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82 /100 425 5TH ST. NW
“Muskellunge Brewing is very near downtown Canto Ohio. Radio playing oldies. 12 beers on tap. Brewmaster waited on me and very nice and knowledgeable. Light dim and plenty of parking on the road. Big parking lot also. Shirts and hats here for souvenirs here. To go beers beers also. Over small place but it can really grow on you. Patio also. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 9 days ago
78 /100 425 5TH ST. NW
“Visited on a Saturday evening around 10 PM. Street parking was the only thing I saw, but I was able to park right in front easily. The place is small, maybe 30 people could fit comfortably. I sat at the bar, but there were picnic style tables available as well. The beer selection was decent. I ordered a six beer flight which came to just under $10. I enjoyed the variety of styles they had. There was a strong leaning toward German styles with a few American styles thrown in there. A good mix. Service was very friendly. I will be back for sure. I enjoyed my brief time here.“
JStax 698 days ago
80 /100 3885 EVERHARD RD NW
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. It is part of a strip mall just outside of Belden Village. Big parking lot with lots of opportunity to park for free. The space inside is quite large. It seems to focus on providing space to the restaurant side of their business model, which is very good by the way. Outstanding takes on bar food and especially sandwiches. I did not eat here on my visit, but I expect the food is much like the other Fat Heads locations. Huge bar in the middle of the place with seating for well over 40-50 people. Servers were all knowledgeable and were attentive throughout my visit. I tried samples of a few beers and just hung out for an hour or so. This location, like the others, carries predominantly their own beers on draft, but also some guest taps. Great addition to the Canton beer scene.“
JStax 801 days ago
72 /100 1700 55TH STREET NE
“Visited on a Sunday early afternoon. The place is more like a complex with several buildings. They are a winery, distillery, hotel, cafe. It puts me in the mindset of a resort that is open to the public. I visited the distillery building, primarily because I was close and they their menu said they also offered French Press and Pour Over coffee. Upon arrival, I found what was a high end whiskey lounge with several couches, booths, and various other lounging areas. It was a place to go and spend awhile. My wife and I ended up having a couple drinks and reading some of books they had on hand. Up by the bar, there is an area designated as a cigar lounge. It is entirely outside, but the entrance to it is by the bar. The bar itself is long and could seat around 25-30 people. While sitting there you can see the distilling operation and several barrels. Very cool place with a lot of character. I could see myself visiting again, perhaps for a cigar in better weather. The one beer I had, the Farmhouse Ale, was very nice. The beers here, at least on my visit, are all brewed at Thirsty Dog for them.“
JStax 801 days ago
82 /100 120 3RD ST. NW
“Thought I would drink on a crappy Saturday afternoon here. Not very busy Big place downtown Canton. Plenty of parking. Dim lighting here, which is nice. Good jams. Service was slaw but good under circumstances. 10 taps of there own beer, no guest taps. Food looked good. I had none. 5 dollars a pint which is good and average for this area. Very nice brewery. Never seen this place crowded. I'm sure it is during prime hours. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 924 days ago
90 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“Awesome beer bar with great food. Lighting is nice and dimmed some what. Service is pretty and very knowledgeable. They have about 200 different beers to chose from including some hard to find beers' Pretty big place with plenty of parking. Always busy during prime hours. A little pricey but the quality is there. Overall Awesome place Cheers!“
unclefrito62 930 days ago
94 /100 3885 EVERHARD RD NW
“In a strip mall, about a five minute drive from the HOF with ample parking. Nice little outside seating area and the inside was nice with lots of different types of seating, dinner tables, booths, bar seating or game room seating. Servers were very knowledgeable about their beer. Tap list had lots of standard fav's and a few one off's which were great. Great variety of styles and the food was just as fantastic as the other location I've been to near Cleveland. These guys really know how to do beer and food.“
italianjohn 1005 days ago
80 /100 120 3RD ST. NW
“(Visited 11/2015 and a couple times since): Canton Brewing Company occupies a large brick building in downtown Canton on 3rd between Market and Court. Metered street parking is available in the immediate area.

