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“No tasting room any more, but they do growler fills in a tiny space at the front of a large production facility. Just off the highway, so it's very convenient. Not a place to hang out and drink, but they do tours, so I suppose that's a way to drink in the old tasting room.“
Travlr 1280 days ago
66 /100 112 N CHURTON ST
“Exposed brick and real art with a rustic industrial feel. Family friendly, a little loud. I’ve popped in here a couple of times when traveling through the area. Service has always been fine, prices seem fair, and the food was pretty good. "Fancy" pizza. I actually really liked the "Irish" one I got last time. Beer selection is limited and not fantastic, but there are some decent craft brews and locals.“
tia 2257 days ago
68 /100 112 N CHURTON ST
“went for lunch, sat at the bar. Nice place, was a bank building at some point. Bar on left as you walk in, dinign room on right, some outdoor seating also. New interior, looks nice, J shaped bar, bar has nice butcher block type top, about 10 or so people can sit there, couple tables too IIRC. service was good at the bar, but it was a saturday lunch and it wasn’t busy yet, so really no reason not to have good service. Nice little selection of beer, we both got pizza. 12" pies. I had the three cheese, wife had the chandler,which they have on thier 2cd breakfas menu. solid pies, nice crisp crust. good first visit, look foward to another try“
OldGrowth 2901 days ago
60 /100 105 N. CHURTON STREET
“The wings here are the real deal. Not just hype, they are a level above all others I have had in the area. The draft beer selection is never amazing but always solid and rotating. They keep an interesting rotation of bombers as well. Once you settle in and learn to deal with some so-so service, you’ll have a great time.“
planbee 2936 days ago
62 /100 105 N. CHURTON STREET
“been here a few times, definate local feel about it, lots of beer kitch on the wall, bit dingy, worn out. Service has been mixed, particularly suffers when busy, bartender thought nothing of engaging in conversation while ignoring several groups at the bar when the place was full. Small selection of beer, but you should find something to drink, solid NC showing. Food has been good when I’ve ate there, things seemed fresh, maybe meat heavy overall. Prices are fair, not a bargain, but not outrageous. Bit out of the way, you have to want to go here.“
OldGrowth 3251 days ago
80 /100 105 N. CHURTON STREET
“Very enjoyable first visit to the Nickel along with some buds who are committed regulars. On a chilly Saturday night, the already cramped space was an issue for most of the first pint but we finally got a table and enjoyed the hell out of this place. Woody and warm, lively and convivial (crowd and staff alike), and a really fine assortment of food and drink. Had some lamb curry and enjoyed probably one too many 14oz pours of Founders Double Trouble (at a thrifty $5). Lots of good local and national micros on tap, and the same for bottles. Good spot.“
JCB 3388 days ago
86 /100 105 N. CHURTON STREET
“Cool local hangout. I love the location in downtown Hillsborough. The food is good. Beer selection is decent for a place this size. Do wish it was a bit larger, can get super crowded at night. TV over the bar is nice for all the sports fans. Nice outdoor seating too.“
wtcecil 3573 days ago
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