm surprised no one sat on top of me and made me squeal like a pig. STAY AWAY!“
wzmoore 2728 days ago
“Located in an industrial warehouse just north of downtown Brevard. Once you find the place, the signage was pretty good. They tap room, well it was more like a tap loft, is located in an upstairs part that overlooks the brewery. I loved the view from there and I now realize that my next apartment needs to be in a brewery. They had a 8 on tap with the seven year rounders as well as a special beer specific to the brewery. The outside area had space for picnic tables and brand-specific cornhole. Other than wishing they had more special beers, or was a pretty cool experience.“
DiarmaidBHK 2783 days ago
“Yet another industrial space turned in to a brewery, but they have really made it their own with repurposed beer cans and recycled materials. The tap room is in a loft area overlooking the brewing floor. They have their typical brews on tap plus a special raspberry ten fidy which was very good. Theyhave a big open barrel of peanuts with buckets for the shells so beware folks with peanut allergies. The merch seems reasonably priced. Ask the bartender for the wifi password. The woman’s room downstairs was decorated In vintage vinyl and had baby changing table, so they are setup for families to visit. They also have a root beer that was quite good, among your typical soft drinks.“
magsinva 2783 days ago
“I really like what they’ve done with the bar area. It’s upstairs overlooking the wide open brewing and canning operation. They’ve spruced up the concrete space with various decorations made out of cans. The bartender was so nice and obviously passionate about the product and excited to be part of the opening of a major brewery in NC. There was nothing rare on tap, but 7 of their solid offerings were available. Cans are available to go as well at a marginally cheaper price than elsewhere around the area. There’s a lot of cool swag available as well. I really enjoyed my visit here.“
NachlamSie 2891 days ago
“Of the big 3 breweries coming to the area, this is the first to open, and it’s clear it’s because they’re after function and not style. This is very much a tasting room stuck inside a large production brewery. The tasting room is located in a loft above the brewery offices. Excellent view of the brewery, and the tasting area itself is very comfortable. Round bar, cheap tables, nice vibe. There is a stage for music, which I imagine reverberates nicely around the brewery. 7 standards on tap with a rotating "special" tap, which was Dry Hopped Dales on my visit. Cans to go are on the expensive side but draft prices are solid. Bartender was very nice. I’m not sure it really counts as a patio, but there are some tables outside.“
Drake 2893 days ago
“set back in an industial complex you see a large stack of kegs and walking into ifacility you immediately see a tall stack of cans. oskar blues has never bottled. you walk up the steel steps to the tasting area and you overlook the entire brewing facility fermentors, bright tanks, canning and kegging line. sit down at the semi circle bar and find out our bartender/tour guide is from louisvlle April Danielyou rock. got a taster of all of the beers plus a guided tour. solid beers and plenty of room for expansion. this facility will cover the eastern part of the US. will make a return visit. have outdoor area in the summer.“
tmongoose 2919 days ago
68 /100 63 E MAIN ST
“new place, 6 or so taps. dunkle, lager, hefe, IPA, Pilsner, PBR & a guest tap. house beers were decent. Good staff, worth the stop. beers are good quality“
swoopjones 3121 days ago
68 /100
Hob Nob Restaurant (Restaurant)
“passed through brevard on 7/10/11. this place was packed just before sun down on a sunday. nice converted home with a typical small town restaurant vibe. four beers on tap and a small but suitable wine list. the food... well, it’s rather amateur. not bad per se ... it is just way over priced for the quality, technique and total lack of creativity. they do however grow a lot of their own stuff in an adjacent garden.“
hellbilly 3384 days ago
74 /100
Hob Nob Restaurant (Restaurant)
“Cozy little restaurant right on main Street in Brevard, a town about 40 minutes outside of downtown Asheville. Great ambiance. Crowded out dood patio & extremely cozy indoors. Four taps included Sierra Nevada South Hemisphere, Abita & Pisgah. Great extensive wine list also. Food was very good too boot“
swoopjones 4448 days ago