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94 /100 2050 LEE RD
“Visited this place on a Saturday afternoon right at open. There is at least a small parking lot on the side. I didn't notice anywhere else, but there is also street parking nearby. The place is fairly large inside. When we got there it was not busy, and we were the only ones in there aside from the bartender. It was like that for maybe an hour, and then the floodgates opened and they were slammed. Thankfully we had an opportunity to sample beer, mead and cider in peace before getting out of there. Very high quality products offered here. They didn't have prepared food, but did have snacks like chips. I would say if you only have time for a single brewery in Cleveland, this should be it. Hands down the best beer experience I had.“
JStax 725 days ago
56 /100 2179 LEE RD.
“Visited this place on a Saturday early afternoon. Walked from Bottlehouse, which was about 3 blocks away. The place has a sports bar vibe. We sat at the bar, which wasn't busy, but neither was the rest of the place. The beer here is at the more entry level stage. They have decent, approachable beers for people that want to try craft beer early in their beer drinking journey. Nothing wrong, but not necessarily adventurous, or outstanding. Only real knock on the place is that the bartender was super slow despite there not being very many people at the bar.“
JStax 725 days ago
88 /100 2050 LEE RD
“Brighter lighting. The two bartenders were cool. No food Parking in side of the building. 18 of their own beers on tap including meads ands sours. 8 seats at bar and dozen big tables for guests. About 30 people here on a Friday night. Service was good. Have to go bottle and growlers too. Interesting place. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 762 days ago
84 /100 2179 LEE RD.
“Nice hanging lights in the ceiling. Dimmed. Soft rock on radio. Full bar and some empty tables during happy hour. Downtown Cleveland Heights looks cool and will have to check out. 11 of their own beers on tap. 4 guest beers. To go cans are available. Paid 75 cents to park for 90 minutes. Plenty of tvs for ball game and the food menu looks good. Paid 7 bucks a beer that includes a tip. There do have sandwiches and pizza here. Overall the service was good and the place is really nice. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 762 days ago
74 /100 2179 LEE RD.
“Some pretty solid beers on tap here! Not much else to say; I let too long pass since my visit.“
bytemesis 1207 days ago
78 /100 2050 LEE RD
“Street parking is not hard if you are willing to walk a block or two. Interesting tap list with a mead focus. Solid service. Decent beer quality.“
bytemesis 1207 days ago
76 /100 2179 LEE RD.
“Filling a void in Cleveland's east side the Boss Dog Brewery takes over space in one of Cleveland Heights' more active neighborhoods. Parking is plentiful and cheap in the ramp behind the brewpub if you cannot locate anything on nearby streets. Prices for food and beer are typical for the area. Expect to spend about $2 each for a sample and $5 to $7 for a full pour. The options mostly cover the range between 5 to 7% ABV with a balance between IPAs and more malty styles (such as stouts). With Bottlehouse, Warehouse Beverage, Melt, and more around it is worth stopping by as part of a loop around Cleveland's east side. I wouldn't call it a destination on its own though.“
Brigadier 1241 days ago
78 /100 2179 LEE RD.
“This place had a chain sports bar feel to it, with lots of tvs in a large open room. They had 10 of their own beers on tap along with a few guest beers and a full bar. Metered parking in the back. Food is fancy pub grub, and my portabella sandwich was quite nice. The brewing equipment is behind a glass wall. They offer growler fills and have a crowler machine. Nice place.“
jsquire 1510 days ago
74 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“A Grilled Cheese restaurant with a solid tap selection. A wide open room with lots of kitschy decor and a central bar that was surrounded by seating. Service was solid if not particularly beer oriented. Selection was decent with a surprising lack of local taps during my visit. Grilled Cheese are huge and no more than a half is needed as an order. Prices were good for all the food you got. A pretty nice restaurant with a decent beer selection.“
deyholla 2310 days ago
84 /100 2050 LEE RD
“(Visited 10/2014 during Cleveland Beer Week): BottleHouse Brewery is located on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights off Mayfield. Street parking is available in front of the building.

There is a small patio outside. Inside is one large room with a stage near the entrance and a small bar in the rear. There are picnic benches for table seating. Large windows let in a lot of light. Wooden floors with hanging lights, and a large board behind the bar listing the available beers.

