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76 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“Visited in December 2014.“
magsinva 906 days ago
88 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“This seems to be the more popular brewery in Sylva. I really felt like I was in a mountain town based on the ambiance of the taproom. The patio overlooking the creek is great too. Nice selection of varying styles was available. Prices are friendly like you could expect in small town NC. I'd definitely come back.“
NachlamSie 1290 days ago
80 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“It's a small brewery next to a creek. We sat overlooking the creek which had a nice nature view. It doesn't have food, but there was a food truck there. The staff was friendly and they had a decent selection of beers plus some wine and unique beverages that were non alcoholic.“
hman43 1609 days ago
58 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“Not impressed. First, the place was fairly busy. It took a good 20 minutes to get the bartenders attention. I tried 2 beers. They were decent. The ambiance blows in this place. Someone needs to pick up a rag and clean up. Clean up the bathroom. Paint the walls. Really dirty. Parking situation is atrocious as well.“
freekyp 1637 days ago
84 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“Small brewery with a large and varied selection of taps. 9 beers listed as "mainstays" and another 11 (was 12) specials. I tried 6 on each of two visits (they have flights) and all were good to excellent. Booths, tables a nice bar inside, plus a small creekside patio out the door. Occasional(?) food truck on site. Well worth going a bit out of the way to visit this brewpub. Very positive view enhanced upon second visit.“
chinchill 2650 days ago
90 /100 414 WEST MAIN STREET
“What a nice place. Nice bar and patio, over 20 taps of their beer, all I tried were very good. Chatted with the brewer, they will be getting more into sours etc in the near future. A real up-and-coming brewery.“
mcrowther 2734 days ago
70 /100
City Lights Cafe (Restaurant)
“It’s a two story place with an indie bookstore that has a sizable used section and good prices on the top floor and a restaurant down below. They had 6 Heinzelmanchen on tap which were solid but not spectacular. They also had a number of local craft bottles as well. The folks behind the counter were nice but not really into beer. It seemed like a hopping place on a Thursday night. Would go back for the books, not sure about the beer.“
DiarmaidBHK 3198 days ago
“DiarmaidBHK summed it up very well, we were very surprised at the quality and quantity of the beer there. I chatted with their beer guy who is the owner ( I think) and he made some great suggestions based on what we bought. From the few places we visited, this is clearly the best bottle shop in this area beyond Asheville.“
magsinva 3490 days ago
“There aren’t a lot of gas stations that deserve to be on this list, but this one is an exception. They have two aisles of craft beer as well a a long shelf of bombers. They also had some coolers with craft as well. The selection included a lot of local, regional and national craft as well as some special releases such as Flying dog Barrel aged gonzo and Brux. Apparently the owner is the beer guy and he’s around a lot to give advice which is fairly unusual in general, nearly unheard of at a gas station.“
DiarmaidBHK 3490 days ago
“i spent 10 days in sylva (july 2011) and i prolly ate/drank here 5 times. it is a brand new facility on the side of a mountain overlooking another mountain...with some more mountains in the background. so, the views are pretty spectacular... especially at sunset. 15-ish beers on tap... all craft. food is good but a bit typical sysco/corporate style... tasty nonetheless and pretty reasonably priced. service is great at the bar... ok otherwise.“
hellbilly 3756 days ago
48 /100
Copes Newsstand (Beer Store)
“stumbled in after heinzel on 7/14/11. i felt bad being in here... like i should have bought something. couldn’t bring myself to buy out of date beer or something which had been sitting out in the july heat. so, i bought a water and left...“
hellbilly 3756 days ago
62 /100
City Lights Cafe (Restaurant)
“Just around the corner and up the hill from the Heinzelmannchen Brewery, this is a great place to stop for a healthy lunch or snack in conjunction with visiting the brewery. They feature three of the Heinzelmannchen brews on tap too, so after you taste at the brewery, you can go have a full point here. The food is awesome.“
Braudog 3765 days ago
“stopped in after a brewery tour in sylva. clean organized and decent size place overlooking the mountain side. has decent size patio area in the fall will be ridiculous in colors on the mountain side. didnt eat but checked out the menu and typical pizza and sandwiches. lunch special was a pull pork sandwich with sides for $4.99 pretty good deal. 13 taps with 6 locals..the bartender josh (yea i shouted out for you) good guy and a character...likes to banter with patrons. if back in the area would go back and eat and relax. oh yea no domestic beers on tap BRAVO. shared 2 beers there nantahala noon day ipa and the southern appalachian black bear stout both very good.“
tmongoose 3799 days ago
“This is the last place I would ever expect a real beer selection. This is a run-down, old gas station like many one could expect in the Smoky Mountains. I saw the familiar country folk going in to buy gas, get some cheap cigarettes, lottery tickets, and BMC. Pretty standard for any gas station in a 100 mile radius. How the rednecks love their gas stations. The strange thing is that the beer selection is pretty damn decent. Nothing was rare or phenomenal, per se, but many local and regional micros were stocked along with some good offerings from Avery, Founders, Great Divide, Lagunitas, etc. etc. There weren’t a whole lot of imports, but that’s all right. Since Papou’s has let their beer selection go to the wayside, this is easily the place to get beer in Sylva.“
