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“10/2022. Quite extensive 36 taps. Large variety with maybe 30% macros, 50% easy drinking large micro breweries, and 20% interesting beers including some sours and barrel aged beers. Much more of a restaurant/sports bar than a tap room, with a waiter, hostess, and booth tables. Beer is second to food, so it is an awkward place to rate. Good for dinner I guess.“
wetherel 155 days ago
88 /100 5410 NC HIGHWAY 55, SUITE AF
“Wow. This place is awesome. Nice large 16 taps. Half house beers and half from other breweries. Huge bottle shop, lots of variety, everything in single cans. Only 10% refrigerated. Large courtyard.“
wetherel 155 days ago
40 /100
Target (Grocery Store)
“Who enters Target as a beer destination? Not me. But since it is here, I will rate it. It is a target with a grocery store is a small selection of macros and large micros. I love target, but not for beer.“
wetherel 155 days ago
66 /100 621 BROAD STREET
“Typical Whole Foods: one aisle of decent selection of local beers and Belgians. All in large format or 4-6 packs. Great food of course, and location is very posh.“
wetherel 155 days ago
42 /100 3800 HILLSBOROUGH RD
“Kroger was replaced by Harris Teeter at this location. Small selection of large microbrewery beers in 4-6packs. Meh.“
wetherel 156 days ago
70 /100 219 HOOD STREET
“Nice place, both inside and out. Korean BBQ food truck smelled so good I'd wished I'd have skipped eating earlier. Service was nothing more than pour my beer and ring me up. Beer average to slightly above, but the place must be popular as it was packed both inside and out on a Wednesday early evening. I'd return.“
hershiser2 1635 days ago
“Nice place. The bartender was very friendly. Beer was average. Fries very tasty; the onion loaf decent as well. $1.83 or so each 5 oz pour, 8 on tap. Not a bad stop.“
hershiser2 1635 days ago
62 /100 202 N. CORCORAN ST.
“Good amount of self-serve taps at this place: about 8 ciders, 60 beers or so?, and 6-8 wines. Comparing this to C-ville's Draft Taproom, this place is lesser quality, and I was disappointed at first, but came to enjoy it. It's one long wall of self-serve taps. There are no flight glasses, so if you're sampling you need to continue to wash your larger glass (I didn't see a place to put empties and there weren't a ton of glasses in the place). One one guy working... just doing the register. This place has wristbands rather than a card, and where it was slight annoying because my wristband kept turning and it make it difficult to hit the spot to turn on the tap, it was actually a decent idea because you don't lave anything behind at the tap (as you drink more and forget a card). The guy working was neither friendly or unfriendly... he didn't offer any help other than to distribute the wristband and check us out. Not sure of the individual draft prices (they weren't marked), but 32 ounces of beer came to about $25 with tax and tip. But if you're going for samples, a good place to get some ticks.“
hershiser2 1635 days ago
“A little bit different from the norm in that you get your own menus are order at the register. The brite tanks are visible behind the glass as you walk in. They do also have a somewhat large selection of wine in addition to the eight beers of theirs that they had on tap. They have German beer hall seating and small tables towards the back. The burgers were a bit small, but tasty.“
hman43 1919 days ago
50 /100 219 HOOD STREET
“Have tasted Ponysaurus beers at various triangle outlets and looked forward to making a visit. Have been consistently pleased with the beer and it did not disappoint. As others have mentioned, location is not super with road construction making it difficult to navigate at this time. The outdoor seating is very nice, very roomy. Unfortunately unlike many of the triangle area Venus, Ponysaurus is not at all friendly to families with teens. The wait staff are suspicious, aggressive and rude in their efforts to ensure no underage parties partake. If only we had brought a dog ...“
awtigers 1924 days ago
52 /100
Nosh (Restaurant)
“This was a convenient lunch stop between Richmond and Charlotte. Strip mall location with a few reserved parking spaces out front and a covered garage. Inside is a bit confusing - you order your food at the far far end and have a seat, they bring it to you, while drinks are self serve. Food was tasty and creative. Just three taps, all local, so it's not a beer destination by any stretch, but it's convenient sustenance.“
Travlr 1928 days ago
“Well-lighted and yet cozy, nice long bar, plenty of seating. Food is good - burgers are on the small side, but they will stick to your ribs. Beer is what you're there for anyway, and their brews range from OK to excellent. Do ask for a taster - you'll love how they serve it! If you can, take a crowler home. Servers are alert and efficient, but friendly and welcoming. A must if you live in or near Durham, and recommended if you are visiting.“
Cybercat 2014 days ago
100 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“This has got to be my favorite brewery to date. Excellent selection of great tasting beers. Flights are kinda pricey but pints are typically just $5.00. WiFi, great service, plenty of seating and the food was outstanding. Really love it and will be back again.“
kathouse 2067 days ago
88 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“Great selection of their beers you can only get at the brewery. Nice spot although a little off the beaten path from downtown.“
BeeLee 2133 days ago
“Typical TW location. Huge parking lot. Seemed to have a better selection of seasonals than some other places. Friendly staff. Worth a look.“