The beer list at BottleHouse numbers around 15, with about half being beer and the other half Meads. On my visit the beer list included Autumn Kölsch, a Hefe, IPA, IIPA, Jakt Pumpkin and a Barrel Aged Hazelnut Imperial Stout. As far as Meads there were some interesting offerings like Pineapple Mint Habanero, Gewurztraminer Pyment and Blueberry Blossom. Sampler flights are available, and the samples I tried were all solid. They offer a few bottles to go as well, located in a fridge near the bar.

Service at the bar on a Friday early evening was good. The bartenders were very knowledgeable about the beers and Meads and attentive throughout my visit.

I did not have any food on my visit.

Overall this is another good entry in the brewing scene of the Cleveland area. “
Dogbrick 2596 days ago
92 /100 2050 LEE RD
“My wife and I are regulars at this fine establishment. The beers and meads are of excellent quality. Don’t miss the Rising Star Stout, which uses locally sourced coffee. The Locktender and Terminal are also superior beers. In addition, the cocktails are fantastic, probably the best in Cleveland (yes, that includes VTR).“
botheja 2713 days ago
88 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“both a bottleshop and taproom. nice quality selection devoid of crap. plenty of singles. taps were quality with sampler flights available.“
rumproasts 2727 days ago
92 /100 2050 LEE RD
“of all the places i went in cleveland, this was my favorite. solid beers and meads, all available in flights. good food, excellent service, and low on the bros. high’y recommended.“
rumproasts 2727 days ago
80 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“good tap selection, but only full pours, no sample flights. food was pretty good, and service decent.“
rumproasts 2727 days ago
82 /100 2050 LEE RD
“I was not sure what to expect as it looks very low key from the outside. Located in an area of town with several other bars and just down the street from Melt, this brewpub has a great ambiance that would work even if it were just a bar. A stage is set up for live music although that evening it was just people hanging out.

The bar is set in the corner along with a To Go fridge. Drafts can be ordered as a flight or by the pint. If mead is your thing then you can also go crazy with six to choose from. Everything is brewed on premises just a few feet away in the back room. Most of the beers were solid though a few, such as the ginger saison or honey lemon wit, felt like they had gone a little off the rails at some point during the brewing process.

The food is solid though a little on the expensive side. While seating was ample on a not so busy Saturday night I could see if being problematic with more of a rush. On the other hand there are also five great pinball machines to help ease the pain and all are set to an affordable quarter or fifty cents per play.

Were this closer I would call it a great local. As it is if you are in the near East Side looking for something to do along with a trip to Melt and Warehouse Beverage then stop in.“
Brigadier 2742 days ago
86 /100 2050 LEE RD
“Small brewery taproom in Cleveland. Super friendly folks running the place. Looks like they have bands play, there are video game machines, and a cooler full of some of their 22 ounce bottles. Surprised more locals haven’t rated this place. Decent to good beers in a friendly atmosphere. This should be a top for out of towners looking for new destinations to check out.“
drfabulous 2834 days ago
84 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“A nice little spot tucked away down the street from Melt, I was very surprised when I walked in. Despite the fact that the beer takes up only a small corner of the store the selection is as diverse as anything else in the area. Selling singles is an added bonus although some things are also only available in four or six packs (like Lazy Magnolia).

In addition to the bottles there were about ten beers on tap. From memory they were mostly Eastern seaboard and Midwestern taps but none were just filler. You can do a flight for $8 or just buy by the pint.