NachlamSie 4272 days ago
“This is my favorite place in Sylva. I have been going here for years. Greg, the beer man is a cool dude and is always keeping up with the latest beer. Suprisingly we get a lot of beer that other places don’t get, such as Terrapin’s Wake and Bake. Just picked up a Moylanders Double IPA. All the bottles are always fresh with no dust on them and the coolers are kept at a pristine temperature. I have probobly spent around $3,500 here. Greg is the man!!“
Collint 4572 days ago
54 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“Small beer and wine shop in the downtown area of Sylva. About a block away from Heinzelmannchen. Wine definitely overshadows the beer here, but they do have a small selection of craft beers. No macros and the beer is generally from local and US sources with a smattering of foreign beers. They are overshadowed in selection by PJ’s up the street, but for such a small town they do have a spirited selection. The person working there was very nice. Prices were a tad bit high but not unreasonable.“
Drake 4709 days ago
“From the outside, this place looks like a generic gas station (a BP). Inside you’ll find plenty of big neon BMC signs with the requisite coolers full of BMC products. But you’ll also find craft beer... a lot of it. A few bigger US micros and lots of regional beers. They have the benefit of being out of the way so things may be available here that are long gone at other places. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area or heading out to Heinzelmannchen.“
Drake 4709 days ago
50 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“A good store with good people, the only bad thing is that it is mostly wine and not much beer! They sometimes have some exotic beers, but usually nothing you can’t get at the local BP. They said they were going to start doing Beer Sampling nights, so that should be cool. In all though the place is clean, the service is good, just not enough beer.“
TikiE 5086 days ago
70 /100 628 E. MAIN STREET
“Sylva NC. This is a small joint, used to be an old house. Same people workin all the time very cosey place with awesome home made food. Their bottled beer selection was pretty decent for the size of the place. They have some of the rare beers from highland and some of the big boys that Samuel Adams makes for sale too. Decent place, about to go and refresh my memorie.“
Collint 5090 days ago
52 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“Downtown Sylva, right across the street from my buddies house. Low variety of beers, although the ones that they have are decent. Not bad place, I am a frequent customer. They also do beer sampling.“
Collint 5095 days ago
38 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“Small little joint. My brother took me here the other day when I went to visit. Selection is small. I managed to pick up some nice ones though. They only have one cooler...Bells Kalamazoo, Maredsous, Big Hoppy Monster, Victory, Tuppers, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, DFH Red & White, and just a few others. The attendant was nice. Probably the right size for a small town.“
gsteph 5289 days ago
62 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“The beer selection isn’t very thorough, but covers all the bases. Much better for wine, of course, but worth digging through the beer to see what’s there, all of which is sold in singles.“
tronraner 5515 days ago
72 /100 628 E. MAIN STREET
“Soul Infusion is a really chill place to hang out. They have a very large amount of loose leaf tea and a decent deli-type menu featuring mostly organic and natural food. I ate a wasabi beef sandwich that was very spicy and very good. The colesaw was awesome. This place is run by a family, and they’re rather laid back. They only have 3 draughts, but a fairly extensive bottle selection which doesn’t waste any inventory on BMC. Beers from Terrapin, Sweetwater, Highland, and Duck Rabbit are available along with some more famous micros and some NE micros.They have a small bar or some tables inside or even better, a cozy room with large couches. It seems to be difficult to find a place in downtown Sylva that serves a large selection of beer, so this might be a good place to try something new other than the Heinzelmannchenn brews which are pretty much the only beers anywhere else downtown.“
NachlamSie 5630 days ago
58 /100
Copes Newsstand (Beer Store)
“Copes has about two shelves of room temperature beer stored intermittently among their wines. Then they also have a large cooler selection with much more beer featuring local stuff from Highland, Duck Rabbit (including the big seasonal beers) and better known micros like Rogue, Victory, DFH, etc. They don’t sell singles anymore and they don’t have a lot of imports over 6%. I do not frequent here anymore because after checking some of the freshness dates on the beer, I discovered most of it is ancient. They had some almost two year old Victory Sunrise in the cooler. mmm. My best advice is to just stick to Papou’s.“
NachlamSie 5630 days ago
70 /100
Papou’s Wines (Beer Store)
“This is a little wine store with a cigar shop attached to it. They have two coolers filled with micros/imports. A few gems can be found here among the 50 or so beers. Terrapin, Highland, Avery, Victory stuff is readily available along with some more common Belgian beers. The cooler doesn’t have a staggering selection of brews, but the variety changes pretty regularly and everything is sold in singles. This is the place to go to get beer in this area.“
NachlamSie 5638 days ago
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