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74 /100 16609 STATESVILLE RD
“Big location in this chain. Nice place with lots of big-screen TVs and brick. The food was excellent and large tap selection with many good options. Pricing is fair.“
weihenweizen 1187 days ago
86 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“Really pleasantly surprised by this brewery. Great small batch beer. You can get growlers to go.“
BeeLee 2139 days ago
60 /100 8709 TOWNLEY ROAD
“In a strip mall. Plenty of parking, except for the people who park and drive like idiots. Beer is on the left. Plenty of singles. I stuck to the seasonals, given the prior reviews. Staff help was non-existent. Growler station looked abandoned. Hmmm.“
Travlr 2274 days ago
64 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“Just off the main drag a short ways south of Ass Clown and D9, so it’s an easy stop. Big parking lot. Nice outdoor space with tables and cornhole, and some shade. Big long bar inside and some bar tables. Friendly staff and diehard locals. Food is popcorn. Ten beers on offer, shaker pints (uggh!) or flights of four. Brewhouse visible through glass. Beers were so so. Tried to walk from here to a pizza place nearby, but total lack of sidewalks and a busy road made that impossible. OK stop if you’re passing by. 4-8-7-n/a-8-16 on 10/25/16. Second visit. Exact same beers on tap tonight as they had one year ago, and quality hasn't changed, still just OK. There was some sort of Festivus event happening, music and speeches were obnoxiously loud, precluding all conversation. They did have a food truck. Best skipped I think. “
Travlr 2350 days ago
70 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“Largish modern taproom with food trucks. Beers were average. Worth a stop if you are driving to Charlotte and its on the way or if you want to check out D9 and Assclown, but I wouldn’t make this my top destination in the area.“
jtclockwork 2533 days ago
“Yes, it’s somebody’s (former) house. Ample parking out back. Multiple different rooms inside, most with shelves of beer. Small bar where the kitchen used to be. Handful of picnic tables outside. Flights possible in plastic cups, we did two since their selection was soo good. Cozy and comfortable place to hang out.“
Travlr 2668 days ago
74 /100 8709 TOWNLEY ROAD
“Located in the Birkdale shopping area, this is a wine/beer store with a very large selection of beer singles. Very large selection, although there could be a lot of old beer here - I accidentally purchased an IPA that was 9 months old. Good place to pick up tons of different beers, but the Birkdale area can get really busy, especially on the weekends. I tend to stick to seasonal beers here to better guarantee that I won’t get really old beer, but even doing that, I once bought a summer seasonal in the seasonal section that was from the previous summer. Hmm... A nice place to have nearby, but I tend not to shop here that frequently because of my issues with their old beer.“
jcnielsen 2739 days ago
100 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“A super cool place to stop in and get a brew. Friendly staff with excellent service all around. The place is clean as were the restrooms. Warm inviting place with bar seating and some other areas for gathering. Just awesome. No food on site but they have food trucks at times and a local pizza joint that delivers. They have samplers in 4, 6, or 12 beers!! Tastes of anything readily available. Some of the beer is down right wow, like the Primal Fest, and most of the dark stuff like the porter and stout need work. Still I enjoyed the selection and awesome wait staff, brewer, and owner.“
HourGlass13 2801 days ago
72 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“Visited on a Saturday night about a month after opening. Place was packed. Nice place, used to be a kitchen remodeling store I believe. Decent sized space, 4 tables, a couple couches, and a nice bar. No food onsite, although I believe they will start having food trucks in the future. 5 house taps and 1 guest local beer. Sampler trays available, 5 beers for $10 - a little pricey for the quality. Guest beer was $6 for a pint, also a little high. 4 of the house beers were a little below average in my opinion, with 1 that was pretty decent. I will check this place out again in the future. Like other new places in Charlotte, some of the beers could use some work. I will check out again in the future. But as of now, I would say it’s not worth going out of your way to visit. Check Facebook before visiting, current hours are varying as they just opened in the last month.“
jcnielsen 2990 days ago
84 /100 16432 OLD STATESVILLE RD
“Stopped by on 01/02/2015. This was only their 3rd time open to the public and they don’t even have regular hours posted yet. Found out they were open today via twitter. The place is incredibly nice, clean modern looking bar with around 9 taps. Two large sitting rooms with comfy couches and chairs multiple "high-chair" tables set out in the center. When I went the place was absolutely mobbed with people, and the three folks behind the bar still managed to keep the chaos down to reasonable level. Very friendly staff. There beer selection right now is very standard - nothing crazy but then again they’ve only been brewing for about a month. They offered a Porter, Schwarszbier, Pale Ale, Rye Pale Ale, IPA, and a Pale Lager. I will rate all of these in full at a later date as I just got the sampler flight on a very quick stop. Excited to have a bewery only 2 miles from my home!“