Travlr 2248 days ago
64 /100
James Joyce Pub (Restaurant)
“Smallish place right next door to Federal. Long high bar and a bunch of bar tables, highlight was a decent sidewalk patio with a small fire pit. Live music inside was really loud, and not so good, so the patio was a real life saver. Beer list was not quite as good as Federal, but wasn’t bad. Only if you’re in the area.“
Travlr 2248 days ago
68 /100
Federal (Restaurant)
“Sort of a well-lived-in feel to this place. Lots of wood, traditional wrap-around bar and then a bunch of restaurant tables. Crowded on a Saturday late night. Not sure about parking, probably just street - I walked the quick 10 minutes from downtown. Staff was friendly, beerlist was OK without anything really surprising. Food was tasty enough pub grub. Decent enough stop.“
Travlr 2248 days ago
64 /100
Geer Street Garden (Restaurant)
“Small place diagonally across from the old stadium. Bar is around back, otherwise it’s restaurant tables. Everyone but me was chugging Miller Lite faster than I could drink my water. Food was decent.“
Travlr 2249 days ago
72 /100
Bull McCabe’s (Restaurant)
“More than your average sports bar. The bar itself was crowded because they were showing football, some club named Arsenal or something that I’ve never heard of. So I sat on the patio, enclosed for the winter, and sadly I could still see the game. I had a Kees IPA on tap, not your usual Irish pub offering, and some tasty mac & cheese. service was quick and friendly. Solid place.“
Travlr 2249 days ago
“This place exceeded all my expectations. It’s the brewery tap for Bull Durham, and is open year-round, i.e. when the brewery itself in the ballpark isn’t. I expected a crowded sports bar that does mass-produced pints, and maybe in the summer during home games it might be that. But in January it was a laid back modern bar with six house beers on tap and three guests, plus some bottles. Food is a huge variety of wings, which were very tasty. Barman Tyler knew a ton about beer and the local beer scene, and homebrews as well, so he was a pleasure to talk to. They have a very odd bartop that fills glasses from the bottom up, you have to see it to believe it - and shaker pints only, sadly. they ought to do flights in the off season and pints only during home games. Beers were solid. put this on your list of places to visit in Durham.“
Travlr 2249 days ago
“Bottle shop in one of a series of strip malls about a 5-10 minute drive south of Durham center. Lots of restaurant tables, long bar. Party room in the back with arcade games where they host bottle shares periodically. Great selection of bottled beers and a nice range on tap. Terrific service. Great place.“
Travlr 2249 days ago
76 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“Two rooms, one with tons of tables, one with a looong bar. Flights include five 5 ounce pours for $12 and up, seems pricey to me. No food. Great staff, Camper took great care of me. Some staff were in kilts. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2299 days ago
72 /100
Surf Club (Bar)
“Corner bar halfway between Fullsteam and Durty Bull. Long bar. Picnic tables outside. Great staff. Nice relaxed place.“
Travlr 2299 days ago
84 /100 206 BROADWAY ST. SUITE 104
“Warehouse brewery in the middle of nowhere, yet not far from downtown. Cozy comfortable taproom. No flights, but four ounce pours of anything, theirs or guests, are available for about two bucks. Very tasty beers. Great staff. Food truck. Geek corner with video games. Good stuff.“
Travlr 2299 days ago
80 /100 219 HOOD STREET
“Slightly tricky to find. Sketchy looking neighborhood full of abandoned house in varying stages of abandonment or demolition. Go around back and there’s a separate road like thing where you can park and walk in the back gate. Taproom is the front end of a production facility, open behind the bar. Outside is a double decker collection of picnic tables, must be great in the summer. Beers were extremely solid. Flights of four for eight bucks. Guest beers and a cider. Lots of hispters when I visited (I has the only beardless and flanneless person there.“
Travlr 2299 days ago
82 /100
Sam’s Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
1112 NC HWY. 54 W
“Dedicated free parking right in front. Never and more industrial compared to the original. Service was pretty good. Selection for me was only second to the original Sams. Very good selection. Prices were good. I hope to go back here.“
weihenweizen 2397 days ago
“Big dedicated parking right in front. Ambiance is typical TWM. Service was very good, got some help to find a couple. Selection was good, especially local beers. Some prices were good others were a little high.“
weihenweizen 2397 days ago
76 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“Recommended if you live in or near the Raleigh-Durham area, or if you’re just passing through. Unpretentious interior is typical of a craft brewery, but the bar area makes it great. They serve only snacks, but you can get something to go from Motorco catty-corner from them. BTW, Motorco has some good grub. Their beers are fair to darned good, and all deserve at least a fair shake. You can get samplers, pints, cans, bombers or growlers; so take some home. Go full steam to Fullsteam!“
Cybercat 2486 days ago
74 /100
Wine Authorities (Beer Store)
“Ok, so this place does not have a shit ton variety of beers. However, they do have a small selection of local singles and six packs in a small cooler in the front of the store. They also had some rare singles I have not seen anyplace else. But I must tell you, in addition to a decent wine selection, this small shop had the biggest selection of all kinds of sake that I have ever seen. They had at least twenty different kinds of sake and they all appeared to be decently priced. If you like sake and are nearby, stop and check it out. Mind you, I am not a sake fan but I was impressed.“