The inside opens to a large open brewpub space with table/booth seating on the right, and some brewing equipment in the rear. Tile floor by the entrance and wood where the tables are as well as brick walls and a chandelier. The bar is along the left side with hanging lights above it. Downstairs is the "speakeasy", with a lower lighting and more brick walls. There are additional tables downstairs as well as another bar.

Canton Brewing has around 12 beers on tap, including a couple seasonals, and samplers are available. On my recent visits this has included DIPA, Carpe Noctem Porter, Spiced Saison, a Christmas beer, a Kölsch and a Pils. The beers are generally decent with one or 2 standouts.

Service at the bar on my visits has been pretty good. The bartenders know the beers and are friendly.

I have not had food on any of my visits.

Overall this brewery is a nice addition to the brewing scene in Canton, and it is nice that they have set up downtown. I will definitely continue to visit.“
Dogbrick 1184 days ago
78 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“A nice brewpub in a strip mall in Canton. A large open space, no real bar just lots of tables and outside space. Food menu is fairly standard bar food with plenty of appetizers, salads, pizzas, classic pub dishes. I got a bruschetta trio appetizer and a BBQ fiesta salad, which was quite large and delicious. There were a number of interesting beers on tap. I suppose there is a tendency towards British styles, but other styles available as well. The porter and marshmallow stout were quite good. Certainly worth a stop in Canton.“
LilBeerDoctor 1335 days ago
78 /100
The Rail - Canton (Restaurant)
“A burger themed restaurant/bar in a strip mall in Canton. Their focus is Ohio breweries and all their taps are Ohio based breweries. So if you are from out-of-state or wanting Ohio beers, this is the place. Probably 15 or so taps. I didn't have any food but their focus is burgers with a focus on locally raised beef. Overall a solid place for a beer if you're visiting and even otherwise there are plenty of beers to choose from.“
LilBeerDoctor 1335 days ago
78 /100 120 3RD ST. NW
“Interesting brewery in downtown Canton. There is a restaurant and speakasy, located in the basement. I was in the speakeasy for a large event. Lots of open space, long bar, long tables, couches, game area. They have a pretty extensive tap list with interesting styles, including barrel aged beers and high gravity beers. All were quite tasty. Probably the place to go if you're in Canton.“
LilBeerDoctor 1335 days ago
86 /100 2348 COLUMBUS ROAD NE
“Very nice selection of imported beers, in single bottles, six packs, and mini-kegs. Also a lot of fantastic meads. Fewer domestic options as bottles, but they’ve got it in six packs. Great service, and the gent I talked with as I checked out said that they’re in the process of adding another cooler just for bottles so they can expand their selection of singles.“
AnnaEA 1454 days ago
90 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“I really like this place for first time. Saturday late afternoon this place was packed. Had to go to bar to get waited on. Had porter and was very good. Had some pizza, that was good also. I will be back here again for sure!“
unclefrito62 1519 days ago
78 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“(Visited 09/2015 during the grand opening and several times since): Royal Docks is another newer addition to the Canton brewing scene, located in the Jackson part of town in a large shopping plaza on Fulton and Wales. Parking is plentiful in the shopping center (just not during the grand opening, as the lot was being used for a large outdoor stage and party).

There is a patio in front of the building accessed by garage doors. The inside has a British taproom flair, complete with a UK-style phone booth. There are high tables to the right of the entrance, and a combination sit-down/walk-up bar in the back. The far wall has racks of barrels, and some brewery equipment is right out on the floor. There is also a large projection screen to the left of the bar. Behind the bar the wooden tap handles are situated against a pretty brick wall, and there are large-screen digital menus above.

Royal Docks has around 12 beers on tap at any given time, and flights are available. Flagship beers like 67 Alaska, Prodigal IPA, Porter and London Signature as well as seasonals like 120 Shilling and Baba Yaga. They occasionally do a specialty bottle release of beers like Dæmonium too. The beers have been consistently solid.

Service on my visits has been consistently good. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable, and I have even had the brewer stop by with a sample of a beer in process to try unsolicited.

I have not tried food on any visit as of yet.

