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72 /100 116 DOCK STREET
“This is a nice place to beat the crowds and enjoy wonderful beers and great service. Chelsea served my beers and provided information. I tasted the two IPAs and the Kolsch. I also purchased a growler of the Kolsch for the beach. There is large horseshoe shaped bar with tanks in the center. Nice selection of beers. It is just a short walk from Front Street and the Cape Fear River.“
Foxbush 752 days ago
82 /100 4238 MARKET STREET
“We stopped here on the way back to Virginia. The inside wood paneling was unique with rich wood hues. Service and food was excellent. The shrimp and grits is enough for two people. Beers also were solid. They were out of two ales that will have to wait until the next visit. This location on Market street has easy access to I-40.“
Foxbush 1105 days ago
74 /100 116 DOCK STREET
“A couple of blocks up from the riverside, this brewery has both a plain exterior apart from its sign, and a fairly plain one inside too. In the latter respect it’s purposely done like this as this is their design. All the action is around a large horseshoe bar that takes up most of the room and includes four large tanks for the beer. The ale pumps are in the middle of these with some against its rear wall as well. These carry about 8 of their current brews, as well as several guest options from other craft brewers locally and further afield. Service is friendly and you can flights of any three beers at a time.“
ManVsBeer 1111 days ago
80 /100 824 S KERR AVE
“Part of and connected to the Wilmington Brewery next door, if the two are open at the same time you can walk between the two via an interior door. There’s all manor of brewing equipment in the room and all manor of accessories too for making your own. There’s a couple of fridges in one corner that include multi-packs of the Wilmington Breweries canned beers, and a couple of ciders too. Review is based on home-brew equipment, not the beers on sale!“
ManVsBeer 1111 days ago
68 /100 824 S KERR AVE
“On S Kerr St where it begins to run parallel to S College Rd in the low-rise eastern suburbs of Wilmington. This is a brewery bar with a few tables by the window, and bar stools at its smallish service area against a back wall. All of their beers are chalked up on boards on this wall with a changeable selection depending on what they’ve brewed recently. There’s no flights here but 9oz measures in plastic cups are available, and they’ll give you a taste of any beer you want too before you buy. It’s connected to their home-brew shop next door where 4 pack cans of their regulars are available to buy.“
ManVsBeer 1111 days ago
58 /100 3804 OLEANDER DR
“Large supermarket, and like many there’s a large focus on six pack ales, but at the end of the fridge there are single bottles available with the locally produced selection marked next to its price tag (local = North Carolina). There’s a fair few of these available with some other nationally produced craft ales also here. There’s ciders and big bottle ales available too and a couple from the English Wild Beer brewery.“
ManVsBeer 1111 days ago
82 /100 319 WALNUT STREET
“On a trip to Holden Beach we stopped off in Wilmington to visit a new brewery. Nice beers that we tasted. The Hoppy Tripel was excellent. Zack our server was very informative. They have 12 3 barrel fermenters. This would allow for much experimentation with ales and lagers. They have food in cooler for those want a snack to enjoy with their beers.“
Foxbush 1114 days ago
72 /100
Beer Barrio (Restaurant)
“Corner restaurant with large glass windows. It’s quite a small affair so was extremely congested with people and furniture on my visit as the place was full. There’s an extremely long row of taps here though so it’s certainly worth a look in even if you don’t intend to eat as it’s a wonderful selection for a tourist like myself.“
ManVsBeer 1115 days ago
72 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“In the city centre on the main Front Street as you’d imagine! It’s a long thin affair once inside, with plenty of people wanting to eat here and tables for such dominating its front part next to a room with its brewing vessels. The bar is at the rear and for those just drinking here like myself there’s ample high stool chairs coving the length of the fairly long against its right hand wall. There were 9 of its own brews available, but normally 10, 5 regulars and 5 seasonals’ (one of these had run out). You can do taster flights of any 5, but if you include any seasonal it’s a dollar extra.“
ManVsBeer 1115 days ago
“Shop unit bar in the middle of a row of commercial properties in the city centre’s main street. It’s a down-to-earth American bar, very friendly, and welcoming in clientele and design, with the front area including a popular pool table and pinball machines, with the bar against the left hand wall beyond these. The tap selections are excellent and clearly rotate with the current selection chalked up on single boards above the bar, and include a cask pulled option. The fridges behind the bar are stocked full of beers with lots of six packs available for drinking in or takeaway, but there’s also an option to build your own six pack from what’s available. If I lived in Wilmington I’d imagine I would come here very frequently.“