If you are on your way to Melt and Bottlehouse give this place a look. It might not rival Lizardville for selection but it more than makes up for it with service and easy metered parking. If you can be in and out in 30 minutes it won’t even cost you a single quarter.“
Brigadier 2845 days ago
100 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“This place is 100% craft beer! They have a great selection of beer on tap and by the bottle. Growlers, flights and drink there. Try the beer cheese plate!“
R2D2lovesbeer 2884 days ago
100 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“Hands down, the best place in town to get beer, or enjoy a pint!“
Dbiel 3128 days ago
100 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“From super small craft breweries and wineries to your specific requests, the Wine Spot has what you need. I love it.“
JackCallahan 3281 days ago
92 /100 2050 LEE RD
“This place opened in May and they didn’t have their own beer on tap until July. I waited until then to stop by. Their first batch of beers were alright nothing special. However after nearly 6 months of brewing their beers are very good. They have a rotating draft list which seems to contain at least 5 of their own beers. My wife and I stopped up on a Saturday night to find a packed house and a great jazz trio on stage. I had an Imperial Amber which was full of aroma and body. Excellent. My wife had a cocktail and loved it. Definately a brewery to watch.“
Tomtb 3359 days ago
92 /100 2271 LEE ROAD
“Great staff...very helpful. The space is amazing!!! Very nice events. Owners are always willing to listen to feedback and add to current selection.“
SportsFarm823 3440 days ago
92 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“Arrived about 4PM on a Thursday. Place was half filled. Had ALPHA KING ON TAP FOR $3!!! (Happy Hour). All the American Micros are CHEAP! Had some awesome greasy sandwiches. Waitress was super nice and answered all our stupid questions about the food and the area, where we will be moving for a year. Place is super low key, no loud music. Beers were in great shape, and glassware was clean. "I’ll be back!"“
malrubius 3455 days ago
76 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“I like this location much more than the original. More space and better servers. Still have a very good tap list and good food.“
miketd 3504 days ago
62 /100 2050 LEE RD
“Stopped in this place this weekend. They have been open for a while, but just started brewing their own beer and that’s why I stopped by. They only had one beer on of theirs during this visit - a Pale Ale. While it wasn’t horrible, it was not very good. It had decent aroma and on ok flavor, but the color was brownish and it was extremely cloudy. I’m sure they are still working on getting everything dialed in. No food here, it’s BYO eats. Interior of the place was cool, if a little small. They have a stage in the corner, so I assume they have local bands in the evening. Service was ok, but a little indifferent. The one big problem I have was the prices - beers were $6-7 a pint for stuff a dollar or two cheaper at other bars/breweries. If I can get a Head Hunter for $4.50 at the brewery, I ain’t paying $6 here. Their own beer was $6 as well and I found that very high. This place has upside but as it stands now I won’t be out here much.“
miketd 3504 days ago
84 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“Stopped in on a Saturday around 2 trying to avoid having to wait a long time to get a seat. It appears that’s just unavoidable. We had about an hour before we were seated, but there are benches and coffee tables to sit down at while you wait. The tap menu is pretty impressive as it carries a lot of seasonals and one-offs along with a few craft regulars, Two Hearted and Stone IPA. Bottle menu was pretty nice, as well. The food here is great. You get massive portions and the price is definitely reasonable. The sandwich I ordered was creatively thought out and executed about as well as I could imagine. The fries and coleslaw were awesome, too. Stop in here if you have some time to kill and are craving a big ass grilled cheese.“
JStax 3553 days ago
72 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“ Winking Lizard in Cleveland Heights is on Coventry Ave on a diagonal south west from the parking garage and Panninis. Croud is generally younger due to Case Western University around the corner. Food is typical sports bar fair. The quality of food is pretty good, my favs are the St. Louis Ribs or the BBQ Chicken Dinner. Beer selection is pretty good as well. Many Bottles from Allagash to Westmalle. Tap selection includes Macros, but a "Hoppy" handle featuring some sort of IPA, "Belgian" Handle, "Great Lakes" Handle featuring a seasonal offering from GLBC. Each month feature glass of the month special, get Beer and Glass for 6-8 bucks depending on what it is. This year took advantage of Dogfish Head Pint Glass with Festina Peche and Paulaner Mug with Paulaner Oktoberfest. As always you can complete the tour of Beers here for your jacket. “
UDBeernut 3619 days ago
92 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“Incredible food and a large amount of tap handles. I cannot recall seeing any domestic macros on draft when I have been in there. It can take quite a while to get a seat at the bar, but the table wait is even longer. I guess that’s what happens when you have a place with great food and great beer. I advise getting there right when they open or mid-afternoon before the dinner rush.“
wrx72 3749 days ago
90 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“Stopped in to grab dinner. About a 40 minute wait, but that was fine with me because of the tap selection. Really nice stuff on, including a BA Thirsty Dog Siberian Night as well as several different Breckenridge even Duchesse de Bourgougne. Waitstaff was really good and attentive. Food was outstanding. Get the goat cheese and bacon quesadilla. It’s out of this world good. And don’t forget the bread pudding.“