Overall this is a fun brewery with a consistently good lineup of beers.“
Dogbrick 1564 days ago
76 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“On the one hand this is a generic retail mall storefront. On the other, there is lots of parking and an ambitious community based brewing outlet. The beers that I had were all solid, and the better than average pub grub makes it worth while to by for a meal. The British theme seems to be a thin excuse. I enjoyed my visit and would recommend this as a stop on any Canton brew tour.“
jsquire 1904 days ago
68 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“Really good beer. The prices for beer was decent, the pours were generous. Food was adequate, on par for a microbrewery, but certainly not a tremendous value. Watch out when using your credit card, as their iPad system of processing makes a 20% tip almost automatic. That’s somewhat deceptive, as the service didn’t justify a 20% tip. Be careful, they need to be a little less presumptuous with their tipping scheme.“
Hghops 1911 days ago
78 /100
The Rail - Canton (Restaurant)
“Stopped in on a Saturday evening. The restaurant is attached to the Belden Mall, so there is plenty of parking available. At about 7 pm, there is a short wait for a table, but it didn’t seem to take long to get one. Once inside, the bar is to the right and the remainder of the seating is to the left. All the beer here is brewed in Ohio and the theme carries through to the food, where the vast majority of the ingredients are also from Ohio. I thought that was pretty cool. The restaurant focuses on burgers and the typical sides of those, like fries and onion rings and the like. They do have some chicken sandwiches available for those that don’t want a burger. Pricing is a little high when you consider that you pay for the side and the burger separately. The server we had was pretty knowledgeable and very friendly. He made you feel welcome. All things considered, I am likely to find myself here again. Really good burgers, all the sides I tried (truffle fries and fried pickles) were especially good.“
JStax 2035 days ago
62 /100 7138 FULTON DR
“This is a big grocery store located in a higher end area of Canton. There are a few strip malls that use the same parking lot. Inside the main entrance there is the deli and bakery and the already prepared foods. The beer is located in the front to the left. There is a smaller mixed six pack section where I was able to build a six pack without any difficulty. All the beers for the mixed six packs are individually priced, so you could buy them individually. Good prices.“
JStax 2036 days ago
76 /100 7162 FULTON DRIVE
“Stopped in early in the evening on a Saturday. Located in a strip mall type area back off the road. You can’t really see the place from the road, but you can see the big Buehler’s grocery store, so look for that. Plenty of parking is available. The building is really cool looking with fire tower things outside on the patio to keep people warm. They also have blankets on the chairs for people to use to keep warm. That’s something I’ve never seen before. Inside they have several tables and a small bar. At least it looked far too small because it was packed and there were a lot of people standing in line wanting to order beer. That part seemed odd. The only way to order anything was at the bar, but there really wasn’t anywhere dedicated to taking orders. Seemed pretty inefficient. Despite that, I was able to get a flight with everything they had on tap, which included two cask beers. A couple of the beers were really good, but most were more middle of the road. Full pour prices were ridiculously high, but the flights were priced well at $1 per pour. The full pour prices started at $5.50 for beers that should be $3. The bathrooms were pretty nice. Very clean. The whole place was very clean. If they step up their beers, this place will be a must-stop. I’ll be back to check them out after they’ve had some time to get their feet under them.“
JStax 2036 days ago
82 /100 120 3RD ST. NW
“Stopped in on a Thursday evening. Street parking at meters lr a parking garage a couple blocks away. Huge building with the name painted on the side in big letters. The bar is pretty cozy. About eight taps with all Canton beers and they even had a barrel aged beer on tap. That was a nice surprise. The bartender was great. Attentive and knowledgeable service. Pretty good beers and very good food. The mexican pizza was delicious. I’ll definitely be back.“
JStax 2072 days ago
76 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“Plenty of parking right in front. Ambiance is like the other Winking Lizards (chain restaurant). Big u-shaped back in the back and plenty of tables. This is as much a restaurant as a bar. Selection was pretty good. Prices were quite reasonable. Service was quite good.“
weihenweizen 2104 days ago
58 /100
Avenue Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Some parking on the side. Small shop, really small selection of brews. Some gems, nothing rare. Not sure why the above average ratings, may be they had more selection when they visited. The guy greeted me and asked if I needed help. Mostly a wine store with some kind of cigar place in the back.“
weihenweizen 2105 days ago
64 /100 217 SECOND STREET NW
“Your average neighborhood bar if your average neighborhood bar had above average beers.“
_Philomath 2309 days ago
76 /100 5868 FULTON DR
“Stopped in on a Saturday evening. It’s in a small shopping plaza on Fulton Drive. Parking is sufficient. I was able to pretty much pull up to the door. As you walk up to the entrance, there are a few small tables set up for patrons to have their drinks. When you walk inside, there’s an L shaped bar to the right with 8 beer taps, and about that many again for mead, cider, and wine. There’s also table seating to the left and in the middle of the room. The seating at the bar, where I situated myself, was fairly cozy. As I was one of two parties when I arrived, my service was excellent. The bartender seemed to be much more knowledgeable about the meads and wines than about the beer, but that wasn’t such a big deal. They did just start brewing beer recently. As for food, they had complimentary Chex-Mix, peanuts, and a small selection of potato chips. I think you could also order a cheese tray, but I can’t speak much to that. Pricing was pretty good. I was able to sample 8 beers and 10 meads, plus buy a glass for about $35. I was pretty pleased with that. All in all, I’ll be back. I hope this place continues to improve.“
JStax 2804 days ago
74 /100 5868 FULTON DR
“Meniru Meadery is a relatively new establishment in Canton on Fulton Road near Jackson on the corner of a shopping plaza. There is a parking lot in the plaza.

