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90 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“What an unexpected find. Saw this place directly across the road from a church my wife wanted to go to! I liked it. It was open on Sunday at 12 noon so we hit it right after church. They had a large selection of beers and the flights were so cheap! $5 for a sample of 4 three ounce glasses. The place looks like it was an old gas station, with three garage doors. Also, there was lots of family activity in there, quite surprising, kids everywhere. Also, the barmaids were so helpful, friendly, and easy on the eyes. Many of the beers had about the same flavors but I did have a few that were really good; the blonde and the brown porter, yummy. Simply an overall very good beer tasting experience. And although I didn't get any food, it was all very very affordable with large portions and everybody said it was extremely good. They also had a nice selection of 6 packs to go.“
cheap 779 days ago
76 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“Stopped in late on a Saturday night. We called ahead to make sure the kitchen was going to be open. Parking was sufficient, but there were only about 10 spots available. We rolled in at almost 10 PM and I was one of 4 people in the building. We ordered a sampler and each of us ordered a panini. We received the sampler first an it came in a fun Ohio shaped board with holes cut in it for each glass. Shortly after we received our Paninis, which came with kettle cooked chips. Pricing on the food was reasonable as well as the sampler and growler of root beer I purchased. The other person in there outside of the bartender was kind of annoyingly friendly, but he wasn’t hurting anybody. I plan on stopping in next time I get the chance.“
JStax 2915 days ago
70 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“Nice little place, six taps all were their beers , no guest taps. Beers that I’ve tried so far have been good, they rotate some beers and others seem to staples, they had a coffee stout a little while ago and i was pissed i missed it. They are brewing more simple safe brews right now but hopefully they will take on bigger beers soon. I didn’t try any of their food, but they had some paninis and other things and i believe they have a food truck every thursday. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
mikesaum 3002 days ago
74 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“This is a cozy little brewpub in Buckeye Lake, Ohio. I guess it is near the lake but you can’t see it from the place. It has the feel of a local pizza joint. There are just a few tables and some seats at the bar. They had 5 taps, 4 house beers (IPA, brown ale, stout, and 1 other I can’t remember) which were solid. And they had 1 guest beer - another local Ohio brewery. The bartender said they usually have 2 guest taps, but I guess one recently kicked. The food menu is quite small - some appetizers such as soft pretzels, chips, and the entrees are all paninis (which are quite good, on the small side portion-wise). You can also order pizza to be delivered. I wouldn’t call this a destination stop, but it’s definitely a great place to stop when passing through Ohio (it is right off I-70). A nice, quaint brewpub with solid basic beer offerings.“
LilBeerDoctor 3028 days ago
80 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“This is a neat little place. It is close to the lake, but not on it in any sense. They only had seven of their own beers on tap when I was there, and all were solid examples of the respective styles. Not much food, but I took JaBeir’s advice and had the spinach/sun dried tomatoe panini, which was very good even if the portions are modest. If you are east of Columbus on 70 this is a convenient place to stop for some nice micro brew. Very friendly staff and a steady stream of locals, which is a good sign for a place like this.“
jsquire 3267 days ago
80 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“(Visited 04/2012): Buckeye Lake Brewery is located on Walnut Rd just steps away from Buckeye Lake. They have a small private lot out front.

Past a small patio, the interior opens up to a small but not cramped space with some table seating on the left and right, and a short bar in the center. There is a TV and Buckeye Lake merch behind the bar, and a board to the right lists what beers are available.

Buckeye Lake has 6 taps with 4 of their own featured. The brewery started out with standard styles like Blonde, Irish Red, Oatmeal Stout and a Pale. All the beers are decent. They also carry a guest beer or two (Weasel Boy on my visit).

Service was good on my visit. The staff is very friendly and knows the beer.

I did not try any food.

Overall this is a low key quaint little brewpub in a scenic setting. Despite not having world class beers at the moment this place has potential and I would definitely visit again.“
Dogbrick 3336 days ago
80 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“Visited here Saturday, 7/28/12 before a show at Papa Boo’s. Moderately sized building that looks like it used to be a pizzeria or ice cream shop. Small selection of only 6 brews, all theirs, but not gonna score selection too low because they’re just getting started (and besides, they cover a decent range of styles with only 6 beers on tap). Stout was very good, but the IPA stole the show. Lively crowd of locals at the bar and tables. The Italian panini was good, but I had panini envy with the one my girlfriend ordered (had spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and the like on it). Paninis were sorta small but priced appropriately. The best thing about this place was the service. Struck up a good conversation with Travis, a fellow Ratebeerian (Bogforce). He can tell you whatever you want to know about the beer. Even before we got to chatting about the wonderful world of RB, the attentive service from Travis and his counterpart was top notch. In the couple hours we were there, the crowd went from moderate to packed to nearly dead and we never noticed a difference in the attentiveness of the service. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
JaBier 3369 days ago
70 /100 5176 WALNUT RD, STE A
“Visited early evening on a Tuesday. Very clean and new tasting room, located right on the main road of Buckeye Lake. There are several tables, 6-8 seats at the bar, and a handful of outdoor tables. When I visited, they had 5 beers on tap, and offerred each as pints ($4), half pints ($2) and growlers ($9 - $12 with jug). They also had a sampler of all beers, didn’t catch the price on that. Food is casual, paninis in house, or order pizza in from the local pizza shop. Service was friendly, had that "new brewery" excitement and vibe. The drive from central Columbus took about 45 minutes, so really not too far out.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3438 days ago
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