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88 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“Located in what appears to be half industrial, half warehouse, half retail area. Hard to find. The GPS will have you going in circles. Every time I come here (which is quite a bit) I have to try and remember where exactly it is. Sometimes this is not possible as all previous information has been erased by alcohol. When you do get here its plain as a rock outside with a tiny sign. Inside is very nice with cool decorations, and comfortable seating. Old bottles are on display with other interesting items. Clean restroom. Small bar area gets busy fast. Always something new and interesting on. Dont expect to see the same thing twice. They keep it changing here. Always moving. You will like it here. We float down here.“
HourGlass13 1587 days ago
88 /100 10228 BAILEY ROAD
“Eleven lakes just opened up, and I was there opening day! Travler was not here. I looked for him, but alas he was nowhere to be found. Better luck next time! This place has a nice tap room squeaky clean everywhere. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Samples of anything were easy to obtain along with full pours. Beers were very good, and I enjoyed my visit. Cant wait to return.“
HourGlass13 1587 days ago
62 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“I’m not quite sure how you can run a brewery when you have no consistency with your beers.“
BeeLee 1606 days ago
44 /100 11138-C TREYNORTH DRIVE
“Really disappointed at this brewery, especially since I enjoyed their beer in bottle form. Their sours are top notch, however the brewery space is typical run of the mill industrial look. The bartender was anything but helpful. She didn’t speak to us after ordering 2 flights, instead she decided to talk to the other employee who just finished his shift. Pretty bummed out with this place. The beers were decent, but most of them I can easily get in the Raleigh area.“
BeeLee 1606 days ago
76 /100 11138-C TREYNORTH DRIVE
“Updated Rating: This place has moved slightly again. They have expanded their footprint and moved the bar/taproom next door to where it previously was. Beer quality has been getting consistency better and better over the past 2-3 years. Worth checking out if in the Lake Norman area.

Updated Rating: New, bigger location. Visited on a Friday evening, place was about 1/3 full. Located in a office park / warehouse area. The new location is pretty decent, much nicer than the old location, but it’s still located in an office park / warehouse in northern suburban Charlotte. Beers are still lacking, but not as flawed as previously. Food truck outside, and samplers offered, 7 beers on tap when I visited. I live 3 miles away, but I have no intentions of returning in the near future.

Previous Rating (OLD LOCATION): Visited on a Wednesday night. Located in a warehouse type area, just down the street from Ass Clown. This place just opened in the last few months. The interior is more or less a warehouse garage with a large homebrew operation. Samplers were offered, with 5 beers available when we visited. This place just has the feeling of a place where a homebrewer decided to make a business out of his hobby. The brewing equipment and taproom were pretty low budget. The beers weren’t great, and kind of had a "homebrew" quality to them. I will come back again in the future, after they have had some more time to get settled in.“
jcnielsen 1762 days ago
70 /100 19818-C N COVE RD
“Smallish bottle ship in a strip mall surrounded by other strip malls. Parking is plentiful. Bar and a couple of tables up front, shop in the rear with a longer bar table covered in pub games. A dozen or so beers on tap, half local, half from all over. Mainly flagship/common things with a few surprises. Staff were generous with samples. Bottles and cans were mostly the usual suspects. No food. Worth a look if you’re nearby.“
Travlr 1800 days ago
68 /100 19601 LIVERPOOL PKWY
“At first blush the selection is extensive and impressive. However, not being from the area, I had to look up many of the beers on Ratebeer to see if reviews justified ordering them and found that, unlike at Whitewater training center, many of the beers were average options for their styles. This was confirmed with the beer I ordered. Food-wise, they do burgers really well, and I had the Diablo, which was excellent, although very spicy even for my considerable tolerance. The space itself was kind of what you’d expect for a racing-themed restaurant: tending toward the blue collar/uber casual. Not sure I’d rush back.“
ElGaucho 1972 days ago
78 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“I’ve been to industrial warehouse breweries before, and with each there’s a "didn’t expect there to be a brewery here" aspect. This is especially the case with Ass Clown, which is in a tiny space, tucked in the 2nd or 3rd row of buildings in a fairly extensive industrial park. The small neon "open" sign behind the door, and the "Ass Clown" van out front, are the only indications there is a brewery there. The inside space is very small, yet cozy and intimate. The selection of Ass Clown beers is extensive with multiple IPAs and high gravity/barrel aged beers on the list, plus several Guest taps from Omnipollo and Stillwater. I tasted 3 different IPAs and they all were low in carbonation and had a bit of a saline finish. Even the Omnipollo Abrahdabra had some flavor profile similarities. So either low carbonation brews are the preference of the brewer or whatever outfit they have cleaning the tap lines is leaving their mark on all the beers. After we left Ass Clown we had lunch at Mac’s Speed Shop followed by a beer at the Rusty Rudder and encountered some similar issues with the beers at those locations, so would not be surprised if they are all using the same tap line cleaning company which is tainting the beers, or perhaps they all had their lines cleaned that day or the day before.“
ElGaucho 1972 days ago
84 /100 11138-C TREYNORTH DRIVE
“Dog friendly brewery with dozen or so taps including more than a few sours. Some are quite good. Definitely worth a visit.“
jtclockwork 2000 days ago
86 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“Lounge taproom atmosphere. Dog friendly like most of the area. Super friendly and helpful staff. Lots on tap. Some weird ones like a peanut butter sour. Most beers were solid with a few gems. Cool place. Must visit in area.“
jtclockwork 2000 days ago
88 /100 11138-C TREYNORTH DRIVE
“Came in on a rainy saturday and had a few brews. Warm inviting atmosphere. Everyone we talked to and met here were just awesome. The head brewer was on site and gave us the ultra low down. Bartenders were great and kept us entertained and full of beer. The place has good parking, inside was clean and plenty of room. Bathrooms were clean and well lit. All in all a great place to visit. I cant wait to go back!“
HourGlass13 2407 days ago
74 /100 19601 LIVERPOOL PKWY
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. BBQ joint with a full bar area. Decor caters to bikers. Approximately 40 beers on tap, including a nice selection of local breweries. In addition to regular pint sized pours, they also offer half pints, which is a nice touch. The first time I visited, the bbq was great. This second time, the ribs were dry and mediocre. But the sides were quite good both times. A nice option for bbq and a nice selection of beers on tap.“
jcnielsen 2453 days ago
76 /100 11138-C TREYNORTH DRIVE
“Small place, industrial location. Easy parking out front. Brewery visible through glass as you walk in, L-shaped tasting bar and some tables. Brewer came in to chat periodically about the beers. They had six of their own beers plus two guest taps, which was a nice touch. Their own beers were tasty and well done, while not overly exciting. Nice solid place to visit and hang out.“
Travlr 2527 days ago
80 /100 9624 BAILEY RD, STE F
“Visited on a Friday night, place was half full. 12 beers on tap. A really good and eclectic mix of beers that you don’t typically find in the Huntersville/Lake Norman area - nothing rare, but just a really nice selection. Probably 50-100 bottles also. A really cool extra is they have beer and wine sample flights ($9 for 4 - 4 oz beers and $10 for 4 - 3 oz wines). The price for the beer flight is a little on the high side, but its nice to have the option. Pretty awesome atmosphere - a mixture of beer and music. The Friday I visited was Red Hot Chili Peppers night, so their music was playing throughout the visit. So, pretty cool 90s vibe. I will definitely be back. A really cool bar for the northern Charlotte suburbs.“
jcnielsen 2689 days ago
54 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“A massive amount of their brews on tap and most of them are super gimmicky and complete garbage. All kinds of sours and imperials and high abv junk. Most of it is gross. Interior is a bit strange but sorta of nice, I guess. Dimly lit.