The inside is small with a short bar on the right immediately past the entrance, and a few tables out on the floor. Jazz themed decor. Bottles for sale are behind the bar.

The number of Meads available numbers over 10. On my visit this included both sweet and dry styles, including an Apricot Pyment, Peach Pyment, Cherry Honey Wine and Methgelin. All of the Meads were above average. Samplers are available. As of this writing they are working on adding beer to the menu.

Service on a weekend evening was good. The man behind the bar was friendly and knowledgeable.

We did not try and food, but according to the menu there are snacks and finger foods.

Overall this is a relaxed artisanal Meadery that I would visit again.“
Dogbrick 2838 days ago
72 /100 7138 FULTON DR
“Buehler’s is located in a plaza on Fulton Road and Wales in the Jackson township area of Canton. There is a large lot in front of the store.

Typical grocery store layout, and the beer is located on the left side of the store near the front. They also have one end cap devoted to singles and another to bombers and larger one-offs.

As is the case with many grocers today there is a pretty good selection at Buehler’s. Ohio breweries like Elevator, Great Lakes, Ohio Brewing, Thirsty Dog and Hoppin’ Frog alongside domestic craft breweries like Stone, Victory, Rogue and Left Hand. Some imports as well including Belgians.

Service at Buehler’s is pretty good. There is a wine steward in the area who knows the beer too, and checkout service is very customer-friendly.

There is a cafe in the store but I am not considering that as I don’t believe you can take your beer in.

