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84 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Stopped by driving home from the SOBX. It is a small unassuming place, not somewhere you expect a taproom. People were very friendly, happy to have visitors. We opted out of a tour but sampled all they had on draft and left with some bottles. Overall great experience, worth swinging by if in the Greenville area.“
radio_nowhere 3151 days ago
88 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“First trip to the Duck-Rabbit brewery this past Friday. It is quite hidden in the little town of Farmville and if you did not know what you were looking for you would never know it was there. The tasting room is a bit small but it was never crowded. Four beers were on tap (Dopplebock, Hoppy Bunny, Brown Ale and Milk Stout). 4 oz samples were given free of charge. 16 oz were 4 bucks which is a pretty good price for such high-quality beer. The employees were all extremely friendly. Tours are given of the brewery but I did not go. They also gave me samples of a couple of beers that were not on tap, so big thanks to Will for that. Lots of stuff for sale; glasses, shirts, you could even buy 6 packs of beer not on tap. Seasonals (Marzen and Baltic Porter) are a bit expensive at $13 dollars. I thought they would be cheaper from the brewery but I guess everyone has to keep the lights on. Overall I had a great time. I definitely plan on going back first chance I get.“
metalhead0043 3192 days ago
74 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Had tried to visit here for years finally had a chance ... They just put the finishing touches on a small tasting room in the front .... the crew was nice enough to take me in and around the brewery and had a tasting of day old milk stout and some fresh schwarzbier ... was fun to talk beer with the owner Paul and head brewer Matt and assistant Troy all very nice and friendly guys .... Hard working guys making awesome beer and a simple but effective setup“
italianjohn 3955 days ago
74 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Great brewery in Farmville. Brewers are willing and able to talk beer and give "sneak peeks" at upcoming ideas and products. Wish they had a taproom, though!“
derekbrown 4166 days ago
84 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Visited in May 2007. I contacted Paul about brewery tours and he suggested I call ahead but that he would be glad to show me around. Both he and Ryan were very accomodating and stopped what they were doing to show me around and answer my questions. A very small brewery that you have to see to believe it is so small. I certainly have a greater appreciation for what they doing after seeing this place.“
zizzybalubba 4777 days ago
80 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Visited in July 2007. As described by others, quite an unsuspecting place. Very nice folks who let me and my 8 year-old son (who collects D-R bottles) help bottle some Milk Stout when we showed up unannounced. They have some nice D-R paraphernalia for sale, but not able to sell beer on premises.“
nearbeer 4843 days ago
72 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“This is an old warehouse looking building that you would never expect to be a brewery. To tour you have to contact the brewer and he will show you his suff. Very informative and goes through the process thourougly. Takes the time to answer questions and shows passion in his beer. A great tour. Plus the beer is very good.“
arventresca 5139 days ago
62 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“I’ve been here twice, once just on a whim. Decided to take a motorcycle ride, and this looked like a good destination. What an unlikely location!! Looks like a warehouse out of the Prohibition Era, with nothing other than a canvas sign to indicate there’s a brewery inside. I also went to the Wee Heavy Release Party. All that being said, these folks are really nice, and they brew great beer. Paul is accessible and friendly, and obviously passionate about beer. Unfortunately, they are unable to sell beer due to NC ABC rules and regs. No bottles, growlers, or anything else that contains beer. They can give away samples at release parties, etc., but that’s about it as I understand it. If you’re really into the brewing process, and want to talk to the brewmaster, it’s not a bad stop. Also, Farmville has a certain rural Eastern NC charm to ti.“
DrBayern 5405 days ago
76 /100 4519 WEST PINE ST
“Get you tickets in advance and make sure to take the tram as it gives you a nice overview of the whole operation. Sorry, my attempt at humor. Tucked away in a warehouse, nothing fancy, your usual collection of brewing equipment and bottling line. Paul will answer all your questions about beer or his operation. Watch out for Ryan, he’s a nasty one, ;) I was there for the Wee Heavy release party and they had all of the seasonals on tap, though I don’t know what they have available on a daily basis if anything. No bottles for sales there, souveniers available though. It was good to finally get to the home of such wonderful NC beers.“
OldGrowth 5474 days ago
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