Shitters: C“
cubs 2726 days ago
74 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“Visited on a Wednesday night. This is a very interesting place. Located in a warehouse type area, you expect an industrial atmosphere. But when you walk in, it is a darkly lit lounge atmosphere. Definitely better atmosphere than expected. Then you look at the beer menu and there are 20-30 different beers including weird concoctions like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Hint of Jalapeno Stout, Butter Apple Tart, and Juniper Brown Tart. Samplers are available - $8 for 4-6oz pours, which is a little pricey. The bartender was very helpful and enthusiastic about the beers. We tried 8 beers on our visit, and none were great, in fact some were just weird. But I look forward to coming back, because they seem very passionate about pushing the envelope.“
jcnielsen 2797 days ago
86 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“Visited: 10-14-11 My friends and I stopped in here on a recommendation from a local who said they had some crazy beers. The place is a little hard to find as they are not allowed to have a sign out front due to their name. Once you do find the place, it is a small office and an adjacant room where the brewing happens. Upon arrival, he had 9 taps available for tasting and the most normal beer was a Simcoe Fresh Hop (awesome) but he has selection like Apricot Seed Pale, Orange IPA, Blueberry Porter, Tequila Coffe Stout, Lemon Wheat IPA, Vanilla Chocolate Porter, Hazelnut Nut Brown, and Peach Fig Pale. The quality of the beers were great as he had some really strange combos with great tastes. The owner/brewer/counter guy is a one man band and loves to talk beer. I think the owner is a complete beer nut and totally thinks out of the box. Visit, drink, and buy...TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!“
merc7186 2890 days ago
80 /100 19601 LIVERPOOL PKWY
“Not quite the selection of the Southend, but still very good. Cheap samplers and great food. Service was also very good.“
rumproasts 2904 days ago
90 /100 9624 BAILEY RD, STE F
“O’Doyle Rules!“
TheCorkandCask 2912 days ago
80 /100 10620 BAILEY RD
“Located in a strip mall of warehouses, this small, chcracterful tasting room is stuck onto the front of the brewery. Five beers when we visited, very creative stuff. The clown is a bit frightening though. Definitely worth the short drive from Charlotte.“
Travlr 3212 days ago
90 /100 19601 LIVERPOOL PKWY
“This is place is great for Beer and great southern food..I brought my family to eat and they had a blast.“
solomon4beers 3670 days ago
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