Overall stores like Buehler’s are increasingly giving specialty shops a run for their money. Pretty good store for the Canton area.“
Dogbrick 3048 days ago
82 /100
Thatsa Wrapp (Restaurant)
600 6TH ST NW
“Stopped in early Saturday afternoon. The lunch rush must have passed, because we were the only ones in here. The waitress seemed knowledgeable about what they had, but we didn’t ask many questions. The food menu is primarily wraps, salads, and soups. More of a lunch type place. The food and drinks came out pretty fast and everything we ordered was delicious. I had the Sicilian, and would recommend it to anybody. The taps were mostly seaspnals and the bottle selection was varied and well thought out. Many styles to choose from to suit about any mood. Street parking, but that didn’t seem to cause much of a problem. I would love to stop in again the next time I’m in town.“
JStax 3436 days ago
58 /100 2348 COLUMBUS ROAD NE
“Stopped in on a Friday evening. At about nine o’clock, we were the only customers there. The guys behind the counter were friendly enough when we were ready to check out, but one of them just watched us assemble our single mixed four pack. Pricing was a little higher than I would expect, anywhere from $2 to $6 for individual bottles of beer that isn’t all that uncommon. The variety was very nice though. They carried several beers I didn’t know made it to the states. My experience overall was good. Aside frome some steep prices, I walked away happy.“
JStax 3438 days ago
66 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“the bar is way too family oriented for me. Other WInking Lizards feel like a bar.“
123chug 3506 days ago
78 /100 2348 COLUMBUS ROAD NE
“excellent selection ,service,and location over 200 different kinds of specialty brews“
buttsandbrews 3533 days ago
88 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“Stopped in here on a Friday night, and then again on Saturday afternoon. The Friday night the parking lot was packed, but we still managed to get a table right away. Saturday afternoon was fairly slow, but started to pick up as time progressed. Both visits we had knowledgeable servers and relatively quick service. The beer selection is pretty damn impressive. Hundreds of bottles to choose from and it looked like around 40 tap handles from where I was sitting. I did get turned down on a couple requests because they were out, but the replacement ended up being a better seasonal than what I originally wanted anyway, in my opinion at least. For food, the first night I had a burger and fries and the second trip I had a pizza. Both items were very good. Their food menu is nearly as lengthy as their beer menu; several pages long with a good variety. For the most part its generally bar food, but they do add a little flare by cooking some of the offerings with a nice beer, like an Orval Burger. Prices are pretty reasonable, especially the draft prices. They don’t tack a whole lot more onto the price of the beers than you would see at a shop or liquor store. Very much worth a visit. I will be back if I am ever in the area.“
JStax 3618 days ago
76 /100 4301 12TH ST NW
“The owner is a very nice and helpful. He is always up for a conversation. They have a really nice selection and it’s good to have a nice bottle shop in Canton.“
bittermestupid 3671 days ago
82 /100
Avenue Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Talked to the owner real nice guy very helpful. Good selection, nice little shop will definatly be going back!“
bittermestupid 3715 days ago
54 /100 2348 COLUMBUS ROAD NE
“bottle shop butt also a tabbaco shop a wierd little shop but an overall nice selection. Found a retired brewdog beer there that was a plus!“
bittermestupid 3718 days ago
44 /100 4301 12TH ST NW
“They have a small cooler inside where they keep the big craft brew stuff. When I went it was mainly AleSmith stuff but they did have a few other things of interest. They will let you walk out to the drive-thru coolers and there are a few other craft brews out there. I was surprised to find Too and Tres from Dark Horse. It could be one of those places that you happen to go in there and find a real gem every now in then. The staff was friendly but not at all versed in beer.“
Veldrid 3721 days ago
60 /100 5638 FULTON DR.
“Leo’s doesn’t have a great beer selection compared to bottle shops up in Akron but he does have the best selection here in Canton. The thing that sets Leo’s apart is the man running it, JR. He is a cool guy and will do everything in his power to get whatever beer you request. He has come through for me many times with cases I have requested. The only time he fails is when the distributors do not do their part. I can’t, and don’t, hold that against him. He could get a lot more of the rare stuff with a bit more support from the locals to turn his inventory.“
Veldrid 3741 days ago
28 /100 4403 CLEVELAND AVE. NW
“It’s just a grocery store, but they do carry a small and changing selection of interesting stuff in bottles, and regularly have a small selection of Great Lakes packs.“
AnnaEA 3777 days ago
24 /100 2905 WHIPPLE AVE. NW
“Very few non-macros to be found here; no bombers, let alone singles. The only craft beer available is Great Lakes, which is otherwise prevalent enough in Canton to be at gas stations.“
AwYeh 3791 days ago
78 /100
Avenue Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Very nice store on Cleveland Avenue, friendly and knowledgeable owners stock a very high quality selection of beer, even if their specialty is wine. A good place to stop in every few weeks to check out regional and seasonal brews, which are usually in stock, along with a number of imports and bottles from AleSmith.“
AwYeh 3791 days ago
98 /100
Phils Wine Boutique (Beer Store)