ManVsBeer 1115 days ago
74 /100 108 GRACE ST
“A bottle store to begin with, the large single room venue soon turns into a bar with a decent selection of taps. Only bought bottles from here, but it was friendly service and clientele from the only 3 people drinking at the bar here on a Sunday afternoon in June. The bottle selection is niche compared to what I’d seen around the rest of the city, with quite a few expensive large receptacle selections available. I think there may be an outdoor area at its rear.“
ManVsBeer 1115 days ago
72 /100 115 N. 2ND STREET
“Walked in during a private wedding the first time I came in here, so had to return on another. It’s a large one room venue with the bar in the middle of the right hand wall. They had steps leading upstairs which the employees were using, but I didn’t venture. Their brewing tanks area all along the left hand wall. It’s a regular American style bar in design, with 18 of their beers available on my visit. All are available in flights at $2 each, so you can have as many or as few as you like.“
ManVsBeer 1115 days ago
76 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Stopped by on a parade day, an hour wait for tables, place must be a victim of its own location and success - full of people who think they like beer ordering Michelob Ultra and similar crap, golf on TV; decent, not too expensive food; flight of 5 beers $6.99“
thorongil2 1187 days ago
76 /100 319 WALNUT STREET
“Medium size, clean rustic style, 9 own beers on tap and 3 guest pours the day I visited; bunch of bottles and few wines in the fridge; $10 flights of four and half pours available; food trucks visit in the evening; worth visiting“
thorongil2 1187 days ago
32 /100
Lowes Foods - Wilmington (Grocery Store)
“Food store but has much bigger selection the the other nearby stores. Growler station and singles. Carts have beer holder and you can shop with a pint.“
njnut 1303 days ago
100 /100
Fire & Spice Gourmet (Grocery Store)
“Great selection of wine and beer. The owners are a lot of fun and keep a nice variety of beer on tap. You can always find a beer to your liking!“
Grouper1 1406 days ago
“This place has the best beer selection and most knowledgeable staff downtown, by far. When my wife and I first started going here we were a bit put off by the owner, since he can rub some folks the wrong way (and is a bit intimidating). But over time we’ve seen that Lector is a man who is passionate about his job and is serious about his beer, and that’s what matters most. There’s always an eclectic mix of folks drinking, and usually some good dogs laying around, which is cool. I’ve heard a few folks get bent out of shape about having to wait and not being treated very nice when things get busy, but give me a break. When the staff is busting a hump then just chill and you’ll get your beer soon enough. If you want to go have a bartender kiss your butt while you’re drinking crappy beer, then there are plenty of crappy bars around to service you. But if you want to drink great beer with folks who know great beer, then come here.“
doatesjr 1483 days ago
66 /100 115 N. 2ND STREET
“Brewery around corner from Front Street. Worth a few ticks. Beers are standard.“
jtclockwork 1730 days ago
82 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Good food and beer better than expected. Worth a visit. Best brewery in town arguably even if atmosphere is like a Fridays.“
jtclockwork 1730 days ago
64 /100 108 GRACE ST
“Smallish shop with some taps. Decent selection but nothing you can’t find elsewhere. Parking is a pain.“
jtclockwork 1730 days ago
72 /100 319 WALNUT STREET
“Open area brewery. Only had two beers on when I was there. Both good.“
jtclockwork 1730 days ago
84 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Been here many times. Right in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Some sidewalk seating, though somewhat tight with foot traffic. Inside is a somewhat narrow, but open area with seating at first, brewing to the left (behind glass), the bar is in the middle, and kitchen in the back. This place also has an upstairs mezzanine type seating. We were there for happy hour, $2 10oz pours and half price apps. Food was good. Service at the bar was attentive. Selection was good, with guest taps as well. Huge Whiskey selection as well. Also, I have kids and they are welcome. Overall - Highly recommend when visiting the Wilmington area.“
michcam8 1806 days ago
68 /100 319 WALNUT STREET
“Went early on a weekend day. Open are with plenty of table, and bar seating. Seems to be a Belgian and sour theme with their house brews and guests. Only 2 of their beers were available....a little disappointed. 2 others, I guess recently went dry. Had one, which was a Belgian blond...decent. Snacks and dips are offered. Outdoor patio that looks like a couple of converted parking spots. Also, the name comes from Flytraps- the plant, which are native to the Wilmington area and are the only place in the world as such. I did not see any mention of this, which I think would entice more people to come and bring awareness to this fact. Overall, not bad, maybe needs some more time to get up and running.“
