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100 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Awesome selection“
jaystumbo 2374 days ago
80 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“If you are in the Wrightsville Beach area this is the place to get your beer.“
AdamT 2746 days ago
82 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Visited here on vacation a few years back and did an in person trade with Ucusty. One of my first! The vibe is very cool here with beach bums running the shop very close to the beach. I was thrilled to have this place close to where we were staying. I stocked up on a lot of East Coast brews that we can’t get in the West… I don’t recall seeing anything super rare, but I loved the place anyway.“
joeneugs 2813 days ago
86 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
Gregman12 2817 days ago
82 /100 224 CAUSEWAY DR
“Smaller version than other Mellow’s I’ve been in. Does have a nice outdoor patio. Definetly got the beach vibe with decor, patrons and servers. Went with 10 people including kids and service was spot on. 10 beers on tap, couple that stood out were sorachi ace and palate wrecker. I had the former and deviant dales. I enjoy the food at this chain and this place is par for the course. Good service, good food and good beer. Would recommend to others.“
michcam8 2821 days ago
90 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Great little "shack" right off the the main avenue into WB. Owner super knowledgeable and friendly. Good selection for such a small place. Picked up an organic black IPA bomber. They even have quality cigars in a small humidor behind the counter. An oasis of quality beer in a spud light area.“
Hussey 3275 days ago
90 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Was in town for a few days visiting some friends. Headed to the beach on Saturday, and swung by here on our way back out. Location is nice as it is right off the main road that takes you to the beach. Small little shop, that feels a bit cramped if there are more than 5-6 people in there, but that is a small price to pay for the massive selection! Coolers line the walls filled with all sorts of chilled goodies. The center is shelf after shelf of more great beer. It would be impossible for even the most distinguishing of palates to not find something here they would like. The prices I saw were comparable to any other bottle shop I frequent. A couple of guys working there at the time were friendly and helpful. I visited with my wife and daughter so unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to visit the Beer Garden, but next time for sure. Great place that I highly recommend! “
Onenote81 3283 days ago
80 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Excellent selection of beers for a shop located so close to a busy beach. The shop carriers that beach vibe by the workers, client and laid back attitude. Layout is somewhat cramped but easy to navigate. Good NC, US and overseas selection, and some hard to find brews. Great little store that would recommend if in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area.“
michcam8 3298 days ago
76 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“It’s a small store, but it’s well laid out and easy to navigate. There is a pretty diverse selection of products and the prices were a little high but not unreasonable. Definitely better than your average beach beverage store. Staff were friendly.“
Elwood 3463 days ago
84 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“This was about the only beer-first store I could find in the Wilmington area. They are certainly head and shoulders above their competitors. There is an extensive selection of imports and micros with a little bit of everything. Prices seemed about right for the area. I didn’t find anything extra rare or any of my go-to sours and they didn’t have some of the gems that you might be able to get at Cape Fear Beer. But I stocked up adequately for the week at the beach.“
NachlamSie 3517 days ago
80 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Lighthouse is a great place in Eastern NC to pick up some hard to get Beers I can’t get midway between Wilmington, the Outerbanks, and the Raleigh-Durham Chapel Hill area. Good selection of cans and bottles, friends have even traveled to get kegs! Great service!“
doboy 3569 days ago
86 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Great place in an otherwise unremarkable beer area. Nice selection, very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff. Small "beer garden" adjacent for trying a few. Worth seeking out.“
Travlr 3715 days ago
86 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Fantastic beer selection. Staff of two "no we are not brothers" were knowledgeable, helpful and pretty funny. The two hour trip is worth it.“
beerdoggle 3890 days ago
90 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“can i help you find something is always a good way to start. very knowledgable on all things beer.“
waller 4010 days ago
100 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“No better selection anywhere in the southeast! Recently expanded, the store is filled with oodles of beers. Staff really knows what they are talking about and their recommendations are always on point. Small store with loads of charm that carries all of the best.“
LighthouseBeer 4047 days ago
88 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Great little unassuming place and a great selection considering it’s size. Owner, Jason, was very friendly. A must stop if you’re in the area.“
Tejas 4245 days ago
72 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“I was in the Wilmington area on vacation visiting my brother. We stopped here on our way to Wrightsville Beach. For a small shop space wise there was a really nice selection of beer. I was looking for beer that we can’t get back home in MD and the clerk was helpful. A nice little shop“
gpekar 4288 days ago
76 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“My second time in, talked to the owner very nice. A pretty decent selection of macros and seasonals, also a nice corner of rares. I picked up a Black Hole and a Ska ESB, Orval and a few others. Decent beer store, they had stuff that I can’t find back home. Ill be back“
Collint 4670 days ago
96 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Simply the areas best!! The selection and service are far beyond that of anything in this part of the state. An absolute MUST for the true beer lover.“
Ansset13 4885 days ago
74 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“This store has a wide variety of beers. Only if they would trash all the macros, to make room for more belgiums. Overall has a nice cozy feel to it. Good prices. Some beers are avaliable for singles. Picked up the Allagash Victoria. My favorite place in Wilmington.“
elmatador00 4982 days ago
84 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Nice little beach store with friendly owner and about 300 bottles as advertised! About 150-200 are available as singles. Recommended.“
nearbeer 4987 days ago
82 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“stoped in while visiting from raleigh. What a great beer store! I will be back next time I visit THANKS!!!!“
ucusty 5045 days ago
82 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Drove down from Crystal Coast area, about 2 hours away. Met owner, Jason, was extremely helpful and experienced with his great selection of beers/ales. Some were great deals, 22 oz bombers for only 4 bucks, and has many hard to find beers for eastern NC. Multitude of kegs too. Simply a beer lovers paradise. Nice selection of t-shirts, glasses and such, overall a superb beer store!“
CelticBrew 5133 days ago
64 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Stopped in today while visiting. There isnt more than 400 kinds of beer here, there are maybe 200-250. Its still a nice little shop, the guy at the counter was very friendly. They had some allagash beers (four, 11th, tripel), duck rabbits, victorys, and then most everything else you would expect to find at an averge beer store. Mostly six packs, didnt ask if he would split sixers or not. Nice little store, worth a stop if you are nearby.“
ross 5289 days ago
88 /100 220 CAUSEWAY DRIVE
“Great small store with over 400 different kinds of beers. Just recently added over 70 high gravity brews thanks to pop the cap. also check out there annual beer fest in oct.“
gstreetdaxe 5496 days ago
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