“Went to the store and was very impressed with their selections it is a different store under new management. Good customer service. Best value of all the stores. Very nice beer wine and liquor selection“
Kulmeet 3921 days ago
84 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“Great selection, great atmosphere and our waitress Molly was pretty awesome. Will definitely go back here every time I’m in Canton.“
auderale 3928 days ago
74 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“It’s pretty good beer bar. They have a wide selection of beers on tap and in bottles. Some of their beers are hard to find which can make coming here a bit of treat. I appreciate what they do to get people involved in craft beer. The food is rather good, I had the Greek Chicken Pizza and it was really good. Had that with a lambic and it went rather well. The staff was pretty good except I had this jerk of a bartender (long story). Considering the area, this place is great.“
beerchugger 3934 days ago
62 /100 4770 EVERHARD ROAD
“A chain with above average beer as far as chain type restaurants/bars go. Much better bottle selection than drafts. The bar itself is actually pretty nice. The food is average.“
MikeF 3997 days ago
62 /100 5638 FULTON DR.
“Just went to a beer tasting there last night. Some good stuff, Brother thelonious, Triple Karmelit and other craft beers. Leos is really trying to expand his beer selection, but he doesn’t know a lot about beer. The great thing about this place is that Leo will order and get whatever you want as long as he can get it. The bad thing is his selection sucks, but for Canton.......“
arpagamos 4060 days ago
80 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“The World Tour of Beer this year features 238 beers, 99 available in bottles. For the 10$ buy in I got a nice spiral bound book describing the program and all the beers, and including a rating chart, schedules for the rotating taps, and access to the online tracker/rater. Stunningly good raspberry cheesecake dessert this month - perfect with the vanilla porter on tap.“
AnnaEA 4139 days ago
50 /100 5638 FULTON DR.
“When compared to your average local grocery store, above average. No that great. There are much better places to buy beer to the north in Akron. However, when in Canton, you could do a lot worse.“
MikeF 4182 days ago
70 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“A pretty great place if you’re looking for a beer in Canton, OH. Value is great during Happy Hour, as it’s a dollar off all drafts. This month, Goose Island Matilda was on draft (surprising), and I was able to get a pint of that for $4.50, along with a grilled cheese for $3.50. All in all, a great beer with a nice, greasy meal for $10 with the tip. They also have beers from Chimay, Founders, Dogfish Head, Duval, Jolly Pumpkin, etc. Service was nice and quick, but the servers didn’t talk much about the beer. Recommended if you find yourself, for whatever reason, in Canton.“
thelizard 4330 days ago
70 /100 5710 FULTON DR. N.W.
“The Winking Lizard Franchise is a well-known operation in Northeast Ohio. This was my first time at the Canton outpost and on a Sunday at last call (9:15pm). The staff is friendly and eager to help. Didn’t try the food but did as a kid going to the other ones, it’s mostly wings, wraps, burgers and nachos. There are 17 flat screens that hog all the space above the long curving bar and even around it. There’s ample seating at the bar and around the bar with bar tables and regular tables throughout the building. You can either sample the bottles in their medium sized cooler (North Coast Old Rasputin, Thirsty Dog Siberian Night, Founders Breakfast Stout, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Great Lakes Nosferatu, Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, Jolly Pumpkin, Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout, Chimay, Orval, etc.) I could be wrong but I believe these bottles are solely there for their "World Beer Tour" promotion: for $10 you get a card and they track your progression through the beers online and offer prizes for the number of countries tasted. On tap they have Goose Island Matilda, Bells Oberon, Stone IPA and some others I can’t remember. According to their website they offer free wifi at all there locals, I didn’t have my ipod with me but if you have some sort of device with you that would be a nice set up to rate beers on the spot on RB. Probably the best place to stop in Canton if you want good beer but not much else going on there or the city.“
Pipper 4345 days ago
“(Visited 12/2007): Volkert’s is a convenience store on Tuscarawas near I-77. There is a small private lot that is practically on the road, plus some street parking nearby. The interior looks like most other convenience stores. There are coolers of beer on the first floor that are pretty much all macros, and there is also a small upstairs area that has another cooler of craft beer (and cold wines), plus a few shelves of beer. As for the selection, it is decent. They carry beers from GLBC, DFH, Rogue (bombers as well), Stone, Breckenridge and others on the domestic side. There are a few imports as well from Belgium and the UK primarily. They also break down just about all of their beers into singles which is nice. Service here is good. The people behind the counter were all very friendly and knew their beer pretty well, and additionally were helpful in finding a bottle of Lambrusco for me (it was a gift!). Overall the selection here may not be better than anywhere else in Canton but it is always nice to see a mom ’n’ pop type store carrying craft beer. I will always go somewhere like that first over a grocery store.“
Dogbrick 4593 days ago
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