michcam8 1809 days ago
74 /100
Beer Barrio (Restaurant)
“Cool place to sit and check out the nightlife in downtown Wilmington. No tasting flights at present, though they said they may get some in the future. Lots of selection but the only trouble is most of the stuff is the same stuff you can get most places in the U.S., without much local focus. That being said, there were a bunch of good beers on tap. Tacos are tasty.“
solidfunk 1828 days ago
82 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Early dinner on vacation in coastal NC, nice street brewpub with brewing equipment on the left side. We sat at a table overlooking the equipment, service was prompt and friendly. There were 10 homemade drafts and a menu of above average American bar fare. We did flights of all samples, most were solid to above average. Food was tasty and pricing was very fair. Overall a good experience and glad we checked it out. If we’re ever in the area again growlers are available to go.“
radio_nowhere 1897 days ago
66 /100 319 WALNUT STREET
“Nice little place. Clean bright warehouse type space. Big windows, plenty of daylight gets in. Concrete floor, 8 tables dozen or so seats at bar and picnic table outside with a gravel lot, service was good, but it was early on Thursday so kind of slow so no excuse for inattentiveness . 3 house beers on, red, ssaison and hoppy trippel. 5 guest brews. Flights of 4 are 7 bucks. Pints were 5 or 6 bucks. No in house food, but some chips and dips available from local. Vendor, gets food trucks too. Pleasant enough place. Not gonna wow you, but good enough, they’re a 2 barrel system right now,hoping to get a 7 barrel system system soon,“
OldGrowth 1903 days ago
“This is a truly fine establishment. The bartenders are extremely knowledgable and forthcoming with said knowledge. Don’t see the beer you want? With 300 bottles and 25 draughts, the bartender will easily be able to suggest something you’ll like. CFWB is also excellent about staying on top of seasonal and limited releases while also maintaining an excellent selection of international brews. My two favorite days at the bar are Thursdays and Sundays. Thursdays are reserved for their Randall--in which the staff takes turns each week infusing a beer. (A couple of my favorites were Ya Mama’s Little Yella Pils infused with jalapenos and nugget hops and Southern Tier IPA infused with apples and basil.) On Sunday the bar holds Beer Church. Beer Church features a beer (or two) each week along with matching glassware. If you get there in time (1:00p or 8:00p) to order the beer, you get to keep the glass! Cape Fear Wine and Beer’s commitment to excellence in community, product, service, and beer education is incredibly admirable. I am proud that Wilmington has had the privilege of giving the bar a home for 11 years and look forward to many, many more.“
maryhoppins 2142 days ago
72 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“A nice brewpub in downtown Wilmington. I went here on a late Friday night and it (and the whole downtown) was incredibly packed. Looking back, I’m surprised we were able to park! There were no tables available and no seats at the bar, so ended up standing for most of the time. They have 5 year round beers (kolsch, raspberry wheat, ESB, Scottish ale, and IPA) and then a bunch of seasonals (I remember an oak-aged saison, single hop pale ale, bourbon barrel ESB, and there were a few others). The beers were pretty good. As an aside, the bar had one of the largest liquor collections I have ever seen. Which seems a little silly for a brewpub, but plenty of their clientele are not craft beer drinkers. I didn’t get any food - it looked like typical pub fare. In all, the beers are good and worth a try, ambiance is a bit off-putting as it can get super crowded so try to get there early.“
LilBeerDoctor 2281 days ago
“The best beer bar in Wilmington. Friendly, knowledgeable staff with an ever changing selection of draft and bottles. Great place to meet locals & tourists alike. Highly recommended.“
dirtyrobot 2343 days ago
88 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Came here for lunch on a Wednesday. Loved this place. Ten different brews on draught, and I was able to get through them all in a combination of two flights (save for one barrel-aged draught, which I got a sample of then happily bought a pint of). Food was actually really good for me, and I though the beers was, on the whole, well above average. Really enjoyed is and damn near convinced my wife to go back later that day.“
maxwelldeux 2490 days ago
84 /100
Fermental (Beer Store)
“I think this place is new, but definitely awesome. Definitely worth a stop when you’re in Wilmington. The selection is great for the area, but nothing compared to the Triangle area. What they do have is quality, and drinkable in the establishment (in addition to a little wine selection). They have a nice little game area outside, in addition to some park bench seating. Staff is really friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my time here, and will happily come back.“