rayg1 3011 days ago
78 /100 16609 STATESVILLE RD
“Large chain place, tons of tables and a big long bar. Beer list is on iPads, very easy to use, but you have to order flights manually. Server made a couple of minor beer mistakes and compensated by giving us free pours of lots of other stuff, so we were very happy. Food was OK. Beer list is huge, good variety from the region and beyond, and included local breweries.“
Travlr 3060 days ago
80 /100 16609 STATESVILLE RD
“Big restaurant / sports bar. Over 100 beers on tap. They give you an iPad with their current tap lineup and descriptions of beers. That is a really nice touch. They also offer 4-beer custom flights of anything on their taplist (with the exception of some of the more expensive, higher ABV beers). Really good selection of beers, but the atmosphere is a little too sports bar-ish for me to want to go here a lot.“
jcnielsen 3161 days ago
78 /100 16609 STATESVILLE RD
“Straight up sports bar - which is somewhat of a relief since the trend seems to trying to combine sports bars with Irish Pubs. Tons of TVs, tons of beers. Above average, chain - quality food. The beer selection is impressive, definitely in the upper echelon as far as options; and they have lots of nano brews from all over - I was surprised to see Apex out of Chicago and Coronado out of San Diego represented. The staff was friendly enough, but a little dependent on the menu, and reluctant to make bold recommendations. The food was tasty, but nothing to rave about - it’s a nice complement to your beer.“
ARH 3204 days ago
“A little more upscale pizza restaurant. Around 16 beers on tap, including some local beers. A decent selection considering it is a chain type restaurant, but nothing overly great about the selection, and wouldn’t really consider this a "beer place"“
jcnielsen 3241 days ago
“Cool new place in Huntersville, located in an old house. This is a combination of a bottle shop and a bar/taproom. A very good selection of single bottles available for purchase, including a nice selection of local NC beers. They also have a really good selection of beer on tap with around 16 beers on tap. Definitely worth checking out if you live near Huntersville/Lake Norman area.“
jcnielsen 3330 days ago
“This is not on the Brixx website so maybe it’s brand new? Located in the same shopping center as Total Wine and Fox & Hound. Smaller than some other Brixx locations I’ve seen, but there is a patio which would not be in use this time of year. About 16 or so taps with a very good selection of local beers. Bartender was helpful.“
Drake 3688 days ago
66 /100 8711 LINDHOLM DRIVE
“Didn’t eat or drink here, but I did duck in to see if they had any Ass Clown beers on tap, since I never seem to be able to get to the area when Ass Clown is actually open. They didn’t. They did have a ton of taps, with some good local beers, a few micros and a bunch of "macro craft" and macros. Huge place, dark woods, hybrid English pub/sports bar. Bartender was very helpful.“
Drake 3688 days ago
66 /100 8709 TOWNLEY ROAD
“Located in an upscale shopping center, this seemed a tad bit smaller than other Total Wines. Organization of the beer selection was a bit haphazard, but other than that was typical of other TWs in scope and pricing. Staff didn’t know about beer but were nice.“
Drake 3688 days ago
78 /100 8709 TOWNLEY ROAD
“Originally reviewed: 9/24/10. Swung by here on my way to Charlotte for business. Wanted to see what they had as far as autumn seasonals go. A little disappointed as they still had many summer brews in their seasonal stand. Some Oktos were there, but not many. Good number of bombers here. Some from Hoppin’ Frog, French Broad, Stone, Rogue, etc. Good number of brews not found at my local TWs. As always, I had to mix up a sixer. Grabbed some brews I haven’t seen around here and was on my way. I didn’t really come across anything was crazily outdated. I know that’s one of the issues with this store, but I’m always pretty happy with what I can get. Especially for this city, this has by far the best selection. Unless you want to run into Charlotte, stop here for your beer.“
Onenote81 3986 days ago
90 /100 8711 LINDHOLM DRIVE
“My family go hear alot, this place is alot of fun and great beer selection.“
solomon4beers 4203 days ago
56 /100 8709 TOWNLEY ROAD
“Helpful staff. Not always knowledgable on everything. Place is like a warehouse, but a nice selection of brews from around the country. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and need some decent brews.“
BleacherBum 5891 days ago
30 /100 8711 LINDHOLM DRIVE
“Stopped by here on a recent visit to Charlotte. I jsut wanted to have a beer, so I didn’t eat. It’s in an upscale shopping center in Huntersville, about 20 miles north of Charlotte. It’s one of those centers that’s built to look like and give you the feel that you’re in a small town. Unfortuantely, the beer selection sucks. They ahve the macros, and a few locals from Carolina Brewery and Highland. I was really hard pressed to find anything that I wanted on their beer list. I asked for a Boddington’s - listed, but they didn’t have it. Then I asked for a Smithwick’s, also on the list, but they didn’t have that either. Finally, I asked what the "Sam Adams seasonal" was, and when she told me it was Winter Lager, I left. Unless you’re going there to eat, and I don’t know what the food is like, you’re not going to find much in the way of worthwhile beer. Too bad.“
DrBayern 5969 days ago
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