cheap 2536 days ago
22 /100
Durham Co-op Market (Grocery Store)
“There was a festival going on outside of this place today. Very crowded. Yes they have typical macro beers but very few locals and no singles. Definitely this is a small fun co op atmosphere, if you are into that, but it’s certainly not a craft beer destination. Yes, lots of fresh vegetables but it seems you need to be a member to get the price.“
cheap 2536 days ago
16 /100 1108 W CHAPEL HILL ST
“Why is this place on rate beer? Gas station with macro beer inside. Stopped here because I saw it on this RB site. Many macros but very few local brews. However, I did see a sixer of locally brewed beer on sale upon entry, but that was it. No singles, unless you want a can a cheap malt likker. I guess if you are a student at Duke and want a quick cheapo buzz, heh heh.“
cheap 2536 days ago
24 /100
Food Lion - Durham (Grocery Store)
“Yes, they do have six packs of macro here but very few local beers. No singles unless you want a big can of colt forty five. Not sure why this place is on RB. Stopped here because I saw it on this site. But hey, they got ten piece fried chicken for six dollars.“
cheap 2536 days ago
40 /100
Guglhupf (Restaurant)
“Very crowded high end German restaurant. What else can be said. Nearby my daughters place so I had to see it for myself.“
cheap 2536 days ago
“A really great beer experience. As an out of town er I found more than 60 local bottles I never had before. Help was friendly and knowledgeable. Simply one great six pack mixing beer time. Lovely. Not only that, but the prices were so cheap. A like-able place fer sher.“
cheap 2536 days ago
“02-27-2013 - A busy, noisy clean place. The burgers are too small in size for the price plus cheese is a dollar extra. I had a beer sampler and the aromas were difficult to detect, but they were good tasting beers. This is a place worth stopping at.“
hotstuff 2559 days ago
86 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“02-27-2013 - A very, very friendly server named Trouble. Ten (10) Fullsteam beers and two guest beers available. For food there is only snacks available which I did not order. There is bar and picnic style seating. Live music, foosball, pinball and a gaming room. It was fairly busy at 5p.m. Try the Working Man’s Lunch beer if it is available.“
hotstuff 2559 days ago
“I came here for lunch on 27.10.2015. Only had a burger, which was outstanding. Unfortunately I could not taste the beers. The ambiance of the brewhouse and the restaurant were mediocre. I heard the beers are quite good. Will come back.“
Schlenkerla 2708 days ago
80 /100
Dain’s Place (Restaurant)
“Relaxed vibe, great bottle selection, limited taps. tasty pub grub style eats. Limited seating fills up quick with a small outdoor space.“
Clenko44 2716 days ago
86 /100
Criterion (Bar)
“One of my favorite places to grab a pint locally. In the space formerly occupied by Whiskey. Absolutely gorgeous room with dark wood, wonderfully appointed ceilings, etc. Crowd is great and genuinely mixed. And oh yes, the tap-list is high quality, fresh, and ever changing. Great range of locals in particular, lots of attention to sours and hoppy brews, always a cask ale in addition. They’ll almost always have stuff that’s off the beaten path and the service is killer.“
JCB 2717 days ago
72 /100 219 HOOD STREET
“Nice addition to the Durham scene after Ponysaurus has been working up to this for a while. Clean, bright, and well-apportioned tasting room. Pretty standard in terms of decor and layout (think minimal but cozy). Nice patio seating is just the ticket when the weather’s right, and there’s usually good grub from a truck. Nice range of beers, with a few guest taps too. Good spot.“
JCB 2722 days ago
“Burgers looked good. Didn’t eat. Beers not as much. Flight was inexpensive enough.“
jtclockwork 2722 days ago
88 /100 726 RIGSBEE AVENUE
“Great brewery. Lots of great beer. Some less so. But worth checking out for sure.“
jtclockwork 2722 days ago
84 /100 219 HOOD STREET
“Brand spanking new facility. 8 beers on plus a few guests. Trendy atmosphere with food truck. Great friendly service. Beers are solid“
jtclockwork 2728 days ago
“Visited on National Hamburger Day. Only the US could have something like that. Looks like this place used to be an old fountain/pharmacy sort of thing. Medium sized countertop bar to the left. Open space. Brewhouse visible behind glass. Order food from the kitchen straight ahead. Or order food from the bar, which is what I did. Burgers are small but filling and very creative. My veggie burger was a polenta burger with tasty toppings and sauce, first time I’ve seen that. Lots of students drinking massive towers of beer. Everyone else had pints. They have pre-filled crowlers of a small selection of their beers, and growlers of almost everything. Friendly staff. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2799 days ago
76 /100
Bull McCabe’s (Restaurant)
“One of the more established Durham venues, right in the now-swinging Five Points area. I’ve always been partial to the dark wood/faux library setting, and have had many a long, comfortable conversation here. Service can sometimes be a bit fraught, but it’s generally good. Above average pub grub, and always a fresh and varied range of beer offerings, focused on local and national craft (with some perfunctory Fullers and Guinness, that kind of thing).“
JCB 2856 days ago