maxwelldeux 2490 days ago
80 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Easy to find location in downtown Wilmington. Beware of long waits on weekend nights. I visited on a Wednesday evening and had to wait 25 minutes, but it was well worth it. The beers in the sampler of their year round brews ranged from OK to quite good--I recommend the Dram Tree Scottish Ale. The beer prices are a bit cheaper than the brewpubs and tasting rooms in my area, and the food is really good and reasonably priced. Definitely a place to check out if you’re in or near the area.“
Drjohnrock 2512 days ago
90 /100
Fermental (Beer Store)
“Definitely a spot worth visiting if you’re in Wilmington. A house re-modeled as a store, Fermental offers a unique ambiance you won’t find anywhere else and is one you won’t soon forget. The selection is top-shelf for any beer aficionado. Can be a bit pricey if you have one of those overly-sophisticated palates, but the quality and variety more than make up for it. The staff is extremely knowledgeable in their stock and do a very good job at providing information and offering free samples without being pushy. Though I haven’t attended any of their weekly soirees, I’m looking forward to going to their live band shows out back that feature local bands and free wine and beer tasting. The only real drawback is its location. Market Street is extremely busy at times and the parking situation leaves much to be desired, but sometimes you have to take what you can get and make it work. Fermental makes it work. It is more than worth the traffic and potential parking headache to partake in their vast selection of exquisite beer. If you’re in Wilmington and love beer, Fermental is a MUST see. You won’t regret it.“
Nemmers 2527 days ago
“Good spot to drink good beer. beers are however pricey as they are in most well established places. the offer mostly draft beer, but do have a small to medium size selection of bottles to take home with ya. overall a good place to drink at! Make sure to sit outside on the back porch overlooking the wilmington harbor!“
Gregman12 2535 days ago
76 /100
Fermental (Beer Store)
“Definetly was an occupied house at one time. Walk into the front door (screen door included) and it was like walking into my Grandma’s house. Front area is cash register, tasting bar with tap and a cooler full of mixed singles. Off to the right looks like a kitchen used for kegs, maybe hop and yeast storage as they had some hombrew equipment and LME. To the left is a big selection of bombers and shelf beer, and one cooler full of six and four packs. Next room was the same but more local or state beers. To the right of that was a hallway to the back door with some homebrew stuff. Then another room with looked to be, mostly or all wine. Overall a neat, very different beer store. Will go to again when in the area.“
michcam8 2539 days ago
82 /100 6801 MAIN ST
“First time I have been to this restaurant chain. Located in the Mayfair Shopping Center which has lots of retail shops, restaurants and a movie theater Nice tap list with some regulars, a couple of one-offs, and a couple seasonals. I had a tai chicken pizza that was tasty. Everyone in my group liked what they orderded. Overall a good experience and would recommend to others.“
michcam8 2539 days ago
“Wife and I stopped in for a drink before a wedding downtown. Nice small spot in Wilmington. Mostly a wine bar but an excellent bottle selection that included Duck Rabbit and 21st Amendment. Quiet and upscale atmosphere. I was impressed with the many places in town with nice beer selections.“
BMMillsy 2599 days ago
94 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“One of the better brewery visits I’ve been lucky enough to catch; and not simply because beer makes me happy. Indeed, to speak to the most important criteria: for a non-distributing brewery, they had some great stuff, and an impressive array to choose from. There weren’t any I tried (of 7) that I disliked, which is awesome for a place with their production (though more than one were dominated by crystal malt). Just a good spot to visit, straight up.“
gonzosauce 2614 days ago
100 /100
The Pub (Bar)
“One of the best places to get great food, huge beer selection and all at great prices, no place like it in Wilmington.“
SocialVanguard 2791 days ago
60 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Went here with some friends for beers and lunch. Was mostly empty for lunch though gets quite crowded at night I think. Lots of wooden decor, large open spaces, huge bar seating area but only 7-8 beers on tap. They had tasting flights, which I would recommend since some of their beers are quite poor to average. Food is large plate, heavier, and a bit of a corporate feel like an upgraded Chili’s. Fun place to go to in Wilmington, but doesn’t have any good guest taps from nearby breweries like Duck-Rabbit, which seems to be counter productive.“
GT 2814 days ago
78 /100 9 N. FRONT STREET
“Good beer, great service and a ton of eye candy. Did not eat but the food looked amazing.“
beernovice39 2837 days ago