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“This is an experience in itself in a good way. The atmosphere, food, beers, decor, and the garden are well worth experiencing. The service was top notch and the food is very good! The beers are good and I feel they will only get better. I look forward to revisiting and enjoying what they have to offer.“
hotstuff 2279 days ago
86 /100
Wicks’ Par-T-Pak (Beer Store)
“This is THE PLACE FOR BEER in NW OH, NE IN, SW MI! I hear the owner travels all over MI and OH visiting breweries and attending beer festivals, looking for the best beers to offer at his store. Tough job! I wonder if he needs any help. The owner is friendly and accommodating, as is his staff. If you are looking for a beer style or flavor they will help. My only criticism would be it is a little cramped in the beer section because of all the offerings. They also have a fair selection of beer-making supplies. They sell average carry-out style food. “
brew4health 2539 days ago
“This place is an experience. The owner has refit an old church, kept a lot of Christian iconography and also added additional spiritual decorations from other faiths. It is an eclectic mix that would be kitschy if it were not presented with such sincerity. Much of the room is re-purposed doors, windows and wood. The food here is amazing, with the chef changing the menu with availability and whim. I had the best tomato soup ever as a starter, and they are under the same ownership as a bison ranch, so they feature bison when available. The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. They even had a sullen busboy in a full monks garb who struck me as one of the Da Vinci Code Opus Dei guys lurking around to make sure nothing got too blasphemous. Father John is a man with a vision, passion, and enough capital to get it started. The beers are good, but this place is not a beer destination yet. It is worth the effort to go for the food, the garden and the atmosphere. There is a no cell phone policy, and the hostess caught me both times I pulled out my phone. They want the patrons to be there, focused on the people there and the current experience. And they are putting up a product that deserves that kind of attention. So far reservations seem to be required and facebook seems to be the way to get them. Check this place out...“
jsquire 2842 days ago
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