zach8270 3876 days ago
80 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“Visited on a Friday evening. The restaurant sits on the corner of a main street, and is spacious on the inside. Sitting at the beer, I sampled several excellent beers from the extensive tap selection. Many more bottles seemed available, and thoughtfully chosen. The food served at Melt needs little, if any description. Safe to say it is excellent and a good value. As we arrived relatively early in the evening, we were able to sit immediately. However, this does not appear to be the case as the evening moves forward, and there was a wait of significant length for seating/food when we departed. The service was attentive, helpful, and friendly. Overall, a very positive experience. Highly recommended.“
Acetobacter 4099 days ago
78 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“A great pub. Decent rotating tap list. Good selection of bottles from the world tour list. Although a lot of fruit beers. Overall a great local place to grab a beer.“
SimonBrewski 4101 days ago
72 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“Ate here and enjoyed a couple pints in early Novmber. Great wings and a very nice selection of micro and import bottles and taps. If you are in the area its worth a stop.“
kmeves 4105 days ago
84 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“While lacking the ambiance of the original location this satellite branch of Melt improves the beer offerings considerably. With 30 beers to choose from you’ll have no problem finding a good choice. On tap of that you have about 50 bottles. My choice was a Dark Horse amber which was a great value at only $3.50.
As with the other location come for the food and stay for the beer. Parking can be even trickier as there aren’t any lots nearby that I am aware of. However for those on the east side it is a bit more accessible. Depending where you are coming from you can easily hit up Whole Foods and Warehouse Beverage in the same trip. I expect this to be a popular location for a long time to come.“
Brigadier 4149 days ago
72 /100 13463 CEDAR ROAD
“It doesn’t match the ambiance or friendliness of the original location, but it’s got the same great food, beer selection and value. Plus it’s a heck of a lot closer to home for me. I love taking family and friends here.“
SamsonAle 4175 days ago
78 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“Visited on both recent occasions during trips to Cleveland. The place essentially includes two areas, the Winking Lizard, and the "Wine Cave" downstairs. Both are cool, if different. The latter is especially worth visiting, as the bottle selection is among the best I’ve seen, both in terms of overall quality, as well as in terms of the hard-to-find factor. Prices are reasonable. The ambiance of both places is pretty inviting. The Winking Lizard is a bit more like a traditional tavern, moderately loud, crowded, and festive. The Wine Cave is darker, more subdued, and generally filled with a crowd that is a bit more "young professional." In any case, both are worth visiting.“
Acetobacter 4460 days ago
68 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“Three interiorally hooked up storefronts, You pass all sorts of people closely. They were relaxed mid-December when I was there, I dont know about a hot summer night. Music a bit loud, bar is decently big with a few TVs. The dozen taps were almost all the regular world macros, with a coupe of Great Lakes on. 175 bottles and a good variety. Prices were reasonable, service was good. Not the best neighbourhood“
Sammy 4791 days ago
66 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“Popped in on way to Cave du Vin. Proabably would have liked far more if the scene didn’t feel like back to school night. It was loud and bustling and likely more cramped feeling than it might have been at another time. Nice selection for a guy from Texas.“
fly 4892 days ago
70 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“I stopped in here since the Cave du Vin had yet to open. There’s not too much to say about it if you’ve been to one Winking Lizard you know what to expect. Parking might be tricky - if you are lucky you might be able to score a spot in front. Having been here once before I am not likely to go back. There are closer Winking Lizards for beer and as far as food there is a nice looking Mongolian grill in the same complex. Still, if you really want something that you can’t find at the Cave it could be worth a visit.“
Brigadier 5139 days ago
76 /100 1852 COVENTRY ROAD
“(Visited 06/2005): This Winking Lizard location is in Cleveland Heights which is a short drive east from downtown. Lots of parking options between street and pay parking but a hike may be in order. The interior is pretty much the same theme as other locations but the layout seems more cramped. There are two small bars in separate rooms, with a restaurant area in an adjacent room. The two bar areas are pretty small and get overcrowded easily. The beer selection is pretty much the standard Winking Lizard variety. Lots of taps with only a couple standouts like GLBC, but every bar in the area has that. It did seem like there were less micros on draught compared to other locations. Well over 100 beers in bottles from GLBC, Rogue, Bell’s, Thirsty Dog etc which is in line with the rest of the chain. There is always something good to try. The service here is OK. Pretty busy on a Friday night and it showed. I didn’t have the food on this visit but the menu is the same as other locations. Some stuff is really good, some not so much. Overall I’d normally be pleased to have a Winking Lizard to visit but with La Cave du Vin right around the corner it would take a lot for me to visit this Lizard instead. La Cave just blows it away atmosphere and clientele-wise.“
Dogbrick 5153 days ago
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